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Some economic highlights

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2 Some economic highlights
Largest forest-based industry in Latin America; Largest producer of: regional aircraft and the fourth largest producer of commercial aircraft; coffee, oranges, guarana (fruit) and sugar cane (along with India); Largest exporter of: beef and poultry; sugar and orange juice; Largest exporter and second largest producer of ethanol; 2nd largest exporter of: soy complex (grain, meal and oil); iron ore; organic food; 3rd largest producer of soft drinks; 3rd largest consumer market for cosmetics; 3rd largest producer of: shoes; bauxite and fruits. Source: Brazilian Government

3 Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

4 Brazil GDP Composition %
Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

5 GDP Growth estimates (%)
Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

6 Source: Economist Intelligence Unit
Land Surface (million km2) Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

7 In 2013, Brazil has an agricultural area of 65 million hectars or 7
In 2013, Brazil has an agricultural area of 65 million hectars or 7.6% of the national territory. There are also 220 million hectars of grassland today, leaving around 90 million hectares of unused/ready for immediate planting. Brazil has 375 million hectars of arable land, which can be used without damage for the environment against 270 million in U.S. and 160 million in China. Source:IBGE

8 Life expectancy at birth: 72,26 years
Population (million) Life expectancy at birth: 72,26 years Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

9 Ranking 2013 of the most internationalized* Brazilian Multinationals
* Representative offices, plants, construction projects and sites, etc. Ranking Company Number of countries 1 Vale 31 2 Odebrecht 28 3 Stefanini 27 4 Weg 25 5 Marcopolo 24 Banco do Brasil 6 Magnesita 19 Gerdau BRF Itaú - Unibanco 7 JBS 17 Andrade Gutierrez Grupo Camargo Corrêa 8 Marfrig 16 Votorantim 9 Petrobras 14 10 Ibope 13 Source: Fundação Dom Cabral

10 Countries with greater presence of Brazilian companies
Source: Fundação Dom Cabral

11 Natural Resources Bauxite Gold Iron Ore Manganese Nickel Phosphates
Platinum Tin Uranium Petroleum Hydropower Biodiversity

12 Brazil’s Total Trade Estimates – US$ billion
Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

13 International trade: Exports Brazil X United Arab Emirates (2012)
US$ 2,45 billion Source: SECEX

14 International trade: Imports Brazil X United Arab Emirates (2012)
US$ 309,61 million Source: SECEX

15 Import opportunities from Brazil Construction materials
Recicle energies Footwear Fruits Agribusiness Auto parts Cosmetics Machinery Medical products Construction materials Textile

16 FDI inflows in Brazil – USD billion
Source: Brazil Central Bank

17 FDI – inflows in Brazil – Main investors – USD million
Source: Brazil Central Bank

18 FDI – inflows in Brazil according to industries– USD million
Source: Brazil Central Bank

19 Investment Opportunities in Brazil
Infrastructure and transport Telecommunications Construction

20 Demand for infrastructure services
Source: National Logistics & Planning Company (EPL), Energy Research Company (EPE) and Ministry of Mining and Energy (MME) and Credit Suísse Produced by: Ministry of Finance

21 Investment estimates for infrastructure - US$ billion
Source: Credit Suisse Research, National Logistics & Planning Company (EPL), Energy Research Company (EPE) and Ministry of Mining and Energy (MME) Produced by: Ministry of Finance

22 Investment at World Cup
12 host cities; 12 stadiums are estimated at US$3.1 billion by reforming or rebuilding public and private stadiums; Besides stadiums will be invested US$ 35 billion in public transportation, US$ 3,9 billion in airports, US$ 425 million in ports, US$ 1,5 billion in energy, US$ 7,1 billion in water supply , US$ 7,3 billion in hotels, US$ 674 million in hospitals and US$ 720 million in security; It is estimated that the 2014 World Cup will drive more than US$ 80 billion into the Brazilian economy. Source: KPMG

23 Investment Opportunities – Olympics
First Olympics held in South America; Rio de Janeiro’s projected budget of US$14.4 Billion (US$ 2.8 billion for structuring the Brazilian Olympic Committee and US$ 11.6 billion for infrastructure: stadiums, sports venues, roads and subways); Estimated the economic boost of the games at about US$51 billion. Source: KPMG

