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Jenny Baker, Adrienne Yu, and Kaia Partin TOMS S HOES.

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1 Jenny Baker, Adrienne Yu, and Kaia Partin TOMS S HOES

2 A BOUT American footwear company based out of Santa Monica, California Created by Blake Mycoskie in 2006 after traveling to Argentina and realizing that the children their have no shoes As of September 2010, TOMS has given over one million pair of new shoes to children in need

3 M ISSION One for One With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need Creating sustainable business by turning customers into benefactors rather than depending on fundraising support Environmentally friendly designs: made of local and recyclable products

4 T ARGET M ARKET Young Teens to Early Adults who want to make a statement Youth and Vegan shoes Young People are a huge driving force Help start TOMS movement One Day Without Shoes Campus clubs and internships Over 500,000 friends Facebook and Twitter

5 C OMPETITORS Sketchers Simple Shoes Sanuk Converse Vans

6 S TRENGTHS Strong brand image, easily recognizable Great use of social media: Inform customers and fans via facebook, twitter, website blogs and videossocial media Shoes and limited merchandise for men, women, and children Expanding into different styles such as the botas, wedges, and boots Creating a new retail format

7 W EAKNESSES No TOMS retail stores and limited retail distribution distribution No main stream advertising Criticism that TOMS hurts local business in other countries

8 O PPORTUNITIES AND T HREATS Opportunities Expansion of brand image and retail outlets New shoe designs and styles TOMS joining up with Nordstrom Threats Imitators looking to compete with TOMS (Sketchers BOBS)

9 F UN F ACTS The idea came from buy shoes today, give them away tomorrow TOMS is short for tomorrow. Non-Profit Organization Founder, Blake Myscoskie started 4 companies previously Has A-List Appeal with many celebrity endorsements The band Hansen hosts a shoeless mile walk for fans before every concert to promote TOMS Shoes cause Have had successful pop-up stores For Tomorrow is a short documentary that shows TOMS first shoe drop in Argentina to deliver 10,000 pairs

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