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Main Events of World War Two

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1 Main Events of World War Two
Kilmer Middle School, Virginia to Vienna Junior Day and Boarding School, Uganda By: Kendal, Giogio, Wesley, and Neal

2 Meet the Authors! Giogio, Kendal, Wes, Neal
HI! Students of Uganda, we are so happy to make these books for your school. We hope you learn a lot and that this book helps you learn a little about World War Two. We have heard many great things about you. Your country is very beautiful. You guys have so many resources that we don’t get to experience here. We hope you enjoy this book because we enjoyed making this book for you! Hi, my name is Wesley and I am 13 years old. I enjoy playing hockey, playing lacrosse, and hanging out with friends. Hey, my name is Neal and I am 12 years old. I enjoy swimming, playing basketball, and diving . I also enjoy going to my local pool in the summer and hanging out with my friends. Hello, my name is Kendal and I am 13 years old. My favorite subjects are math and English. When I'm not in school ,I love to play volleyball, basketball, and softball! Hey, my name is Giogio and I’m 12. I really enjoyed writing this book for you! I like to spend my time playing volleyball and going skiing. Top to Bottom and Left to Right: Giogio, Kendal, Wes, Neal

3 Table of Contents Pearl Harbor -Before the Bombing -Boom! -Aftermath
Important Battles -The Battle of Midway -The Battle of Normandy (D-Day) Holocaust -Propaganda -The Final Solution -Concentration Camps Marshall Plan -How the Marshall Plan Can Up -Following Through -The Very End

4 Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor quiet and asleep. No one expecting anything to happen, then all of a sudden on December 7, 1941, it hit them. BOOM! A frantic panic strikes Hawaii. Japanese bombers fly over American carriers with huge confidence while bombing the harbor. Nurses running everywhere treating patients. Some people dazed, still not knowing what’s going on. Most men who are able fight back against the bombers. Still, the bombers destroy the hangers where all of the airplanes are. So the airplanes that have already lifted off are the only ones they have to fight back. The Japanese bombers have almost no resistance. Many people are using the anti-aircraft guns on the ships that are still running which was a small number. Luckily for the US, most carriers were out on a training mission in the Pacific ocean. Before the Bombing Japan wanted to expand to have more power and become a world power. The way that they expanded was toward the U.S. and to do that, they needed to crush the U.S. Pacific fleet. There was only one way to do that bomb Pearl Harbor. They planned the bombing for a month. Japan thought that crippling the U.S. fleet would help them gain power in the war and expand to their east. Bombing the U.S. would also help them gain the title of a world power. It could also help them gain land more easily without any problems from the weakened to almost destroyed U.S. fleet. It would also help them if the U.S. entered the war and they could sail a bee line right to the U.S. Japan also had to consider an after effect to the bombing; they were nervous because the U.S. could come back and bomb one of their cities or harbors. So they thought of the idea of sending extra bombers to destroy the hangers in Pearl Harbor as well. When they do that, the U.S. is shocked. Japanese Admiral Yamamoto Isoruku made the plan happen.

5 The Bombing The morning of December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor is basically asleep until the first huge boom goes off. Panic everywhere people rushing every which way dazed trying to find out what's going on. The first ship sinks and the uninjured men rush to guns to fight back. Hangers are destroyed and only a few planes get in the air. Japanese Bombers feel no pressure or resistance. Nurses are running to the wounded in a panic because they hadn't been under so much pressure in their lives. Many are wounded with burns from the bombs. The bombing lasted three hours and 45 minutes, but it did way more damage than even the Japanese thought it would. U.S. President Roosevelt said, “This is a date that will live in infamy.” The Japanese suffered two losses; we lost 19 ships and 2,403 men. Most men drowned, but some died from the explosions and burns. The Japanese threw 423 bombers at Pearl Harbor.

6 The Aftermath The bombing at Pearl Harbor shocked the U.S. and it spread like wild fire through the civilians. It crushed the U.S. Pacific fleet. Although most ships were on a training mission, it still heavily weakened the fleet U.S. planes got destroyed, 19 ships had sunk, and the Pearl Harbor sailors suffered 2,403 losses. The Japanese lost 100 pilots. People call the Pearl Harbor bombing the “Gibraltar of the Pacific.” President Roosevelt was furious at the act. All of America was angry and wanted to declare war on Japan. Everyone thought we couldn't sit around anymore, and we had to join the war. The U.S. is furious and they want to declare war on the Axis powers. Yamamoto said, “ I fear all we’ve done was awaken a sleeping giant.” The U.S. shoves its way into war. America has awoken World War II.

7 Review Questions on Pearl Harbor
What did Yamamoto say after the bombing? Who planned most of the attack for Japan? How long was the bombing? What were most of the ships doing out of the harbor when the bombing took place? Who was President during the bombing? What was the main reason the U.S. entered the war? Where is Pearl Harbor? How many bombers bombed Pearl Harbor?

