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Braeli payne These shoes are 3 ounces These shoes are 6 ounces.

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2 Braeli payne


4 These shoes are 3 ounces These shoes are 6 ounces

5 Vengeance shoes I should get these shoes because they are only 3 ounces compared to the usual 6 ounces. I think these shoes will improve my tumbling skills!

6 The phoenix shoes rip on the sides, tear in the washer machine, get dirty easier, and cost between seventy and eighty dollars. PHOENIX SHOES

7 These shoes rip quickly!

8 vengeance The best part is these shoes are only 3.9 ounces!

9 laces These shoes have comfort cushions, better quality fabric, and bubble laces to keep the laces tied.

10 vengeance there are 3 rubber pads on the bottom of the shoes so they are able to be worn outside without wearing down of the fabric.

11 Dirty shoes! One problem with these shoes is they are white. If any dirt gets on the shoes they will look dirty and old.

12 VENGEANCE A way to fix these shoes getting dirty is to wear them inside only and keep them in the case that is included in every purchase.

13 problems Another problem with the vengeance is the mesh is see through, which means you can see the socks for fashionable reasons. In cheer we must have no show socks so it is not a distraction.

14 problems The way I can fix my socks not letting them show is to wear white socks to prevent any distractions.


16 I should get the nfinity vengeance shoes because they are very light and a smart decision to make tumbling easier and better!


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