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1 Implementation progress 2013, Monitoring plan for 2014 SWISS-LATVIAN COOPERATION PROGRAMME Lithuania, 5-6 September 2013 Latvian NCU.

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1 1 Implementation progress 2013, Monitoring plan for 2014 SWISS-LATVIAN COOPERATION PROGRAMME Lithuania, 5-6 September 2013 Latvian NCU

2 Financial progress: Committed grant by priority sectors till 31.08.2013 Priority sector Financial allocation, million CHF Number of projects / completed % (utilized grant vs. committed grant till 30.06.2013) % (reimbursements received vs. committed grant till 31.08.2013) 1.Security, stability and support for reforms 28,154 / 1 80 %75 % 2.Environment and infrastructure 13111 %8 % 3.Promotion of the Private Sector 9,46283 %82 % 4.Human and Social Development 2,34*249 %36 % 5. Special allocation (NGO fund, TAF+PPF) 3,773 / 293 % Total allocation for projects56,7212 / 3 64 %** / 36,3 mill. CHF 61 %** / 34,5 mill. CHF Swiss programme management3,16 Total allocation59,88 2 *Excluding CRUS management and evaluation committee costs ** Including utilized grant and reimbursements received within Scholarship fund

3 Progress achieved in priority "Security, stability and support for reforms" 3

4 Fire safety project (I) Main results (July 2014): 118 general education institutions will be equipped (in total 125 buildings) institutional partnership between Swiss and Latvian fire safety organizations established Progress: Contract «Fire Protection Systems Installation» concluded in May. Systems installation works July 2013 – March 2014. Competition about fire safety issues for school children (7 – 8 grade) organized in. New information activity initiated – WEB game for children about fire safety issues and civil protection matters to reach school children aged 7 – 12 in peripheral and disadvantaged regions of Latvia, to attract their interest and to stimulate initiative to learn about fire safety issues.

5 Fire safety project (II) Competition about fire safety issues for school children from 7 th to 8 th grade. Competition was shown on main Latvian Television. The winner team of the competition visited Switzerland in August. 5

6 Youth centers' project (I) Progress achieved versus main results (March 2017): 15 (out of 17 planned) youth centers in peripheral or disadvantaged regions developed. 2 more to be opened till end of 2013 (in total 4 in 2013). 1 additional center will be opened in 2014 due to savings. 63 (out of 160) seminars for young people and for persons involved in youth work organized. 1 regional conference (out of 5, one in each planning region) organized about role of youth work in the development of youth initiatives. 2 regional forums (out of 5) organized for youth and persons working with youth. 4 methodological materials and learning materials elaborated (out of 15) about non-formal education, support for youth initiatives, promotion of youth collaboration and youth participation for persons involved in youth work, NGOs, youth organizations and others involved in youth field. 6

7 Youth centers project (II) Opening of Multifunctional Youth initiatives centre in Salacgrīva (Vidzeme region) in May

8 Youth centers' project (III) The 2 nd Regional Forum in Kurzeme in May 8

9 Courts project (I) Results achieved All planned 376 video and audio equipment units placed in 58 court rooms and 16 prisons facilities 312 audio recording units installed and 7 mobile videoconferencing units supplied All 46 information kiosks and 130 modern unified information boards installed in courts 5 court electronic services available for inhabitants and business 46 electronic forms for claims and documents for court proceedings developed 85 seats equipped with scanner infrastructure Extensive analysis of costs for the work processes in courts at different institutional levels and user training provided till April in order to improve the courts costs management Analysis report on main courts process improvement areas with a focus to shorten courts procedures time and implement new e-services carried out till May Additional user support provided to enhance use of videoconferencing equipment till September 9

10 Courts project (II) 10 Up to now more than 2000 video sessions and 6000 audio recordings were held involving video conferences with forensic experts, cross border cooperation and prison facilities.

11 Courts project (III) Workshop in Latvia about Court modernization in Baltic States was held in August – experience was shared with Switzerland on implementing e-services and using video and audio equipment in daily work. 11

12 Progress achieved in priority "Environment and infrastructure" 12

13 Sarkandaugavas project (I) 2017) The Agreement for remediation works in Site I/II in area of 55 000 m 2 signed on 13 February Remediation works in Site I/II started in March and shall be completed till December 2016, including: Technical project for pilot project March – July Pilot project July – December (results will be discussed between SES and Swiss side. Actual statuss – 1 st report of pilot project for perido July – August prepared and will be discussed in next week between involved parties 13 Progress achieved (February 2017)

14 Sarkandaugavas project (II) 14 Federal Councillor of Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland visited implementation place of project on 31 July.

