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Resident Rights: a training for facility staff

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1 Resident Rights: a training for facility staff
Long Term Care Ombudsman Program Boulder County Aging Services

2 Introduction/Icebreaker
For facility staff: What Department do you work in? -Administration -Nursing -Business Office -Dietary -Activities -Social Services -Housekeeping -Maintenance -Laundry -Other LTCO: How long have you been an Ombudsman?

3 Group A True False 1. The bookkeeper may open personal mail if a resident is in the hospital for an extended period of time. 2. Residents should be protected from information that would upset them. 3. A Nursing Home can set times for waking up and going to bed that all residents must follow. 4. It is necessary to obtain consent from the “responsible party” before allowing a resident to leave the facility for a visit.

4 Difficult Transitions If you moved into a Nursing Home, what would you miss the most?
Aging often involves loss: - loss of loved ones - loss of possessions - loss of independence/health Each person will experience loss differently: - Isolation - Anger - Grief Staff can ease this transition through: - respect - compassion/understanding of situation - awareness of loss process

5 Group B True False 5. A resident can be restricted from smoking if their health is in danger because of it. 6. A resident can be forced to comply with proper hygiene. 7. Residents may complain if they are served broccoli repeatedly for dinner. 8. A resident must go to at least some activities.

6 Importance of Individuality/Possessions What 3 things would you take with you if you moved into a Nursing Home? Offer only a small slice of what someone had before Should ALWAYS be respected as personal property May be only connection to past Provide opportunities to get to know resident Personal Expressions

7 Group C 9. The staff may go through drawers and belongings without
True False 9. The staff may go through drawers and belongings without permission if they suspect a person has spoiled food or missing items from other residents. 10. A Nursing Home cannot be held responsible for personal possessions such as wedding rings. 11. A resident may be asked to leave if he/she can’t get along with staff or other residents. 12. Residents can only use their money for necessities, such as clothing, toiletries, and other personal items.

8 “Personal Needs Money and Control” If you had only $50 personal needs money each month, what would you spend it on? Covers everything: clothing, shoes,lotion, outings, and goodies (to name a few!) NH should provide free or affordable outings Restrictions cannot be imposed based on health, behaviors, etc.

9 Group D True False 13. A resident does not need to be included in decisions if they have a Power of Attorney. 14. If a resident is upset, sending them to their room for a “time out” is acceptable. 15. A family member can have medication withheld from a resident if they feel the medication is no longer needed. 16. A place should be made available for a resident to spend private time with a member of the opposite or same sex.

10 How would you want to be treated?
This is a home. Not homelike, not homey, but home. Remember- freedom should be afforded to every individual. Think of your own home. Does someone tell you: - What to eat? - What to wear? - When to go to bed? - How to spend your money? Cultural, ethnic and religious differences need to be appreciated. Remember- Regardless of how residents may treat you, your response needs to be the same: - Dignity - Respect - Freedom This can be hard. But being aware of this struggle and preparing ways to provide this is essential!

11 Residents Should Never Lose Their Rights!
The right to be: Fully Informed The right to: Complain Participate in One’s Own Care Privacy and Confidentiality Rights during: Transfer and Discharge Visits Dignity, Respect & Freedom Make Independent Choices

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