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Welcome to Saddleworth School

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1 Welcome to Saddleworth School
        Headteacher: Mr M Milburn

2 Who we are … Mr M Milburn Headteacher Mr G Hall Deputy Headteacher Mr D Watson Deputy Headteacher Mrs S Bateman Assistant Headteacher Mrs C Briggs Assistant Headteacher Ms M Cook Learning Co-ordinator Y7 Ms T Auchterlonie Transition Learning Mentor Mrs J Cook SENCo Matthew Fletcher Head Boy Olivia Bescoby Head Girl

3 What we teach at Key Stage 3
‘EP’ – English & Philosophy, a combined curriculum via English, Drama, RE & PSHCE Mathematics Science Modern Foreign Languages (1st MFL = GERMAN) Technology x 2 per week ICT History Geography Art Music PE

4 The Saddleworth School Uniform
School blazer with ‘AIM HIGH’ crest Dark grey trousers or NAVY “Nimbus” A-LINE skirt, NOT PLEATED White or pale blue shirt or specified blouse School tie Plain socks - white, navy, grey or black- or tights Plain black or navy shoes (‘substantial’ and NOT trainers/ boots): NO WHITE STRIPES, LOGOS, STITCHING, ETC Outside coat (no logos) Bags: suitable for school

5 The Saddleworth School Uniform
8.45am Lesson 1 (NO separate registration – straight into learning) 9.45am Lesson am Break 11.00am Lesson pm Lesson pm Lunch 1.45pm Tutor time/ Assembly (Year 7 Thursdays) 2.00pm Lesson pm End Please drop off your son/ daughter in the village, away from the entrance to school and not on school site

6 How parents support their son/daughter
Talk about their day at school: CHECK FOR LETTERS HOME, ETC Use, check & sign the Homework Diary Discuss & support with homework tasks – tell us if there is a problem Find them a quiet place to do homework (Homework Clubs are available at school) Help them to organise their equipment, time and paperwork Praise their achievements Attend and contribute to Parents’ Evenings Make sure they attend regularly: 95%+ target AT LEAST, but are top performing pupils always have even higher attendance

7 Who to contact if… A general pastoral enquiry – your son’s/ daughter’s form tutor A more specific pastoral concern – Ms Auchterlonie A subject concern – your son’s/ daughter’s teacher General learning, progress and welfare (including attendance) issues – Ms Cook A safeguarding concern – Mr Hall

8 How we keep you informed…
Welcome to Saddleworth School Evening, September Settling-in afternoon, October Aim High Day, October ‘Grades to Beat!’ in all subjects ‘Assessment windows’, every few weeks Interim reports on attainment (NC level) & effort (A-E), end of autumn term Parents’ Evening Annual Report Online reporting via the VLE

9 Our website is full of useful information…

10 Form tutor-groups 7N Mrs Di Paola (Canteen) 7A Miss Atkinson (Canteen) 7V Mr Hill (Canteen) 7Y Mrs Kidd (Canteen) 7E Mr Meadowcroft (Canteen) 7T Miss Davison (Hall) 7G Miss Outram (Hall) 7O Ms Frear (Hall) 7L Miss Wainwright (Hall) 7D Mr Simkins (Hall)

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