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Inca Civilization By: Nicole, Alisa, and Tammy. Time period The Inca founded the Kingdom of Cuzco, and became a tribe of the Killke in 1438 to 1532 A.D.

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1 Inca Civilization By: Nicole, Alisa, and Tammy

2 Time period The Inca founded the Kingdom of Cuzco, and became a tribe of the Killke in 1438 to 1532 A.D. They began the expansion of their community under Pachacuatec ruling. 1438 they began on a quest to concur the control of present day Peru, Bolivia, North Argentina, Chile, and Ecuador over a period of 50 years, and it last another 50 years

3 Language The language that the Incas spoke was Ceramics and Quechua. They adopted this language from Andean regions ( central Peru). The language helped to maintain control, peace and order within all of the empire by establishing a uniform language, they were able to achieve goals. The never really created a true writing system.

4 Technology Monumental architecture- Most important of the Incas art. Pottery and textiles reflected figures that were very fancy in architecture. The city that best portrays this is the city of Cuzco. The beautiful site of Machu Picchu was constructed by Inca engineers. It was a very fit together. It was made by importing workers from Tiwanaka region. Ceramics, precious metal work, and textiles- The empire melted almost all metal down by the conquistadores. The ceramics were painted portraying figures of animals, birds, waves, cats, and many other numerous things using polychrome techniques. Mathematics and astronomy- A technology was the Quipu (knotted strings used to record information). The exact reason for this device is unknown but they believe that it was used to keep numerical data, but later discovered it was used for Communication. It is believed that the Incas preformed many skull surgeries. It is believed that most of there surgeries were successful. The rates rose during the Inca era in A.D 1400-1532. They used coca leaves to help lessen the pain and hunger, they chewed leaves to help give them energy. They had an amazing road system, and the Cuzco was known for with its advanced hydraulic engineering, agricultural techniques, marvelous architecture, textiles, ceramics and ironworks.

5 Incas Flag As you can see the background is the flag it was believed that the flag didnt have any value until 16 th and 17 th century.

6 Weapons, Armor and Warfare. Inca was the most powerful in the area. They could make anyone look like a solider. All males must be in at least one war. Blowing trumpets and beating drums were a signal to start a battle. The helmets were made of wood or animal skin. Their shields were made of wood or hide, and they could be round or square. They clothing was protected by cotton, and they had small wood planks to protect their spines. Their spears were bronze or bone tipped, two handled wood swords, the blade was like a saw. They had clubs with stone or spiked metal heads. The axes were stone or copper. They had a Bolas (a rope with two stones on either side).

7 Food The Incas farmed corn, potatoes, quinua (type of grain), maize, squash, tomatoes, peanuts, chili peppers, melons, and cotton They cut terraces (broad, flat platform) in to mountains to plant their crops on. They also used irrigation. Quinua was used to make cereal, flour and soup. The Incas were the first grow corn. They also grew a flower called orchid. They had a diet of beans, squashes, potatoes, quinua, fish, nuts, corn, and lots of vegetables. They ate lots of pig. They drank water and llama milk Orchid- Corn-

8 Clothing The women wore ankle length skirts, garments, and grass shoes. They had their hair pined up with a piece of cloth. The men wore cloaks, lion skin, and knee length tunics, grass shoes, or leather sandals. The women made all the clothes out of cotton, and Alpaca

9 Shelter Nobles had richly decorated houses. Stone palaces. Commoners had small houses, with thatched (plants) roofs. Their houses were made of stone set in mud.

10 Family/ Marriage Their society was determined by their rank. For the man to get a higher rank he had to do something for the Emperor. They were in united called Ayllus, which was based on Kinship and landowner ship. A man that was noble rank could have more then one wife, and many marriages. The emperor could give a women to a noble man that did something to the emperor. The government official chose the women for the noble men. Nobles had to marry their own social rank, and commoners had to marry in their unit. Children work once they began to walk. They received their adult names during the Initiation ceremony, but they were not full adults until they got married and paid taxes. All husbands and wives were expected to work in the field or at other tasks. Most kids didnt attend school, they learned from their parents. Some girls at the age of 10, went to school to at Cuzco to learn how to serve the Emperor or to be wives of Nobles men.

11 Religion The Inca believed that the sun was the god, and that he was the ancestor of the Sapa Inca. They believed that if they didnt do a ritual or ceremony it would anger the god and make them destroy the world. Some of their rituals include drinking blood, and sacrificing humans. The name of the ceremony for sacrificing human was called Capacocha. They would sacrifice the human on the large temples. They did it in front of the god rays. Their events look more on purification and then spiritual All ceremony had dancing, drinking chicha (beer). Drunkenness was consider a religious ritual.

12 Rules and Laws Their laws were very harsh. If you insulted Inca or curse the gods or committed a murder they through you off a cliff. If you stole or cheated eithere your hands or feat were cut off. The less painful punishments were you were stoned, tied to a wall and left to freeze. If you lived you were considered a criminal. There jobs were to tell people about there crime. When they went to the city gate they got a bowl and when people walked by they told them their story if the people liked it they gave them food or small items.

13 Government It was a federal system that had a central government. The Inca was the head person and there were four provincial governments with strong leaders. Chinchasuyu (NW), Antisuyu (NE), Contisuyu (SW), Collasuyu (SE). Incans collected taxes and Sappa was a great ruler who ruled 12 million people at once and most of the subjects married there brothers and sisters to keep the money in the family. The rich people when they died were buried in tombs with their riches. In the government their whole life depended on the level of class you were in.

14 Music, and dance US&ie=UTF-8&oe=utf8&um= US&ie=UTF-8&oe=utf8&um Every event has it own song and dances that could not be changed. Flutes were used in most of the songs and they were called pinkullos. The basic instrument was the drum The tempo was marked with silver bells and seeds, which were on the dances legs. There music closes a close part with ancient Peru. Metal workers had silver, copper, gold and bronze ornaments. They have a dance called the Qamili. They have lots of singing and special dances. It comes from the cities of Maca and Cabanaconde Another dance is Wititi from the cities of Caylloma and Colca A dance competition was called Qhashwatinky.

15 Games The went for hikes, and they made a lot of pottery. They have a game called top (which consists of them using a top.) It is used with dice. The Historical name of the game is Pisqoynyo. The dice was called picqana.

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