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2014 White Bear Lake Football Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself.

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1 2014 White Bear Lake Football Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself.

2 Welcome Power point is on website 3 rd year Memories

3 Safety #1 priority Keep kids safe Our trainer: Erin Betts- Equipment upgrade at 9 th grade level

4 BMFO: Building Men For Others Learn life lessons Form meaningful relationships Putting action into words Learn the importance of serving others Teach boys what it means to be a real man There is much more to life than football Each coach has word of the week Staff member of the week The staff member is an honorary captain

5 BMFO If you could speak to every boy in the world-lets just pretend you could wipe out anything theyve already seen or heard from their fathers or anybody else-how would you explain your own definition of what it means to be a man? Its about relationships and a cause, Joe said. Simple as that. Whats a man created to do? Hes created to be a son, a father, a husband, a brother, and so on. So Im going to measure my masculinity- and its really about my humanity- based on how successful I am as a husband. If I blow it there, or if I blow it as a dad, nothing else really matters. All the power and prestige and possessions in the world will never make up for failed relationships. -From the book Season of Life which will be read to all players who come through the White Bear Lake football program

6 BMFO: Building Men For Others

7 9 th Grade Coaches Craig Nasvik Connor Luby Steve Nasvik Gary Moos Tim Sager Emails on website Going to add 1 more coach

8 Academics and Behavior Priority #1 We will abide to the White Bear Lake athletic policy on academic standards You cannot fail classes and play sports! Our players come to White Bear Lake to go to school, football is a PRIVILEGE THE HIGHEST STANDARD ALL THE TIME

9 Communication #1 will be the website: Apparel store on website this summer! Twitter: @bear_football Winter Newsletter Calendar on website Varsity Coach: 9 th grade emails on website

10 9 th Grade Goals Have fun Participate Learn football Teamwork Discipline Establish pride COMMITMENT TO OTHERS

11 9 th Grade Football Two even split teams, additional team if numbers dictate it Coaches will split teams after evaluating players Everyone makes the team! Practices at North Campus Price Field (District Center) for games Schedules on website now

12 Community Service 2012 MSHSCA community service team award winner! You have to meet your standard to earn your bear claw Fundraisers do NOT count towards community service. 12 th graders- 12 hours 11 th graders- 10 hours 10 th graders- 8 hours 9 th graders- 0 hours

13 Our Philosophy On the Field Special Teams: Be the best Character Offensively: Fun Fast paced Multiple Tempo, Tempo, Tempo

14 Philosophy Cont….. Defense: Flex base defense Pursuit Turnovers Hustle Multiple Aggressive

15 Player Pack Mouth guard, Practice jersey, Dry fit shirt, shorts, game socks. Price $50 Incoming 9 th can purchase during two a days, all players will purchase a player pack

16 Key Summer Dates June 9: Summer Weight Training Begins June 27-July6th: Off, Dead period Youth Camp July 28-29. 6-8:00PM at South. 9 th grade players will work with 9 th grade staff. Flier on website July 30 th : Fall Sports meeting, mandatory for player/parent at District Center August 4: Football Sign up (HAVE PHYSICAL DONE!!) August 11: Football begins August 20: Picture/Potluck/football preview night at South campus 5:30PM.

17 Summer Weight Training Form on football website Why?- IT PREVENTS INJURY 9 th graders preferred session: 11:30-1:00 Monday-Thursday Bring shoes, shorts, t-shirt Run by the White Bear Lake strength trainer Scott Hintz and football coaches will be present Important to be there as many days as possible You need to train with US!!

18 Weight Lifting Goals 225lb Clean 900lb Club 225lb Bench 350lb Squat 4.85 40 800lb Club 1000lb Club 27 inch vertical Explosive athletes

19 Practices Start August 11 th One afternoon practice for two weeks (1 longer practice) One practice after school during school year All players must be at all practices A unexcused absence to practice is an automatic 1/2 game suspension, NO EXCEPTIONS An unexcused absence is no call, no note and no communication with a coach If you are not at school, it is considered an excused absence If injured, you still fully suit up for practice, 9-12 policy Only exception is a head injury NO MEA or Labor day practice

20 Players Fundraising You need to do your part You will all sell your bear cards and turn them in (Our biggest fundraiser) 9-12 August 12 th you will receive the cards You sell 10 cards Letter writing

21 We Need You Team up with a Senior parent Help with one thing Home games Pre game meals Saturday breakfast Program ads Preview Night Lots to do!

22 Wrap Up Call or email with any questions

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