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Teaching Ruby Helping Jake and Jane learn to program Bruce Scharlau.

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1 Teaching Ruby Helping Jake and Jane learn to program Bruce Scharlau

2 Jake and Jane want to learn to program computers

3 Jake has a game in mind, Jane wants the basics

4 Is it better to teach programming wrapped around a game, or not?

5 Games need to focus on the basics

6 Teach the basics using game concepts to aid learning

7 Teach the basics with emphasis on games

8 Jake wants to realize his idea

9 Jake has an idea for web based game

10 Scratch and Greenfoot dont help

11 RailsBridge points the way

12 Focusing on the game will motivate him

13 Build up Jakes learning based on game needs

14 Learn whats needed as a problem solving skill

15 See each step in context of the game

16 Use game features to guide learning

17 Shoes is lightweight and easy to start

18 Shoes is not always easy to follow

19 What if we teach programming concepts with game examples?

20 Jane wants to learn to program

21 The Teaching Children site helps

22 Chris Pines learn to program is useful

23 Hello World! Is great, but python based

24 Jane is interested in coding

25 Jane wants to master the concepts

26 Jane wants the general CS degree

27 Jane has no specific plans for her need

28 Jane can be guided by general concepts

29 The number of ruby books grows Others being done as we speak …

30 Most ruby learning books assume programming knowledge These are not the books youre looking for…

31 Jake and Jane need process to be more fun

32 We need a compromise between the two

33 Maybe we need hello world in ruby and redfoot for ruby objects

34 Jakes fixed idea is useful for focus

35 Games provide program interaction

36 Console apps cause problems but are needed for interaction

37 Console apps are also ugly

38 Shoes and similar GUI tools help, but can be challenging for beginners

39 Plenty of effort underway to provide beginner learning experiences using Sinatra for Zork type game Sarah Allen has a lot of useful examples and ideas

40 Games provide the x to do y aspect

41 Games force need and curiosity helps

42 Games also introduce logic and flow

43 Games also bring in visual aspects, which might not be needed

44 Is is better to have a reason for learning, or just learn games?

45 Build up Jakes learning based on game needs

46 Teach Jane programming using games seems better

47 Use games to realise their potential

48 All images provided by Niall Benvie at http://www.ImagesFromTheEdge.com

49 Learn the basics wrapped around games Bruce Scharlau University of Aberdeen @scharlau

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