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Its the best thing since....... Technology/business/design/cyber.

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1 Its the best thing since....... Technology/business/design/cyber

2 Watch... Why do we get annoyed when people copy us? What about copying makes us angry?

3 Serious Cyber Threat One of the most serious cyber threats is the theft of intellectual property. Cyber professionals are needed to protect IP from being stolen.

4 Intellectual Property (IP) Allows people to own the work they create. Such as a song or invention or a brand or an app that has been developed and captured in a permanent way, so that it can be owned in the same way as property. The owner of IP controls it and can expect to benefit from its development and use.

5 Intellectual Property Its important to understand IP rights and how they can be protected. Consider JM Barries gift to Great Ormond Street.

6 Draw The process of intellectual property...

7 Patents Are for inventions. An invention is a new or improved product or process. Once a patent is granted, the owner can stop other people from using or selling the product or process in question for up to twenty years. A patent is applied only when the product or process is totally new, making it crucial that investors are secretive until the patent is given.

8 Amazon: 1-click On September 28 th 1999, Amazon was granted a patent for 1-click technology. The technology allows customers to pay for items in one click, without having to enter billing information. There have been numerous disputes surrounding the 1 click technology since Amazon were granted the patent.

9 Trade mark Are used for recognising brands. Businesses invest a lot of money into developing their trade marks to suit their products or services or to aid brand differentiation. Businesses have to be careful that their trademarks are not used illegally as it could damage their consumers trust in the brand.

10 What do these TM sell?

11 Copyright Is an unregistered right that comes into effect as soon as something is created and fixed in some way. Materials protected by copyright include music, fiction, art, dance, drama, television, film and internet files. Most uses of copyright require permission from the owner. Consider open source books on e-readers.

12 Napster One of the biggest copyright cases to date has been the Recording Industry Association of America versus file sharing music site Napster. Napster allowed people to download music for free but it didnt hold the rights to the music they were downloading. They lost the case against the RIAA and were forced to shut down. Lead the way for Spotify?

13 Lady Gaga enraged by second song leak. Aug. 12, 2013, 8:29 AM EST Lady Gaga has called on fans to help track down those responsible for leaking a snippet of her highly anticipated new single, "Applause," by reporting any information about piracy to her record label. The pop superstar is set to release the song on Aug. 19, six days before she will perform it for the first time at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York's Brooklyn borough. Her efforts to keep the song a secret until the big reveal suffered a setback Saturday when an audio clip of "Applause" emerged online without her permission. The incident took place just days after an unfinished demo version of another new song, "Burqa," surfaced on the Internet, and Gaga took to Twitter to make her disapproval known. She wrote, "Lord, in HEAVEN WHY... YOU JUST COULDNT WAIT THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ONE SATURDAY..."

14 TM?P?C?D? 1.Hats for pets 2.Distinctive and new slogan. 3.New novel. 4.Escape ladder for spiders who are trapped in the bath. 5.Instruction manual. 6.Invented a practical and completely new way of making shoes. 7.Name of a charity. 8.New formula for cola. 9.New outer shell for an mp3 player. 10.Radio advert jingle.

15 Over to You INVENT something that can be used in school. A new rewards system for teachers to use? A new way of teachers disciplining their students. A new way children can order and collect their hot food in the canteen. Are they any risks in this task?

16 Plenary What do you think has been the most influential patent of the last 10 years? Whose copyright material do you most wish youd written/created? Which companys trademark do you trust?

17 Cyber Risk What are the cyber risks where intellectual property is concerned? In defence? In business?

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