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Clean Room Gowning Procedure

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1 Clean Room Gowning Procedure
UNC – Charlotte Microelectronics Clean Room Electrical and Computer Engineering Clean Room Gowning Procedure

2 Overview Where is the Clean Room? CARC’s Clean Room.
Reasons for gowning. Tacky Mats. Coat Hangers. Lockers. The gowning order. Choosing the proper size garments. Face mask. Safety glasses. Hood. Coverall. Shoe covers/boots. Clean room gloves. Completed clean room gown. Returning hoods/coveralls/boots to the proper lockers.

3 Where is the Clean Room? The Microelectronics Clean Room lab is found in the Cameron Applied Research Center building. CARC is located on Cameron Blvd, across from Resident Parking Lot 16 and next to the auxiliary service building.

4 CARC’s Clean Room. The clean room is located on the 2nd floor, room 201F, of the CARC building. Access to the clean room is restricted. Access is through a UNC – Charlotte ID card reader.

5 Reasons for gowning. To keep the clean room free of contamination
The human body is a bad contaminate for microelectronics Particles and dirt Dead skin from your body Hair particles Skin oils Pollen, dust, moisture from your breath As a protection from hazardous materials in the Clean Room. Some protection from dangerous chemicals Protection of clothing from chemical stains

6 Tacky Mats. Tacky Mats are set in place to remove any dirt particles from the bottom of your shoes before entering the gowning area and clean room. Tacky Mats should be replaced when dirty

7 Coat Hangers Coat hangers are a available to hang your coat, book bag, or anything else that needs to be hung up.

8 Lockers The lockers are available to store any valuable items that aren’t permitted in the clean room.

9 The gown dressing order.
Face Mask Safety Glasses Hood Coverall Shoe covers/boots Clean room gloves

10 Choosing the right size.
Coveralls, hoods, and boots are in lockers by size Comfort For coveralls choose one size larger than what you normally would wear. Boots are available in large and Xlarge only. Hoods are available in medium and large only.

11 Face Mask - First The face mask protects the clean room from any contaminants that may come from your breath. A metal strip on top of the mask is formed over the nose. Elastic ear loops secure the mask. The mask is pulled below the chin. Masks are disposed of after use.

12 Safety Goggles - Second
Safety Goggles are worn to protect your eyes from any hazardous chemicals or particles that may inflict damage to your eyes.

13 Hood The Hood protects the clean room from any particles from your head and hair. The hood covers the entire head. The hood is worn inside the coverall.

14 Coverall - Fourth Coveralls cover the entire body. They provide partial protection from hazardous chemicals Coveralls are used to protect the clean room from any particles generated by the body.

15 Shoe covers/boots - Fifth
Boots are worn to protect the clean room from any dirt that may be on your shoes. All snaps must be used to prevent tripping over dangling straps.

16 Clean Room Gloves - Last
Clean room gloves are available in three sizes, small, medium, and large Clean room latex gloves provide some protection for your hands from hazardous materials. They are NOT chemical gloves. Gloves are used to protect the clean room from any dirt, dust, or oils that may be on your hands. Clean Room gloves are discarded whenever they are torn or dirty. Special non – latex gloves are available fro people that are allergic to latex.

17 Completed Gown After all gowning is complete you can now enter the clean room. You are not allowed into the clean room unless you are completely gowned

18 Returning hoods, coveralls, and boots to the proper lockers and stations.
All coveralls, hoods, and boots are returned by size to the appropriate locker. Gloves and the face mask are discarded in the trash container.

19 Conclusion You now know… About CARC’s Clean Room. Reasons for gowning.
Where the Clean Room is. About CARC’s Clean Room. Reasons for gowning. What are the tacky mats. Where are the coat hangers. Where are the lockers. The gown dressing order. How to choosing the proper size. What is a Face mask. What are Safety glasses. What is a Hood. What is a Coverall. What are Shoe covers/boots. What are Clean room gloves. What a completed clean room gown. To return hoods/coveralls/boots to the proper lockers.

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