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Manolo Blhanik: The man behind the shoes By: Shelby Snow.

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1 Manolo Blhanik: The man behind the shoes By: Shelby Snow

2 Manolo Blahniks shop on Old church Street, Chelsea London 1998 Madonna labeled Blahnik's shoes as better than sex.

3 Manolo Blahniks first shoe designed for Ossie Clark: 1971 Manolo Blahniks favorite shoe of the 1980s- The 1984 Ring Manolo Blahnik: By Decades

4 This shoe was specifically designed to for John Gallianos first couture collection Blahniks tribute to his favorite movie Luchino Visconto and Sicily My shoes are not fashion they are gestures 1990s - 2000s

5 Manolo Blahnik 2010

6 From Sketch to Shoe

7 Most Important Pieces These shoes are known for being worn on Sex and the City when Mr. Big proposed to Carrie The Campari shoe is an iconic Manolo Blahnik design. TOUS joined forces with Manolo Blahnik in January to showcase the mythical Campari shoe, one of the Spanish designers most emblematic models, as jewelery. The shoes Manolo Blahnik designed for Kate Middleton to wear at the royal wedding.

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