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HKMA Trailwalker 2007 Support and Logistics Dr Janice Tsang Deputy Chairman Trailwalker Subcommittee.

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1 HKMA Trailwalker 2007 Support and Logistics Dr Janice Tsang Deputy Chairman Trailwalker Subcommittee

2 Essential part of your trailwalker team Treat them as your team members Select a support team leader Join the practice to get familiar with the trail Note resources from Oxfam and HKMA

3 Oxfam Trailwalker Information Booklet Please read as information may change Read the notes for support team Pay attention to –car pass for CP8 –parking arrangement at the finish point –shuttle bus service from Pak Tam Chung to Pak Tam Au (CP2)

4 What hikers should carry? As few as possible!!! HKID card, cash Enough food and drinks before next support point, sweet and salty snacks Essential equipments – warm clothes, towel, watch, cap, sunglasses, umbrella, windbreaker, hiking stick, tissue, knee/ankle braces, mobile phone, torch / headlamp Essential medications and first aid kid

5 What do you need for support? Food and drinks Clothing change, including socks and shoes Equipments change and replacement (different for daytime and night time) Cap, umbrella, sunglasses, walking stick, sunblock, mosquito repellent, torch / headlamp, batteries, mobile phone/battery, toiletries, tissue, spare glasses / contact lens

6 What do you need for support? Medication and care for injury Physiotherapy Photos taking Good spirit !!!

7 Suggested medical equipments Bandaid, gauze, alcohol swab, hibitane packs, dressing set, micropore, tegaderm, crepe bandage, blister care, scissors Personal medications, panadol/dologesic, NSAIDs, H2 blockers/PPI, buscopan, anti- emetic, anti-diarrheal medications Ice pack IV set, IV normal saline, IV glucose, (?glucagon for fast team)

8 During your practice sessions….. Note individual needs for support on the race day!

9 Who should be your support team? Relatives and friends Drivers and cars Good hikers With trailwalker experience Confirm them early 1 hero and 5 backpacks

10 Composition and arrangement Friends and relative from each of the 4 trailwalkers Group familiar ones together 2 to 4 support cars and groups 2 to 4 persons per group Ample time to travel from one site to another (arrive at least 1 hr ahead) Ample time for support team to rest All gather at finishing point to celebrate!

11 Trailwalker team Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Support team leader Good communications between hikers and support team leader Good communications among support team leader and groups

12 Supporting points Major sites by car Sites along the trail by foot On-trail support – walk with them Well pre-planned schedule and supporting sites with hikers More support more delay? More support more support !!!

13 Usual supporting points Pak Tam Au Kei Ling Ha (Shui Long Wo/ Sai Sha Road) Tsz Wan Shan Shing Mun Tai Mo Shan

14 Supporting schedule – sample 1 Peter Mary John Grace CP3 Peter Mary CP2 Trailwalker 2003

15 Supporting schedule – sample 2 Support position Support pointTime of arrival (start 9:00 07-Nov-03) Requirement (Units) hrminnameCoffeePoweradeWaterBreadTorch/battery 7Kei Ling Ha (CP3)500Ho11 HKMA07-Nov-03Au1 1400Chow1 KL11 8Ngong Ping616Ho1111 Ray07-Nov-03Au2111 1516Chow111 KL1111 9Gilwell Campsite (CP4)720Ho21 Oxfam07-Nov-03Au11 1620Chow111 KL111 10Tsz Wan Shan749Ho2 Ngai07-Nov-03Au2 1649Chow1 KL1

16 Comfort for the hikers Folding tables/chairs Floor mat Curtains for car windows -> mobile changing room! Large umbrellas for rain Warm jackets during rest

17 Support for the support team Enough food and drinks Enough warm clothes Lighting, radio, fan, mosquito repellent, sunblock, umbrellas Mobile phone, support members list, support schedule Camera Trailwalker carpass for CP8 and finishing 4 in 1 Light + Fan + Radio + Mosquito repellent

18 Site visit MUST have site visit at least once Detailed driving route from one site to another and time management Identify parking places and meeting areas with hikers Arrange support team during practice Please refer to HKMA trailwalker guide and support guide 2006 for details

19 Pre-trip meeting (1) Know each other Telephone list Everyone understand whole schedule Understand role of each group Distribution of Oxfam parking permits for Tai Mo Shan (CP8) and Finishing point

20 Pre-trip meeting (2) Preparation of food, drinks, equipment Collection of well-labeled bags for each hiker at each supporting point (carrying clothes, caps, torches, personal medications, etc) Spare food, drinks, torches, batteries, tissue in each support car First aid equipment for each car

21 MUST thank your support team after the race!

22 Acknowledgement Oxfam Hong Kong Dr. Stella Chim –Deputy Chairman –TW Subcommittee 2006

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