15 Progress achieved in priority "Promotion of the Private Sector" 15

16 Financial reporting project In total 48 seminar days (out of 78) for stakeholder groups organized on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and on International Standards on Auditing. Agency participated in a high level IFRS conference in Poland (end of 2012). Terms of References finalized for two studies to be prepared about relationship between tax accounting and general purpose financial reporting. Financial progress of project 26%, whereas only 7 month is left for implementation of planned activities. New project manager was hired in order to ensure effective project implementation. Last Steering Committee was held recently, with World Bank representatives (in August). 16 Progress achieved (March 2014)

17 Micro lending programme (I) Progress versus main results (September 2015): All micro loans 800 (out of planned 700) allocated in total amount of 7,2 mill. CHF, including: 745 micro loans (out of 650) allocated in total amount of 6,8 mill. CHF of initial loan fund till June; 55 micro loans (out of 50) allocated in total amount of 0,44 mill. CHF of additional loan fund in period July – August. Distribution of new micro loans August - December (provided from repayments only, no allocations of grants). Already 1572 people (out of 900) are employed in microenterprises (net turnover per year is less than 2,6 mill. CHF and employees are not more than 9 persons) financed by project 17

18 Size of Microloans 18 20% of loans have applied for max amount ~16950 CHF (10000 LVL) Less demanded are small micro loans in amount of 1700 – 2500 CHF (1000- 1500 LVL) Average loan size is ~10000 CHF (5900 LVL) Micro lending programme (II)

19 Microloans by Sectors Almost half of loans are allocated for agriculture projects (cereal, dairy, vegetables, meet production etc.) 28% of loans are provided for services (tourism, catering, training, accounting, beauty services, repairing etc.) 15% – for trade (food, wear, shoes, stationery, flowers, sports inventary etc.) 8% - for manufacturing industry (mainly: woodworking, food), 5% - forestry Micro lending programme (III)

20 Progress achieved in priority "Human and Social Development" 20

21 7 open calls are scheduled Starting from 2013 open calls are launched biannually After 4 open calls 14 applicants were supported (for all period planned 43) The 5 th open call announced on 2 September (deadline –1 st November) Areas of researches of approved applicants: Engineering, Medicine, Biology, Geography, Pysics, Legal and Social Sciences, Experimental Medicine Fellows representing the University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, the Latvia University of Agriculture 21 Scholarship fund (I) Progress achieved versus main results (March 2016):

22 Scholarship fund (II) Open call results 22 grafiks Open Call No. Available sum per call Utilized grant after call Utilized grant vs. available per call Call announcement Received applic. Approved applic. 1. 88623333716738% Sep-Nov/201053 2.Sep-Nov/201152 3.99018750025051%Sep-Nov/2012136 4.495785 275200 56% Jan-Apr/20135 3 5. 726712 Sep-Nov/2013 6. Jan-Apr/2014 7. Sep-Nov/2014 Total:1839329111261760% 2814 (50%)

23 After first 3 open calls 43 applications supported (for all period planned 45) ~ 671 (out of 2000) students and academic staff members participated in lectures and research activities 2 (out of 30) partnerships or networks established ~ 620 students attended the Swiss researchers lectures in LV universities Swiss researchers lectured and shared experience in fields like business, mucicology, pedagogy, construction and sports. Hosting institutions in Latvia are: Riga Technical Universitu, Latvia University of Agriculture, Latvian Academy of Sport Education, School of Business Administration «Turiba», Jazeps Vitolins Academy of Music, Ventspils University College 23 Swiss researchers project (I) Progress achieved versus main results (Sept 2015)

24 Swiss researchers project (II) Open call results 24 grafiks No. Available sum per call Utilized grant after call Utilized grant vs. available Open call timing Received applic. Approved applic. 1.882352013023%Mar-Apr/201299 2.1018561410514%Sep-Nov/201287 3.10670151325 48% Mar-Apr/2013 27 4.443851 September 2013 till all grant will be used Total:5294118556016%4443

