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Shane Crawford and Olivia Anderson

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1 Shane Crawford and Olivia Anderson
Surely the man voted the sexiest player in the AFL could do better then this ??? Nice Shoes … Crawf it’s not a Greek Wedding

2 Luke Hodge and Lauren Kirkman
Fark! … Who let the dogs out? Surely a #1 Draft choice could do better then this? … nice greek shoes!

3 Andrew and Simone Demetriou
Definitely depriving a village somewhere of an Idiot! … Did you give your white shoe collection to the Hawthorn FC?

4 Who ate all the pies? I bet there was no food left at their table!
Lance and Rhiannon Whitnall Yes they reinforced the chairs at the table Who ate all the pies? I bet there was no food left at their table! … Apparently she has a good personality!

5 Darren Glass and Alicia MlLF
Darren and some-ones mum. … Nice Work!

6 Daniel Kerr and Mel Cousins
3 Votes for bringing your team-mates sister to the Brownlow … Better than bringing some-ones mum!

7 Sam Fishers and Auburnay Crouch
Definitely two good heads for Radio! … He’s got a head like a twisted sandshoe!

8 Eddie Everywhere and Carla
More Chins then a Chinese phone book!

9 Paddle Pop Lion and Unidentified Friend
Shocking Head! What’s with the Priest Outfit? … no wonder he had to spend $1000 an hour?

10 Alan Didak and Cassie Lane (I Dream of Jeanie)
Alan Didak on crutches … the best sight in football!

11 Jason Gram and Katie Williams
Twins! Which catalog did these come out of?

12 Pay for a boob job you tight-arse!
Brad and Donna Johnson Pay for a boob job you tight-arse!

13 Scott and Georgina Lucas
Nice Teeth! … I’ve seen better looking German Shepherds

14 Nick Riewoldt and Stephanie McIntosh
I think they both fell out of the ugly tree … … and hit every branch on the way down!

15 Andrew and Rachel McLeod
23 … I think that’s her IQ! Top work Andrew, you can still squirt your number on her back!

16 Richo and Merinda Jackson
Richo Richo Man … I wanna be a Richo Man!

17 Scott and LeShelle West
Depression Hotline: 1800 2nd Again

18 Nathan and Libby Thompson
I’d be depressed too …

19 Patrick Bowden and Alice Bromby
Anyone for a Bowden Spit Roast?

20 Krusty the Clown and Alex Fevola
You can take the Bogan out of Narre Warren …

21 Mark and Sarah Ricciuto
Another Adelaide Bogan in the oven …

22 Is that a banana in the oven?
Matthew and Lisa Lloyd Is that a banana in the oven?

23 Anthony and Susie Koutafides
Kouta … still waiting to come out of the closet …

24 Shane and Deanne Woewodin
Woe-woeful …

25 Mr and Mrs FIGJAM Nathan, upset that he missed the baby’s conception … Again! … Good to see the curtains from home being put to good use!

26 Jason and Megan Akermanis
Another Brownlow Medal Count and still no class

27 Gary Ablett Jnr and Lauren Phillips
… Following in his fathers footsteps?

28 Adam Goodes and Mara Rotheraine
Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

29 Shaun Burgoyne and Amy Phillips
… another Ripley’s Candidate

30 … The Runners Up

31 Chris Judd and Rebecca Twigley
yeah … we’re upset her puppies aren’t out too! … at least you get to take her home you lucky bastard!

32 Ryan O’Keefe and Tara Duggan
This has to be a nomination for All Australian!

33 Lindsay Gilbee and Jess Hants
Jess gets my 3 votes … nice work!

34 … but the Winner IS


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