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Job Search 20/20 20 Job Searching Tips in 20 Minutes

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1 Job Search 20/20 20 Job Searching Tips in 20 Minutes

2 Identify Job Choices Assess yourself and narrow down career options Research employers and jobs that might interest you Recognize the opportunity to think outside the box

3 What Can I Do? Visit the Center for Career Services where you can meet one-on-one with a career counselor Become familiar with FOCUS, which is a web based assessment tool that can help you find out more about careers that suit your interests and skills Schedule an informational interview with an employer of interest

4 JOBSs Log on and create a profile on JOBSs: Job Opportunities Benefiting Southern students, an online job board available 24/7 designed just for Southern students and alumni On JOBSs you can find thousands of part-time and full-time job opportunities as well as internship and co-op openings JOBSs is user-friendly, all you need is a MYSCSU account

5 Boost Up Your Resume and Cover Letter Meet with a career counselor at the Center for Career Services to assist you in refining your resume and cover letter. Refer to the samples in the Career Services Handbook and on the website Dont forget to spend some time tailoring your resume for each position you apply for Once your resume is refined be sure to post it on JOBSs

6 Developing Interviewing Skills The resume can get you the interview, but the interview gets you the job Attend interviewing workshops and view DVDs in the Center for Career Services Learn everything from how to make a good first impression to how to land the job Meet with a career counselor for a mock interview Practice, Practice, Practice

7 What to Wear The Dos Skirt or pants suit, preferably solid colors - Black, Navy Blue, or Dark Grey Dress shoes Limit any jewelry Professional hairstyle Light perfume or cologne The Don'ts Sandals or sneakers, shorts or jeans Electronics Soda or coffee Visible tattoos Facial piercing No hosiery or socks

8 Define Your Goals Be sure to set goals and some time each day to focus on your job search. Looking for a job can be time consuming. Keep a job search journal; record all positions you have applied for, and which documents you sent.

9 Whats Out There There are many places that jobs may be advertised: Connect with the Center for Career Services to meet with a career counselor, attend career fairs and register for JOBSs, the online recruitment tool Internet – in addition to JOBSs, visit industry and geographically specific sites where you are interested in working Professional organizations, publications and websites Staffing agencies

10 Meet and Greet As many as 80% of jobs go unadvertised, and networking is the best way to tap into that hidden job market Get the word out! Talk to professors, peers, family and friends about the types of positions that interest you Develop your own networking business card

11 Networking Business Cards John B. Student 501 Crescent Street New Haven, CT 06515 203-392-6536 MS, Sociology BS, Communication Southern CT State University Event planning experience Ability to utilize technology for marketing and desktop publishing Ability to work with cross functional teams Provided support for Human Resources staff of 8 Strong understanding of state and federal employment law Front: Contact Information Back: Skills and Experience Networking business cards work like traditional business cards and give people a sneak peak at your resume without having to carry a spare copy. Networking cards should be carried with you at all times and should be stored in a nice holder to prevent bending and tearing.

12 Join professional organizations in your field and attend events where you can network Conduct informational interviews with people in the field or industry that interest you Keep business cards of people you meet for follow-ups Remember social (Facebook and Myspace) and professional (LinkedIn) networking sites can help or hinder your networking effort and job search How to Network?

13 Stay Motivated and Monitor and Improve Qualified individuals get rejected for positions; continue to seek new resources and new contacts to move forward in the process Most importantly, you should always be evaluating your progress and improving your resume, interviewing and networking skills as you identify new places to look for opportunities

14 For More Information Center for Career Services Southern Connecticut State University Room 102, Schwartz Hall (203) 392.6536

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