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Dave Coplin National Technology Officer (Acting)

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2 Dave Coplin National Technology Officer (Acting)

3 From: Jonathan Murray Worldwide Technology Officer Microsoft Disclaimer* 1.Forward Looking Statements: The following presentation contains certain predictions and forecasts which may possibly/probably, turn out to be wholly inaccurate. 2.Utility: The forward looking nature of this presentation is unlikely to provide any information which will prove useful for addressing near term challenges in your business or personal life. 3.Work In Progress: This is an ongoing piece of work; as such the author reserves the right to right to amend, replace or contradict any premises, argument or logical statements contained herein. 4.Investment Decisions: Under no circumstances should the information be used to make investment or other life changing decisions. The authors liability shall not exceed the fee received for this presentation.


5 The Power of Data

6 Putting Citizens at the Centre


8 Government IT Challenge Support Environmental Stewardship Modernise Government IT Reduce Costs Increase Government Worker Productivity Improve Citizen Interaction

9 Source: Ipsos MORI Great Expectations The experts who provide and manage public services know best The general public should be more actively involved in shaping public services

10 Social Networking Comes of Age Source: Global Faces and Networked Places A Nielson Report on Social Networkings New Global Footprint, March 2009

11 The Citizens are Revolting… Image ©: BBC


13 Police complain orders to patrol alone puts them in danger


15 Which leaves me feeling like this...

16 And you feeling like this...





21 Gritting Lorry




25 Wheelie Bin

26 My Council Dashboard Current Street Average Your Year to Date Amount Current Waste Trade Price/kilo Offer Trade? Yes No Offer Trade? Yes No



29 Pothole






35 Data is the New Oil...

36 life, death, taxes, health, wealth, school, exams, food, hunger, sleep, danger, driving, motorcycles, fish, weather, climate change, kids, dogs, cats, family, mother, father, parents, brother, sister, time, boredom, neighbours, crime, crime, government, policy, business, money, debt, home, mortgage, beer, hot dog buns, open doors, closed windows, birthdays, relatives, cakes, does anyone really care about this, terrorism, war, space, peace, fruit, beer, wine, drugs, old age, beauty, fitness, language, speech, hair, work, play, boss, job, famine, world hunger, is the bloke at the back actually sleeping, earthquakes, spiders, spiders, ants, bees, bugs, mushrooms, elephants, hatstands, chocolate, coffee, caffeine, music, is this another lame analogy being perverted to prove a stupid argument, presenting shoes, tigers, lions, snakes, shakes books, journalists, teeth, tools, nails, heights, spaces, culture, lame attempts at comedy to try and prove a point during presentations, funny, humour, tv, radio, internet, children, mum, dad, pets, snakes, birds, yobs, racism, ageism, conferences on open government, stupid conversations about technology fundamentalism, doors, water, oceans, rivers, fields, cows, bulls, computers, love, hillbillys, geeks, how long is it until lunch, really, heavy metal fans, guns, hockey, football, disease, cancer, alcohol, cigarettes, children, kids, powerpoint, cool people, water. What Worries Me?

37 Image courtesy What Worries Most People?

38 Your Age Vs How Much You Worry Crap. Crap. Craaaap. This empty box is amazing. Huzzah! Its ok. Things have a way of working themselves out. I remember when... Source:

39 Source:

40 3 Laws of Open Government Data 1.If it cant be spidered or indexed, it doesnt exist 2.If it isnt available in open and machine readable format, it cant engage 3.If a legal framework doesnt allow it to be repurposed, it doesnt empower Source:


42 A Data Service for the Cloud

43 Information Discovery Discover, acquire, and consume structured and blob datasets to power any application – on any platform and any screen size. Easy to consume secure APIs for content. Integrations with Office, SQL, Dynamics planned for instant discovery and mash-up of data for the information worker. Brokerage Business Partner driven ecosystem and global reach to deliver data and functionality to developers and information workers. Set your price, terms, and use our cloud to deliver web services and data to the world! Analytics and Reporting Single click analysis to augment private data with premium commercial and public domain data - on premises or in the cloud. Discover, create, buy and sell analytics and reports on top of Dallas content… Built completely on the Windows Azure platform What is Dallas?



46 Apps/Service Providers Devices Trust & Control

47 HealthVault Key Design Principles Inclusive of Industry Standards Privacy and Security Focused HealthVault is unique because it puts the citizen in control of their health information In control of their privacy In control of how they share information In control of which applications they use HealthVault is an open platform, easy to participate Free Published SDK and APIs, Community Promise Easily Extensible Data Model – works with standards Strong Developer Community: MSDN Documentation, Developer Forum and Blogs, Open Source Communities



50 Sustainability

51 Engaging Citizens

52 Here Be Trolls...

53 Security & Privacy

54 Differential Privacy

55 Source: A randomized function K gives –differential privacy if for all data sets D1 and D2 differing on at most one element, and all S Range(K), where the probability space in each case is over the coin flips of the mechanism K.



58 The Power of Data

59 Putting Citizens at the Centre

60 Ask #1: Architect Open by Default

61 Ask #2: Unleash the Power of Your Data

62 Ask #3: Seek Out Co-creation

63 Ask #4: Encourage Participation Let Trolls Live Happy Ever After

64 A Disruptive Influence...

65 Acknowledgements Key Contributors: – John Coulthard, Gary Burt, Nick Umney, Mark Gayler, Jason Burton, Charles Eales (Microsoft UK & CA) – Jonathan Murray, Stephen McGibbon (Microsoft WW Technology Officer team ) – Gordon McKenzie, Matt Miszeweski (Microsoft WW PS Team ) CBCs Spark PodcastSpark David Eaves Chris Taggart, Openly Local Nathan Yau Rod Plummer, Shoothill Dan Slee James Smith, Jim Morton, Warwickshire County Council James Smith, Jim Morton Dave Briggs Images: – © Microsoft – © iStock (as noted individually)

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