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Laboratory Safety Training ABC TESTING, INC By H&S DEPT.

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1 Laboratory Safety Training ABC TESTING, INC By H&S DEPT.

2 Safety Rules and Regulations 1.When working in the laboratory, the number one rule is wearing clothes that cover the whole body and the shoes should not be open-toe shoes. Try not to wear the Pretty clothes to work in the laboratory because any chemical spills may damage the cloth materials. ABC Testing, Inc

3 Safety Rules and Regulations 2.DO NOT bring foods and drinks into the laboratory. Eating and drinking in the laboratory is strictly prohibited. If you really are that hungry and thirsty, please step out the laboratory and go to the dining room for your foods and drinks. ABC Testing, Inc

4 Safety Rules and Regulations 3.Wear lab coat at all times when working in the laboratory. Treat any samples and chemicals as hazardous materials, therefore when handle these materials, please remember to wear the protective glove to prevent any damage reaction or contamination. ABC Testing, Inc

5 Safety Rules and Regulations 4.DO NOT run in the laboratory. DO NOT play in the laboratory and Be Alert to the surrounding. Laboratory is a place to work on chemical, which involves acidic, basic and some oxidizing chemicals that may be hazardous. Your reckless action may cause damages. ABC Testing, Inc

6 Safety Rules and Regulations 5.DO NOT put you cell phone on the bench. Keep it in your car, safe closet or your pocket. If you do have to pick up a call or making a call, PLEASE step away from your workstation, and do that outside the laboratory. ABC Testing, Inc

7 Safety Rules and Regulations 6.DO NOT dump any chemicals or biohazards into the sink that involve acids and bases. If you do not know what solutions can be dumped, PLEASE ASK! All chemicals or solutions are not safe to be dumped into sink, which may cause hazardous damages. ABC Testing, Inc

8 Safety Rules and Regulations 7.PLEASE label or mark the container that you are using to contain your chemicals or solutions. Otherwise no one knows what chemical is in the container. This unlabelled chemical action is prohibited by the State Health Department, and it will be fined huge $$. ABC Testing, Inc

9 Safety Rules and Regulations 8.PLEASE clean up the workstation after utilization. Think about that, if someone leaves some messes to the workstation where you are about to walk in and work, are you happy to clean up the workstation? Therefore, it is a courtesy to your colleagues and is also a company policy to clean up the workstation. ABC Testing, Inc

10 Safety Rules and Regulations 9.PLEASE rinse the containers that have strong pungent smell or strong unique odor after utilization. It will help out poisoning prevention for others. Please use ethanol or acetone to remove the odor, then rinse with water twice before put the containers into the washing bucket for dish washer to clean up. ABC Testing, Inc

11 Be Smart and Stay Safe in the lab Before working with chemicals, please check with Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on company website, or company electronic version of MSDS system. It helps you recognize the hazardous level of the chemicals you work with. Cant find MSDS, it is OK. Dont panic, you can look at the label on the container, it also lists out the hazardous level of the chemical, whether it is flammable or corrosive. Commercially prepared chemicals is regulated to have a label affixed to the container to describe how hazardous of the chemicals being sold. ABC Testing, Inc

12 If you have any solid spill, which is not very hazardous, please clean up immediately. Otherwise please inform the Safety Officer for the clean up. If you have any liquid spill, which involves strong acid/base or corrosive chemicals or flammable chemicals etc, please inform the Safety Officer for the clean up. DO NOT DO ANYTHING IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO! Be Smart and Stay Safe in the lab ABC Testing, Inc

13 After use, please put the chemicals back to the location where it is supposed to be stored. DO NOT leave out the chemicals somewhere! Please store the chemicals in the right location. If you do not know, please check with Safety Officer. Be Smart and Stay Safe in the lab

14 Congratulation! You have just finished the Safety Training. Work safely. By H&S DEPT.

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