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By Abdulaziz Azzawi Faisal Bakri Prof. Dr.-Ing. Abdulmotaleb El Saddik.

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1 By Abdulaziz Azzawi Faisal Bakri Prof. Dr.-Ing. Abdulmotaleb El Saddik

2 The importance of multimedia communication in our daily life is growing. As everyday a new development in multimedia is released, and each development goal is to make our daily activities easier, interesting, and fun. Clothes are being developed to a new development called smart clothes, which contains t-shirts, shoes, pants, and even underwear. Smart clothes can reduce stress, and know what the wearer feels.

3 Consists of media as: Advertisement, Printed materials, Presentations. And content as: Text, audio, images, animation, video, and interactivity content form. Multimedia can be displayed using processing devices, such as computers and other electronic devices that can access and read the contents, and also multimedia can be a live performance thats made by human.

4 Multimedia categories: Linear: without any navigational control. Non-linear: In this category multimedia progress is controlled. Characteristics of multimedia: Multimedia presentations. Multimedia games and simulations.

5 The multimedia term was produced by Bob Goldstein as he was promoting for his show called LightWorks at L'Oursin back in 1966. On August 10, 1966, the term was borrowed by Richard Albarino. And after two years, in 1968, the multimedia term meaning was changed by David Sawyer to describe his work as a consultant. The multimedia term took many different meanings, but Tay Vaughan stated that multimedia is the combination of text, graphics, sound, video, and animation that are delivered my any electronic device that can progress the contents or by a computer. And this is the meaning that we use till now.

6 multimedia is used to describe the multiple appearance of only one form of media such as a collection of video CDs. Thats why multimedia should be only used while describing multiple forms of media content. Usage: Commercial. Engineering. Mathematical and scientific research. Medicine.

7 This new technology is made from fabrics, these fabrics has two specifications that are wireless, and washable. It contains computing fibers and materials. Smart clothes can be involved in many different fields such as, military, health, emotions, safety, etc….

8 One of the new smart clothes technologies is a suit that is used by the military. This suit can be used in combats; these suits contain optical fibers that can detect wounds and pivotal emotions signs while the wearer is in action depending on the combat condition. And it helps detecting the location of the injury within seconds helping the medicals knowing who needs immediate medical treatment.

9 T-shirt that monitors their blood pressure, heart, stress, etc… these t-shirts contains sensors within the fabrics, which continuously monitor and detect vital signs. And if it sensed danger it contacts the doctor giving him the information about the situation which allows him to send u a message back telling the patient to rest and what to do to avoid any bad circumstances. And it also can be used to monitor mentally ill patients. These t-shirt can also be used for any ages; they can be used for babies to monitor their vital signs since those babies are prone to (SIDS).


11 This type of smart clothes can control and help the wearer with his stress. A prototype of this technology is out, and to do its job it has to monitor two physiological states, which are temperature and heart beats rate. After monitoring these two physiological states and also detecting the emotional state of the wearer the, the clothes are directly connected to a large database that takes all the information and analysis is and starts working on the emotional state of the wearer. Words, songs, and large types of media directly pops to the display and speakers depending on the emotional feeling the wearer is at, and tries to cool him down if he is stressed or cheer him up if he is down. And next is a picture of the prototype.

12 Motion Detecting Pants. Proximity Sensing Shirt. Heart Sensing Bra. Smart Running Shoes. Networked Jacket. Neuro Headset. Thought Helmet. Biosensor Underwear.

13 As we saw that smart clothes are being involved in a lot of different fields, fields which are very important in our daily life such as health, emotions, sports, military, etc… So that shows how important smart clothes development is going to be in the close future. But smart clothes also has few negatives as it is going to be an expensive technology, and also in the health field smart clothes will monitor the wearer health and send the information to the doctor, but it doesnt respond for the dangerous health conditions.

14 And also because of the monitoring function, some wearers will be annoyed because their privacy has been compromised, and maybe unauthorized people will be able to show those personal information and use them.

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