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Parent-Teacher Meeting 2013 Date: 22 Jan 2013 Time: 2:30pm Venue: Classroom Anglo – Chinese School (Primary) A Methodist Institution (Founded 1886)

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1 Parent-Teacher Meeting 2013 Date: 22 Jan 2013 Time: 2:30pm Venue: Classroom Anglo – Chinese School (Primary) A Methodist Institution (Founded 1886)

2 PTM 2013 OBJECTIVES Know your son/wards subject teachers Admin matters Subject matters Expectations Level programmes School events

3 Anglo–Chinese School (Primary) Admin Matters Diary Tool of communication please initial after reading Homework information Absence Medical certificate or letter Homework arrangement (check with individual subject teachers) Punctuality Please arrive before 7.30am Deposit bag in classroom (before 7.15am) After 7.15am, proceed to assembly area Teaching blocks are out-of-bounds to all parents Request to leave early Please approach the General Office

4 Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)English STELLAR (STrategies for English Language Learning And Reading) Step-Up Grammar 2 Stellar Handwriting Book Worksheets (by book titles and in booklet form) Comprehension Worksheets (in booklet form)

5 Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)English Spelling/Dictation (single-line exercise book) Every Thursday (from Term 1 Week 4 onwards) Page on the right-hand side for Spelling/Dictation Page on the left-hand side for Corrections Please initial only after corrections has been done for each Spelling/Dictation exercise English File 3-inch red file

6 Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)Mathematics Shaping Maths Coursebook (1A, 1B) Shaping Maths Activity Book (1A, 1B) To be filed termly Topical Worksheets (in booklet form) From Term 1 onwards A Story Sum A Day (ASSAD) Worksheets (in booklet form) From Term 2 onwards

7 Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)Mathematics Process Skills Booklet 1 From Term 3 onwards Mental Calculation/Sums (single-line exercise book) From Term 2 onwards Maths File 3-inch blue file

8 PERI Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) Two key recommendations to improve our current education system: balancing knowledge with skills and values providing more resources for a quality primary education Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

9 PERI For more information on PERI, visit the following website: Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

10 PERI Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) and Programme for Active Learning (PAL) are carried out in schools based on the recommendations made by the PERI committee. Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

11 FTGP Form Teacher Guidance Period Form Teachers play a central role in shaping the development of their young charges The one period per week gives them time to interact with the students and pay attention to the childs holistic development Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

12 PAL Programme for Active Learning To strengthen the emphasis on non- academic programmes within the curriculum Provide pupils with broad exposure in two areas Sports and Outdoor Education, and Performing and Visual Arts Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

13 PAL PAL (Programme for Active Learning) Visual Arts Dance and Music Physical Activities Outdoor Education

14 PAL For more information, you can visit the following website: 09/developing-skills-and-values.php Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

15 FTGP & PAL RELATED VIDEOS Go to MOE website: series/index.php Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

16 Policy for Assigned Work Parents to update their particulars in the diaries and write in to the school officially for any changes Pupils must record homework in their diaries Parents to check diaries daily for any work assigned or notes from the teacher(s) Pupils to complete assigned tasks neatly and hand in their work on time Parents to sign and return worksheets/books promptly when they see Parents Signature stamp

17 Anglo–Chinese School (Primary) Policy for Assigned Work Spelling/Dictation books are to be signed weekly Worksheets/Books/Files will be returned periodically for parents signature and pupils revision Corrections Consequences for incomplete and persistent late work e.g.10 minutes of recess time

18 Anglo–Chinese School (Primary) E-Learning Portal Quizzes - Assigned after one or two topics Logon to WizLearn website Use Birth Cert number as login n password For technical support, please call the helpdesk hotline on the WizLearn website

19 Anglo–Chinese School (Primary) Other Matters Daily Housekeeping Check their bags and folders every day for any updates and forms to be completed and returned Please remove old correspondences/notices from the folder Return only response slips 5 sharpened pencils, an eraser and a ruler to be kept in their pencil case daily (Strictly no mechanical pencils to be brought to school) A box of colour pencils Glue stick

20 Anglo–Chinese School (Primary) Other Matters Personal Belongings Label all stationery items, school bag, socks, shoes, uniform, shorts, T-shirt, tank top, swimming bag, swim wear, goggles, towels, underwear, etc Locker Locker number will be assigned Locker keys Clear lockers at the end of the academic year Re-use lock and keys PE / Swimming (Term 3)

21 Anglo–Chinese School (Primary) Other Matters Snack Time @11:50am Please support this 5-min programme Healthy snack Bite-size food that may be consumed within 5 minutes Eg. Cornflakes, muesli bar, fruit cut into small cubes Food must be kept in a container/lunch box. Preferably provide spoon/fork/toothpicks to pick up food. Wet tissue, box tissue Pocket Money Preferably not more than $4 a day

22 Anglo–Chinese School (Primary) Level Programmes/School Events Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4 Learning Journey Outdoor Lesson P1 Orientation/ Picnic Race Swim MeetArts Fest Post-Exam Activities P1 PTM/Briefing Values In Action (School Based) Racial Harmony Day P1 Concert (TBC) Total Defence Day Movie DayNational Day Values In Action (Community) Chinese New Year PTMTeachers DayTerrAqua Fest P1 Fun Day (CL)Childrens Day International Friendship Day

23 Anglo–Chinese School (Primary) Things to Bring Daily Homework file / folder School diary Storybook Pencil case with sharpened pencils (sharpened at home), erasers and a plastic ruler Colour pencils Healthy snacks (fruits or food with ) Water bottle filled with plain water


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