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Colorado Community College System Health Science Career Cluster.

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1 Colorado Community College System Health Science Career Cluster

2 Health Science Pathways All Health Science Careers are organized into 5 pathways –Therapeutic Services –Diagnostic Services –Health Informatics –Support Services –Biotechnology Research and Development


4 Therapeutic Services Maintain or change the health status of the patient over time –Nursing Nursing Aide Licensed Practical Nurse Registered Nurse –Rehabilitation Counselor –Occupational Therapy Assistant –Speech Language Pathologist –Surgical Technologist –Pharmacist –Psychologist –Massage Therapist –Dentist –Acupuncturist –Recreational Therapist –Wellness Coach –Social Worker –Orthotist/Prosthetist –Mortician

5 Diagnostic Services Create a picture of patient health at a single point of time –Magnetic Resonance Technologist –Nutritionist/Dietitian –Respiratory Therapist –Mammographer –Exercise Physiologist –Genetic Counselor –Computer Tomography Technologist –Blood Bank Technician –Opthalmic Assistant Technician Technologist –Physical Therapist –Phlebotomist –Histotechnician –Neurodiagnostic Technologist –Cytotechnologist

6 Health Informatics Provide functions that support and document patient care –Admitting Clerk –Cancer Registrar –Epidemiologist –Unit Coordinator –Medical Information Technologist –Medical Illustrator –Health Information Technician –Healthcare Administrator –Data Quality Manager –Clinical Coder –Certified Compliance Technician –Patient Advocates –Medical Librarian –Ethicist –Health Educator –Information Privacy Officer –Ethicist

7 Support Services Provide a therapeutic environment for the delivery of healthcare –Transport Technician –Materials Manager –Biomedical/Clinical Engineer –Dietary Aide –Industrial Hygienist –Maintenance Engineer –Environmental Services Facilities Manager –Interpreter –Dietary Manager –Central Services Technician –Clinical Simulator Technician –Healthcare Administrator –Biomedical/Clinical Technician –Central Service Manager

8 Biotechnology Research and Development Use scientific and technical advancements to enhance diagnostic and therapeutic abilities in healthcare –Biochemist –Toxicologist –Pharmacologist –Geneticist –Cell Biologist –Bioinformatics Scientist –Laboratory Assistant- Genetics –Laboratory Technician –Microbiologist –Quality Assurance Technician –Medical Editor/Writer –Clinical Data Management Associate/Consultant –Pharmaceutical Sales Representative –Clinical Trials Monitor

9 Educational Requirements High School Diploma with On-the-Job Training –Dental Assistant* –Home Health Aide* –Medical Assistant* *may require a certification in some states Certification – Specialized Training (must pass a Certification Exam) –Nurse Aide –Pharmacy Technician –Phlebotomist –EMT

10 Associates Degree –2 - year program Registered Nurse Dental Hygienist Respiratory Therapist Occupational Therapy Assistant Surgical Technologist Physical Therapist Assistant Radiologic Technologist Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Medical/Clinical Laboratory Technicians *many of the above careers require a license

11 Bachelors Degree –4 - year program Athletic Trainer Dietitian and Nutritionist Medical/Clinical Laboratory Technologists Occupational Health and Safety Specialist Recreational Therapist Biomedical Engineer Information Systems Manager Health Data Analyst

12 Masters Degree –Bachelors Degree + 1 to 6 - year program Healthcare Administrator Mental Health Therapist Speech-Language Pathologist Physical Therapist Occupational Therapist Epidemiologist Medical Library Technician Genetic Counselor Physician Assistant

13 Doctoral Degree –Bachelors Degree + 5 or more years Dentist Physicians Psychologist Surgeon Veterinarian Anesthesiologist Medical Scientists Optometrists Pharmacists

14 Professional Organizations HOSA is a leadership organization for students interested in pursuing a career in the health care field. –Visit us online at or


16 Appearance and Hygiene Dress according to the facilitys dress code Jewelry kept to a minimum Wear name badge Clean and appropriate shoes Clean hair Bathe daily Clean teeth and good breath Use deodorant Hair off of collar No perfume, cologne, or aftershave. Conservative makeup No stubble

17 Behavior Calm and courteous Listen Monitor patients Perform tasks efficiently and carefully No gossip about patients or coworkers No offensive language Watch for hazardous situations Follow all safety procedures

18 Personal Characteristics of a Healthcare Worker Empathy Honesty Dependability Willingness to Learn Patience Acceptance of Criticism Enthusiasm Self-Motivated Tact Competence Responsibility/ Accountability Discretion Team Player

19 Body Language Make eye contact with patients Main eye contact as you converse with patients Smile Keep an open stance Give your full attention to one patient at a time Keep hands away from your mouth when speaking Sit or stand at eye level with patients as you converse

20 Maintain Confidentiality Maintaining confidentially of patient care and medical records is critical. Medical records contain private information that must not be shared with people who are not involved in the patients care. Patients sign a confidentiality form before receiving treatment. This is a legally binding form that promises that the medical facility will protect patient information.


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