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If you want to save children in the juvenile corrections system, give them art, give them music, give them literature because their souls are dead. Hennepin.

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2 If you want to save children in the juvenile corrections system, give them art, give them music, give them literature because their souls are dead. Hennepin County Juvenile Court Judge Isabel Gomez Great Transitions: Struggle Change Achieve

3 Prisonerr crys lonely hearts die What we once had is gone by our actions we knew it all along As I sit and pray that all my bad memories will fad away Everybody who was once wear I was believe me I have much love As tears fall from our eyes I think to my self how much I despize The things I use to do thought we were cool I use to tell myself it will never happen to me but look wear I be Meranda, student CHS, September 1999

4 Goal To engage young people involved in the juvenile corrections system with the library and its array of resources and services in order to help them become avid readers and competent information seekers. Great Transitions shows adjudicated youth how the library can help as they struggle, learn to change and ultimately achieve.

5 Partners Hennepin County Library Minneapolis Public Library Hennepin County Home School (CHS), a locked facility for long-term incarcerated youth, 13-18 years old Epsilon Program, Hopkins School District Hennepin County Juvenile Corrections/Probation The Library Foundation of Hennepin County

6 Objectives Help children involved in the juvenile corrections system and the adults who work with them better understand the role of the public library in assisting these students to achieve academically and socially Offer and promote relevant library services Develop library skills Foster language/literacy competencies and self-esteem through performance based, interactive learning activities Develop better working relationships between the two library systems, Hennepin County Juvenile Corrections, Hennepin County Home School staff, and staff of the Epsilon program at CHS

7 Funding 1997-1999 State of Minnesota Family Service Collaborative Childrens Library Service Grant– $29,000 1998 State of Minnesota Childrens Library Outreach Grant–$15,000 to fund publication of Diverse-City literary magazine 1999-2001 Alliance for Children and Families Juvenile Corrections Task Force Grant–$45,000 2000 YALSA Award of Excellence–$1,000

8 Program Design Practical skills development Program content driven by students self- identified needs and interests Active student, staff and faculty involvement Concrete connection to library materials and services

9 Activities Update Students write, discuss, review... Esteem building through competency development. Monthly booktalks by librarians Diverse-City literary publication Click to viewClick to view Mock Printz award process facilitated by Adela Peskorz, Printz Award Committee Member Click to view Click to viewClick to view Options North Alternative High School Personal Essay Writing/bookmarking project with author A.P. Porter and Illustrator Janice Lee Porter Click to view Click to viewClick to view Poetry writing workshop at CHS presented by author John Coy Click to view Click to view Click to viewClick to view CHS students review galleys of Capstone Press Life Skills titles Probation meetings to be held at local libraries


11 Dear Friends at Hennepin County Home School…..It was great to hear about your discussion for the Michael Printz Award. One of the things that really turned me on to writing was when I learned that I could actually discuss a book, express my likes and dislikes, and not just have to accept it because it was in print….Keep up the good work with the reading and writing. It worked for me and it can work for you as well. Yours, Walter Dean Myers

12 Dear Mr. Mayers. I just heard that you have not gotten any apprection or congratulations letters from my teacher and what she said is that she is sure you would like to get some so I decided to write you one…..I really liked your book Monster and I am glad that it got picked for the Printz award…Monster is a really great book. I think you write the best books ever…Monster for me was a book I couldnt put down. I read Monster 2 times. I learn to stay away from life threaating or deadly things. The leter you wrote to us here at HCHS.was a very good letter I like it and it made me feel good….from Jeff Student CHS, May 2000





17 Pit Bull Reggie, CHS student John McCoys Poetry Workshop, April 2000 I am a pit bull I live in a big house Theres lots of room Theres lots of love Lots of food and lots (of) water Lots of people and, Lots of fun I kill, I protect Im fast I hear everything I see black and white but, I also see very clearly Im quiet but if you get close I snap I go for whats mine I here people yell I here babys cry I here pots cooking I here dogs next door talking Or should I say barking For play I eat shoes I jump on my owner I lock on the tire that out back It swings from the tree I move like water rough but smooth Im scared of nothing Im the protector What I love about myself is the fear I put in others.


19 Outcomes Transition from library/literacy programs presented during childrens incarceration to their probation activities Improved reading scores on state-mandated tests Better relations with CHS staff, Epsilon Program faculty, juvenile corrections and probation Its a gift to students to define them as readers, reviewers, poets, writers and to engage them in activities where they take on these identities. These images stand in stark contrast to juvenile delinquent, problem child, stupid, and other commonly used identifiers. Pat Splett, PhD, Project Evaluator Click to view Click to view

20 Challenges Building relations and dealing with each organizations bureaucracies is time consuming and energy draining Defining library resources and services in terms that partners and participants understand and find relevant is also hard work Modifying program components and expectations as project develops is essential Being firm and articulate with partners and students involved in project helps participants meet expectations

21 Thanks for teaching things about books. I never knew reading could be so fun. When I was out, I never did read a book. But now that you showed me how fun it can be, Im going to read every book I can, not just cause of you. But because I really like reading and like to learn new things. Things I never knew. Student, Hennepin County Home School

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