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FFA Manual Michael Teague.

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1 FFA Manual Michael Teague

2 The Three Circles of Ag. Ed.
Class/Lab SAE “Hands On” FFA Inside cover

3 The national FFA president is _____ from _____.

4 Key Components of the FFA Mission
Premier Leadership Persional Growth Career Success P.5

5 Level of FFA Structure Chapter District Area State National P.6

6 Program of Activities (POA)
Student Development Chapter Development Community Development P.7

7 Types of Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs (SAE)
Entrepreneurship Placement P.8

8 The last national president from Texas was _____ in 20__.

9 Chronological Time Line
1917 The Smith-Hughes Act establishes agricultural classes in schools. 1928 The Future Farmers of America was established. 1933 The jacket was adopted as official dress. 1965 Blacks allowed in the FFA 1969 Girls allowed in the FFA P.11

10 Continued 1982 First girl national president
1988 Future Farmers of America changes name to National FFA Organization. 1994 First black national president.

11 Saltillo FFA Timeline 1949 Chapter Established, Gene Barnett first chapter president. 1970 Modern steel building, with first air conditioner on campus replaces tin barn. 1994 First chapter team to place at a state event. 2002 First female chapter president, Amanda Collins.

12 The state with the most number of chapters is
Texas P.15

13 The FFA Emblem Consist of 5 Symbols
Cross Section of the Ear of Corn Rising Sun Plow Eagle Owl P.16

14 Motto Learning to Do Doing to Learn Earning to Live Living to Serve
P. 17

15 Colors National Blue Corn Gold P. 17

16 Official Dress for Girls
Black Skirt White Blouse Blue Scarf Black Shoes Black Hosiery FFA Jacket P. 18

17 Official Dress for Boys
Black Slacks White Dress Shirt Blue Tie Black Shoes Black Socks FFA Jacket P. 18

18 No more than three medal should be worn on the jacket
P. 19

19 Levels of FFA Membership
Active Honorary Alumni Collegiate P. 19

20 FFA Degreee Program Greenhand Chapter Lone star American P. 21

21 President Duties Preside over meetings Appoint committees
Represent the chapter in public P. 36

22 Vice President Duties Assume the duties of the president, if needed.
Coordinate all committee work

23 Secretary Duties Post the agenda for each chapter meeting.
Take the minutes Chapter correspondence Issue membership cards

24 Treasurer Duties Receive monies Present the treasurer report
Collect Dues.

25 Reporter Duties Report Chapter Activities to the media
Publish the chapter website. Serve as chapter reporter

26 Sentinel Duties Assist the president in maintaining order
Keep the meeting room comfortable Welcome guest

27 Officer Station Marker Symbols
Rising Sun – President Plow – V. President Ear of Corn – Secretary Bust of Washington – Treasurer American Flag – Reporter Owl – Advisor Shield of Friendship – Sentinel

28 Order of Business Opening Ceremony Minutes Officer Reports
Special Features Unfinished Business New Business Closing Ceremony Entertainment, Recreation, Refreshment P. 40

29 Use of the Gavel One Tap – Adjourn or After Motions
Two Taps – Be Seated Three Taps – Stand on Third Tap Series of Taps – Restore order P. 41

30 Career Development Events (CDE)
Ag. Mech. Dairy Livestock Extemp. & Prepared Speaking P. 51

31 Proficiency Awards Ag. Communications Ag. Mechanics Beef Production
Dairy Production Poultry Production Forage Production P. 52

32 Star Awards Star Greenhand Star Chapter Farmer Star Ag. Mechanics
P. 53 Last

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