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Vocabulary Idioms & Phrases Paragraphs 7-11 Post-reading.

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2 Vocabulary Idioms & Phrases Paragraphs 7-11 Post-reading

3 Listen to paragraphs 7-11 Skip

4 Now, answer the following questions.

5 Who guided Percy Shaw to safety when he was driving in thick fog? A cat.

6 What did Shaw find when he was driving along the main road? The streetcar rails threw back his lights.

7 Reading

8 II. The Invention of Cats-eye Reflectors

9 Percy Shaw was driving his car along a winding road in Yorkshire one night in 1933. The road ran along the side of a steep hill. The road ranalong the side of a steep hill. The road stretched along the side of a hill sloping sharply.

10 Shaw knew the road well. But suddenly, just before a turn, he ran into thick fog. He could not see the road and he could not tell how far he was from the edge. run into... meet... unexpectedly thick/dense/heavy fog fog clears/lifts/disperses in a fog I am in a complete fog about the lecture.

11 At that very moment, two small points of light shone through the fog. very moment I like the very idea of the inventor. At that very moment, two small points of light shone through the fog. Right at that moment, two small points of light were reflected through the fog. Next

12 At that very moment, two small points of light shone through the fog. shine vi. shine, shone, shone The sun shines brightly in the clear sky. vt. shine, shined, shined My mother shined my shoes last night. She had my shoes shined last night. vt. shine, shone,shone The police officer shone the flashlight on the object by the road. I shone my torch into the dark room.

13 The car lights had been reflected in the eyes of a cat. Shaw then knew where the side of the road was. What I need is hundreds of cats sitting along the road, thought Shaw as he drove slowly on through the fog. on go on speaking drive/walk/talk/work/sleep on

14 When finally he reached the main road, his lights shone on some streetcar rails that ran along the center of the road. Shaw remembered the cats eyes as he looked at the long lines.

15 He began to think Why not invent reflectors that shine like cats eyes? And why not set them in the middle of the road? Why not + V...? … Why not let your skills shine through? What do you say to letting your skills shine through? How about letting your skills shine through? How do you feel about letting yourskills shine through?

16 His inventionthe cats-eye reflectorhas made roads and highways safer and easier to drive along after dark. the cats-eye reflector his invention make + O + OC safer easier roads and highways

17 the The writer was named Shakespeare, but he was not the Shakespeare. a(n) He is a gifted painter. He is a Picasso. He is an Edison; he has quite an inventive mind. So be creative. Maybe you can be the next Darrow or Shaw. you creative inventive original ingenious innovative Back


19 Reading for main ideas. ___ 1. Good inventions come from _______. (A) games (B) tokens (C) necessity (D) knowledge ___ 2. If you were Charles Darrow or Percy Shaw, you would be a _______. (A) detective (B) scientist (C) creative person (D) late developer C C

20 Topics for Discussion

21 Discussion 1: Think of one inventor that you know best and say something about him/her.

22 Reference answer: Edison, the inventor of electric light bulbs, phonographs, and motion picture cameras,was born in Milan, Ohio. He produced more than 1,000 inventions. Few people have had such a direct effect on the lives of people everywhere.

23 Discussion 2: If you could be an inventor, what would you like to invent?

24 Reference answer: If I could bean inventor, I would like to invent a machine that could help everyone learn everything quickly and efficiently. It was called Smart. Whenever we would like to learn something, all we had to do was input all the information about it intoour brains through the machine. With the Smart, everyone could be a scientist or dancer if he/she would like to. Back

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