24 Pre-Salt Petrobras recently made the largest oil discoveries in Brazil in the pre-salt layer located between the states of Santa Catarina and Espírito Santo, where major volumes of light oil were found. Source: Petrobras

25 Pre-Salt Source: Petrobras

26 Shopping malls Total number of shopping malls: 479 To open in 2013: 16
Number Planned for December for 2013: 495 Total number of stores: Estimated revenue (2012 ): US$ 59,75 billion Source: Brazilian Association for Shopping malls (ABRASCE)

27 Shopping malls Cities between and inhabitants represent 5.2% of Brazilian cities (287 cities) ... Brazil 287 cities 40,6 mm de inhabitants Income: US$ 15,8 bi/month Demand: US$ 5,2 bi ... and represent 20% of the demand for Shopping in Brazil. Source:IBGE

28 Airline companies Royal Maroc (Morocco)
Angola Airlines (Angola) Aerolíneas LAN (Argentina) BOA - Boliviana de Aviacíon (Bolivia) TAM, AZUL, Pantanal, TRIP, VRG (Brazil) Air Canada (Canada) TACV S/A (Cape Verde) LAN Airlines S.A. (Chile) Air China Limited (China) Avianca, Aero República, LAN (Colombia) Cubana de Aviacion S/A. (Cuba) Tame Línea Aérea Del Ecuador (Ecuador) Air France (France) Condor Flugdienst GMBH, Lufthansa (Germany) Air Caraibes (Guadalupe, Martinique) British Airways (UK) Alitalia (Italy) Japan Airlines Intl Co., Ltd (Japan) AeroMexico (Mexico) Royal Maroc (Morocco) KLM (Netherlands) COPA Airlines (Panama) Cielos Air Line, TACA (Peru) TAP (Portugal) Qatar Airways (Qatar) Transaero Airlines (Russia) Singapore Airlines Limited (Singapore) South African Airways (South Africa) Asiana Airlines, Korean Air Lines (South Korea) Air Europa Líneas Aéreas, Iberia (Spain) Surinam Airways Ltda (Suriname) Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. (Switzerland) Turkish Airlines Inc (Turkey) Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways (UAE) Delta Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines (USA) Aserca Airlines (Venezuela) Source: Agência Nacional de Aviação (ANAC)

29 Hotels Brazil Deville, Promenade, Master Hotéis, Nobile, Estanplaza, Intercity, Othon, Slaviero, Bourbon, Windsor, Transamerica, Nacional Inn, Blue Tree USA Choice Hotels, Wyndham, Starwood, Carlson, Best Western, Marriott, Hotéis Ritz, Hilton France Accor, Louvre Hotels, Rede Bristol UK IHG Portugal Vila Galé, Pestana, Espirito Santo (Tivoli) Source: FOHB (Hotel Operators Forum of Brazil)

30 Brazilian companies in the Arab countries

31 Arab companies in Brazil
Brazilian companies with UAE capital :

32 Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce – Business Support
Certification The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce issues Certificates of Origin, approved by the League of Arab States, and certifies documents and general contracts guaranteeing the origin of the goods and traded services. Translation Specialized professionals translate texts in Portuguese / Arabic like documents, advertising, labels, packaging, business cards, sales materials, publications, among others. Commercial Knowledge Center Reference center for research on Brazil and Arab countries in subjects like economics, trade, culture and tourism.

33 Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce – Business Support
Commercial Professionals responsible for the relationship with Members. Regional Intelligence Center Professionals in charge for regions of Arab countries (North Africa, Levant and Arab Gulf) and Brasil providing market information aiming to strengthen the relationship between businessmen from both regions. Contact Center Professionals that provide company contacts and create business opportunities.

34 Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce – Business Support
Business Opportunities: List of Arab and Brazilian companies Arab and Brazilian company profiles Business matchmaking opportunities Negotiation Culture Business Intelligence: Market reports Import rules and regulations Online Information Platform Actions and Events: Business Missions Trade Fairs Business matchmakings Sector bilateral lectures

35 Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce - Communication
The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce has several communication tools aiming bringing together Brazil and the Arab Countries: Website: Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce TV ANBA: Brazil-Arab News Agency Presence on Social Networks Partnerships with press agencies in Brazil and the Arab Countries

36 شكراً SHUKRAN! Thank you!

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