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WALK IN OUR SHOES – ACT ON OUR ISSUES Reshaping Care for Older People in Argyll and Bute Intergenerational work with communities.

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1 WALK IN OUR SHOES – ACT ON OUR ISSUES Reshaping Care for Older People in Argyll and Bute Intergenerational work with communities

2 Stop Falling Start Saving Lives and Money Costs to the individual Injury Loss of confidence Primary cause of death and disability in people over 75 (Gillespie et al 2012) Costs to health and social care £6 million per day £2.3 billion per year

3 Global Report on Falls the World Health Organisation (WHO, 2007) Awareness needs to be raised not only with older people but with health professionals, families and communities

4 Co-production ' one of the most talked about themes in public services and public policy around the world' Assets based approach

5 Coproduction - explicit commitment in UK healthcare policy UK Government, Health and Social Care Act 2001, 2012 Scottish Executive, Public Involvement Framework, 2001 Department of Health, 2005, 2006 NICE 2008 Assets based approaches, Scottish Government 2012 WHO 2012 Exchange and application of knowledge by stakeholders will strengthen health systems and improve health Collaborative approaches accelerate benefits of global and local innovation

6 Action research - a useful methodology to investigate co-production? Key features of Action Research: Iterative follows uncertain cyclical and dynamic process Collaborative and participative Solutions to practical problems AND development of theory Data and information drawn from different sources Self-critical and reflective practice by researcher Subsequent cycles of action must unfold from initial cycles Context dependent Community and Organisational change

7 Falls Prevention – action research Well established evidence base of effective evidence based interventions for the prevention of falls in older people Evidence base has not been effectively transferred into practice Older people reject advice on reducing their falls risk HEBS, 2003: NICE, 2004; Yardley et al, 2005; RCP, 2007; Gillespie et al., 2009; AGS/BGS, 2010; Goodwin et al., 2010; RCP, 2010; Gormley, 2011; Scottish Executive, 2012

8 Intergenerational practice Case study of the Islay work was included in new Govt Guidelines: Bringing Together Local Authorities and Intergenerational Practice in a Scottish Policy context challenge was to replicate the benefits across Argyll and Bute

9 Intergenerational work in Argyll and Bute Utilise the Age Scotland Pack Replicate across Argyll Identify difficulties Interaction and understanding developed between generations

10 Lochgilphead Intergenerational work identified many issues AVA working with Argyll and Bute council street scene team to have a bench supplied Repair of the kerb at the MS centre by roads department AVA working with the Mid Argyll Multiple Sclerosis Centre

11 Lochgilphead cont. Case Study: COPD sufferer, severely restricted by lung capacity, some benches on street would increase his reach: It currently costs me 3 cups of tea in 3 different cafes to get to the chemist at the bottom of the street, that`s £6 each way!!

12 Campbeltown rain stopped play! Walk had to be stopped short due to a torrential downpour In the short walk and talk, it was felt that putting these points on to paper as well as discussing was worthwhile Outcomes passed to community council

13 Dunoon Issues identified: Potholes and kerbs No seats in middle of town No taxis at taxi rank in middle of town Step in to Lloyds TSB Bank of Scotland cash points

14 Dunoon – residents of Cragroy Area surrounding this sheltered housing complex, concerns raised: Traffic, around complex Road signs highlighting elderly crossing On main road, to access promenade Bus shelter seating Seats on housing side of road

15 Helensburgh Generations working together in Helensburgh

16 Issues of concern raised in Helensburgh: Uneven surfaces and pot holes Broken and wobbly paving stones Obstructions on pavements Dog fouling Weeds, which as well as being unsightly can be a slip hazard when wet Misuse of disabled parking bays

17 Results reported into Area Planning Group meeting and to Jo Cowan from Age Scotland for Visual Impairment Group meetings

18 Oban AVA with Oban and District Seniors Forum Members and Oban Youth Café Members A one mile walk through the town ending at the local health centre Issues raised: Potholes Uneven cobbles Loose paving slabs

19 The young people hadn`t considered issues when people have mobility problems A regular intergenerational soup group has now been established

20 The concerns will be raised at the Senior Forum to decide on actions required

21 What next? On-going intergenerational walks A short film being made by Young Scot Addressing issues raised Maintaining links Age Scotland have launched the Walk in Our Shoes resource as an intergenerational tool

22 Participants Lochgilphead: Antonia Baird AVA and MS Centre Oban: Maggie Dougall AVA, Oban & District Seniors Forum and Oban Youth Café Helensburgh: Alison Gildea AVA, Morvein Martin Community Development worker, some young Timebank members and Grey Matters group Campbeltown: Clare Mead AVA and volunteers Dunoon: Gwen Harrison AVA, Cragroy Sheltered Housing tenants and volunteers

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