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The Shoe and You Chris Holcombe Hannah Silvey Cody Barry.

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1 The Shoe and You Chris Holcombe Hannah Silvey Cody Barry

2 Topic Target audience: Athletic Shoe Distributors The purpose of this survey is to collect and establish actual data regarding comfort, price, quality, and appearance of athletic shoes.

3 Purpose This survey will help athletic shoe distributors know what type of shoes to stock their shelves with. Since this survey has the demographic question of gender itll help the distributors know what women prefer over men and what men prefer over women.

4 Who we Surveyed Demographic: Males vs. Females Target Participants: Anyone Our purpose was to determine if males and females differentiate between athletic shoe preference in the content of why they buy athletic shoes, what determines their athletic shoe purchase, comfort, appearance, and affordability.

5 Methods Our first approach: Giving survey by hand Pros: Participants could ask us questions related to the survey if a question arouse. Cons: Printing off all the surveys, time management issues for participant and us. Our second approach: Facebook and text Pros: A large amount of people were able to take the survey in a short amount of time, paperless Cons: Participants couldnt ask us questions about the survey, we couldnt control how many males or females participated.


7 What type of athletic shoes do you buy most?

8 Would you say you are loyal to a specific shoe brand?

9 What is most important to you when you purchase an athletic shoe?

10 Second Most important reason

11 Third Most Important Reason

12 How many pairs of athletic shoes do you own?

13 How often do you purchase athletic shoes per year?

14 Why do you typically buy athletic shoes?

15 Do you believe Price Determines Quality of Athletic Shoes

16 How much money do you normally spend on a pair of shoes?

17 What is your favorite athletic shoe brand?

18 What Primary color of shoe do you usually buy?

19 What Athletic Shoe Material do you Prefer?

20 What performance do you need from a shoe?

21 On a Scale from 1-5, 1 being unsatisfied and 5 being satisfied, how do you like your running shoes?

22 Conclusions We found that when it comes to athletic shoes males and females tend to look for the same type of product based off of our survey. The top three things males and females look for in an athletic shoe is comfort, looks, and price. They both preferred Nike and Adidas over other brands. In addition, they were basically identical when it came to primary color of the shoe.

23 Continued Males: Willing to spend more money on shoes than women and typically own more pairs of athletic shoes. They tend to look for shoes that contain more traction. Females: Females tend to desire shoes more than males (go figure). Not one female disagreed when asked do you believe price determines the quality of athletic shoes? AND WHO WOULDA THUNK IT…THEY BOTH LIKE LACES AND THEY ARE SATISFIED WITH THE COMFORT OF THEIR SHOE.

24 Recommendations According to our survey, buyers are mainly attracted to brands such as Nike and Adidas. Therefore stocking shelves with these brands may bring more income. Pricing of shoes: Men are willing to spend more money when purchasing shoes. The majority of women tend to only want to spend up to $75 max on shoes. Bringing in shoes within this price range may increase sales. Distributors may want to purchase more running/walking shoes for women and more running and sport shoes for men. The top reasons for females to buy shoes are for running and walking. As such bringing in less sport related shoes in womens may save you money. Males tend to buy athletic shoes specifically for running, with sport and fitness shoes ranking second. Providing a larger selection of these shoes verse walking and crossing training shoes may also increase sales.

25 Continued We found as we did this survey that a lot of our questions didnt match up with our purpose. Listed below are the questions that really didnt compliment our surveys purpose.

26 Do you prefer?

27 How comfortable are your shoes while working out?

28 Do you buy shoes according to your arch?

29 What type of Arch do you have?

30 What is the most important reason for purchasing athletic shoes?

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