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Yukigassen 2013 Education Sessions LTU B192 Thursdays - February 7, 14, 21, 28 19:00.

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1 Yukigassen 2013 Education Sessions LTU B192 Thursdays - February 7, 14, 21, 28 19:00

2 Yukigassen Comes from the Japanese city of Sobetsu Came to Europe via Finland In Sweden since 2009 Nordic Championship in Vardø, Norway European Championship in Kemijärvi, Finland

3 February 12, 2009

4 Kemijärvi, Finland European Championship This Year: April 6- 7, 2013

5 Vardø, Norway Nordic Championship March 16-17, 2013

6 Basic Information Two teams (max 10 members) 7 vs 7 players on the field The aim is to take the competitors flag Best-out-of-3 3 sets, 3 minutes

7 Yukigassen Court 1 captain (coach) 3 backs 4 forwards 2 reserves

8 Yukigassen Field According to the new rules the field is 36x10m This year we play on 32x8m fields

9 The Team Backs : Vests numbered 5-7 Forwards : Vests numbered 1-4 Captain : Vest numbered 0 Gender : At least 3 of each gender

10 The Flag

11 International Yukigassen Rules 2012/2013 – 3) Team flags are to be made of cloth; 50cm in height and 70cm in length with ties at one end so that they can be easily attached to a flag pole at the start of a match. – 4) Flag poles shall be 1.5 to 2 meters long and placed on the court as indicated Try to follow The flag is your teams identity

12 The Helmet

13 The Shoes NO!!!

14 The Balls 270 per match 90 per set Diameter: 6.5 to 7cm Produced in special machines 30 minutes before the match We play the training matches with plastic balls!

15 The Balls

16 Do not forget to start half hour before the match!!

17 The Balls The balls are stored behind the end chateaus Back players bring/throw them to the forwards

18 Before the Match

19 Start of the Match


21 The back leg on the start line False start – OUT Line referees check the helmets Team ready – line referees lift flags The head referee starts the match

22 Start of the match NOTE: In Europe we start the match with ONE ball in each hand

23 Forwards Forwards CANT go behind the starting line Only backs are allowed to do so and bring the snowballs A forward behind the line = OUT

24 Referees 1 head referee 1 assistant head referee 4 line referees The New Rules allow 2 more end referees

25 Declaring players out 1)A player struck anywhere on the body, clothes or helmet by a valid thrown snowball that has not made contact with any other surface

26 Declaring players out 2)A player is not allowed to throw a snowball to a team member and if a player accidentally hits their own team member with a snowball; the hit player is out

27 Declaring players out 3) If a player hits their self with a snowball they are out

28 Declaring players out 4) A player who makes or uses an invalid snowball is out. a)Less than 2/3rds of a snowball b)Snowballs held by out players. c)Snowballs taken from outside the court, or come from outside the court d)Snowballs which have fallen apart and are repaired by adding snow e)Snowballs made by combining broken snowballs f)Snowballs made from loose snow

29 Declaring players out 5) A player whose foot crosses an end line or sideline is out.

30 Declaring players out 6) A player whose limb/body part crosses over the end line or sideline or when they touch a snowball that is not on the court is out.

31 Declaring players out 7) A player who is a Forward whose foot crosses his own teams backline is out.

32 Declaring players out 8) A player who is a Forward and comes into contact with a snowball that is behind their own backline is out.

33 Declaring players out 9) A player who hides a snowball inside his number tag, clothing, etc. is out

34 Declaring players out 10) A player who receives snowballs from an out player is out

35 Declaring players out 11) When two players hit each other simultaneously, both athletes are out

36 Declaring players out 12) NOT OUT: a)When a player is hit by a snowball thrown by an out player they are NOT OUT. b)When a player is hit by a snowball that broke apart in flight they are NOT OUT

37 Declaring players out A player who is declared out stands behind the end line and does not play!

38 Declaring players out The set ends when 4 players cross the center line!

39 Penalties Yellow card – Only teams Red card – Player disqualified from the TOURNAMENT 2 Yellow Cards for a Team : Disqualified

40 Taking the flag Taking the flag means end of the set The team which takes the flag wins the set with 10:0

41 …and what happens when the flag is not taken?? The set ends after 3 minutes The result : players left on the court E.g. 5:2 A set can result in a draw (e.g. 4:4)

42 Who wins the match then? The team which wins 2 sets A draw does not count as a won set A typical match can be: 2:1 (10:0, 5:6, 10:0) 2:0 (2:1, 10:0)

43 Playing - Video NOTE: In Europe in case the flag is taken the set ends 10:0. When all players are out the set ends 10:0.

44 Victory Throw Comparable to penalty shots in hockey or football Throwing the balls to an object decided by the officials (e.g. a snowman) After a match where the total score is equal: 10:0, 0:10, 4:4 = 14:14 The match would end either 1:2 or 2:1 after the VT

45 Substitutions The team is free to decide which 7 players play The Gender Rule applies – at least 3 of each gender on the field (captain not included) The posts including the captain can be interchanged – But not during play – Although allowed between sets Inform the head referee then!

46 Controversial Situations Rule: When 4 members of a team enter the opposing teams half of the court at the same time the set ends and the opposing team wins the set (period) by a score of 10 – 0. This happens often! Be careful! Mainly when trying to capture the flag

47 Controversial situations Rule : When a player is hit by a snowball and ruled out before they capture the flag and that player continues to capture the flag - the flag capture will not count. That player will leave the field and their teams remaining members will go back to stand at the starting position with whatever snowballs they have and wait for the set to restart.

48 Lets watch a match! sx4 sx4

49 Questions? Adam Danisovic 070-473 28 28 The Golden Rule : The referee is your friend, not enemy! Rule 1: The referee is always right Rule 2: If not, refer to the Rule 1

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