25 Progress achieved in NGO fund 25

26 NGO fund (I) Progress achieved (April 2013) Project successfully implemented according to the schedule set in the FPP By the end of 2012 activities in all 62 subprojects were completed (including 12 subprojects which were supported due to savings) Project closing event was held in April: 1)Discussions on the sustainablity of reached results and development of them took place 2)External evaluation report of the NGO fund was presented 3)Some of subprojects results were presented 26

27 NGO fund (II) Overall impact achieved 1.Increased life quality of 13220 children and youth and 5187 seniors in all regions of Latvia 2.Contribution to reinforced civil society: 35 projects strengthened institutional capacity of NGOs 26 projects enhanced cooperation between NGOs and local municipalities 18 projects increased mutual cooperation and partnerships with Swiss organizations (experience exchange visits, information exchange on specific issues) 3. Contribution to enhancing social security: 21 project developed exisiting social services 14 projects deceloped new social services 27

28 NGO fund (III) 28 Implemented subprojects activities by target groups / by regions

29 29 Operational Planning 2013

30 Modernization of courts 30 Tasks Sep Oct Nov Dec Additional 13 video conference rooms equipped (8-with audio recording units; 25 displays and 45 microphones will be installed were necessary) XXXX Swissness – Annual Forum Meeting for all EU member states in Latvia between their respective capital cities' appellation courts' presidents and prosecutors X Steering Committee Meeting X Project closing event, completion of project X

31 NGO Fund Scholarship fund Swiss researchers 31 ProjectTasks Sep Oct Nov Dec NGO Fund Funds results analysis evaluation translation to English and publishing in written form X Scholarship fund 5 th open call and informative seminars/ consultation days for potential applicants XX Swiss researchers activities 4 th open call which will stay open until all grant will be utilised XXXX Informative seminars/ consultation days for potential applicants X Intermediary Financial Audit X

32 Sarkandaugava Micro lending programme 32 ProjectTasks Sep Oct Nov Dec Sarkandaugava Submission of Amendments in Programme Agreement to Swiss side* X Procurement for remediation works in Site III (22 000 m 2 ) announced X Micro lending programme Intermediary Financial AuditXX Further allocations of micro- loans from repayments XXXX *Depends on results of Technical Meeting in Riga on 11 September

33 Youth centers project 33 Tasks Sep Oct Nov Dec Opening events of 16 th and 17 th multifunctional youth centresX X Signing of agreement for establishment of 18th multifunctional youth centre X 3rd Regional conference for youth and for persons working with youth in Zemgale Planning Region X 12 Trainings for youth and for persons working with youth in all Planning regions of Latvia XXXX Elaboration of 2 methodological video materials about coaching for persons involved in youth work and improvement of communication and presentation skills for youth. 1 translated material about recognition of non-formal education knowledge and its use. XXXX Intermediary evaluation research about achieved results XXX National Forum for youth and for persons working with youth in Riga Planning Region X Intermediary Financial Audit X

34 Fire safety project 34 Tasks Sep Oct Nov Dec Fire safety systems installation in general educational institutions XXXX Final acceptance of installation works in the 1st building (Engure Secondary school with participation of Swiss delegation) X Elaboration of WEB game for children about fire safety issues (shall be ready in June 2014) XXXX

35 Financial reporting project 35 Tasks Sep Oct Nov Dec Seminars on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for advanced level (30 people from State Revenue Service, Ministry of Finance, State Treasury, Latvian Association of Certified Auditors, Financial and Capital Market Commission) XX IFRS conference X Translation of Guide «Using International Standards on Auditing in the Audits of Small and Medium Sized Entities» XX X

36 Reimbursement plan for 2014 Projects in implementation CHF Remediation of Sarkandaugava2 032 567* Fire safety1 975 436 Modernization of courts1 103 651 Financial reporting735 577** Youth centers456 236 Swiss researchers189 152*** Micro lending programme155 828 TAF12 674 Total6 661 121 36 *only for site I and II ** total remaining amount of financing, can be shifted to further years if project is prolonged *** only forecast, because open call is without deadline

37 Thank you for your attention! More information on: 37

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