8 The Battle Of Midway The battle of Midway started when Japan decided they wanted to expand their borders. Japan planned to defeat the U.S. and British forces to conquer nearby nations. B-25 bombers(Allies) aircraft carriers bombed Tokyo, Japan In 1942 Japan planned an attack on the U.S. at Midway Island Japan’s Admiral Isoroku Vamamoto was in charge of the Midway invasion. Japan planed to split the invasion into two parts. The first one would be Operation AL, and the other would be called Operation MI. Operation AL was planned to trick/lure the U.S. to the North away from Midway by using a small Japanese force to bomb the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. \

9 The Battle Of Midway Continued
The other plan was Operation MI. This was the actual attack plan on Midway. Commander Joseph Rochefort cracked secret Japanese codes and found out their plans. The U.S prepared for battle at Midway with small ships in sea and aircraft carriers waiting for the Japanese to attack. Japanese go in for attack and Reid(a U.S. pilot) spots the Japanese coming; he warns the other U.S. soldiers and prepares for a fight. A dogfight breaks out in the air and both U.S. and Japanese soldiers go down. Japanese aircrafts attack Midway and burn it, but the runway for the planes is still useable so the attack for the Japanese was a complete failure.

10 The Battle Of Normandy (D-Day)
Over the coast of France enemy released anti-aircraft fire on the U.S. which is one of the most complex operations ever attempted in a war because the U.S. is strong. On June 6,1943 the U.S. and Britain attack on German beaches; they send 5,000 ships, 11,000 aircraft, and more than 175,00 men; also 50,000 vehicles. The U.S. now is the fastest at producing tanks, aircrafts, and ships in large numbers. George C. Marshal was planning a second front, where the British would go across the channel to Germany, and the Soviet Union would close in from the east and the U.S. troops with some Britain troops would close in from the west side. Allies operated a spy force that made Operation Fortitude to tell Germany the attack was going to be in the Pas-de-Calais region. The real invasion on Germany took place two weeks after planned which was on June 6, 1944. Battles in the air on D-Day were bloody with mixed wins, but some U.S. paratroopers landed in the drop zone in Germany and took some land with gunfire. D-Day ended with parts of Germany destroyed and the plan worked, but many soldiers died on both sides

11 True or False….. Japans plan for destroying Midway failed?
The U.S. started the battle of D-Day/Normandy? The U.S. broke into one of the Japanese’s codes in the battle of Midway? In the battle of D-Day there were mixed wins in the air? Japan had two operations in the battle of Midway?

12 The Holocaust The Holocaust is the most horrid part of World War Two. So many people were killed. About six million Jews, 100,000 gypsies, and 10,000 catholic priests died under Adolf Hitler’s rule. The bravest people is The Holocaust were the people who hid the Jews from the Nazi Germans. Mostly the Catholics or Christians would hide Jews in their attics. The Holocaust all got started because of Propaganda. Propaganda Propaganda is trying to persuade somebody that the knowledge you are telling them is good information and is reliable. People have been using propaganda for a long time, but this propaganda that the Nazi Germans were using was really bad. Propaganda is somewhat like peer pressure. Joseph Goebbels was the head of Nazi propaganda. The Nazi Germans got this propaganda to work really successfully. They would think of cartoons or signs that would try and persuade the German citizens that the Jews were the cause of the damages of World War One and that the Jews were also to blame for the poor economy. They got the propaganda to sell very quickly and efficiently. They would use radio, newspapers, and movies. They used newspapers by putting little cartoons in and having them say that the Jews were a threat to the German Reich or that Jews are bad people. Through such movies as “The Triumph of the Will” they tried to show that Jews are lower life forms than other people. This Nazi propaganda led to The Final Solution. Jews lined up for role call. The Star of David

13 The Final Solution The Final Solution is the answer to get rid of the Jews. Hitler was behind The Final Solution. Hitler didn’t only want to get rid of the Jews, but also gypsies, homosexuals, and mentally ill people, but later Hitler focused mostly on Jews. The Final Solution took many Jews from their homes, or just killed the Jews right on the spot. Nazi Germans would take Jews from all over Europe. They took the Jews to Auschwitz or other concentration camps. Jews were sent to the camps on trains. Conditions were harsh, and they threw all the dead Jews off the train. The Jews were affected a lot by The Final Solution. The population dropped in Europe. Jews were killed everyday. This also affected the Jews because if they heard the Nazi Germans were coming, then some Jews would kill themselves. The Nazi Germans would shoot the Jews if they tried to escape, then put their bodies in pits. This was just one way to kill Jews; concentration camps and death camps were much worse. Adolf Hitler.

14 The Camps Concentration camps or death camps were the worst. The main ones were Auschwitz in Poland, Buchenwald in Germany, and Birkineua in Hungry. Auschwitz and Buchenwald were the two worst camps. Most people died in Auschwitz. There were concentration camps, labor camps, and death camps. A lot of people died in concentration camps. The Jews would walk up to a doctor, and if you were healthy and could work, you had a mark on your right hand, and if you have a mark on your left hand you were killed right away. They threw the bodies the crematory ovens. If your bed wasn’t made in the morning then you would get 25 to 50 lashes. Sometimes when the Jews were working, the Nazi Germans who ran the camp would shoot the Jews for fun. The Nazi Germans would tell the Jews they were going to take a shower then they would poison the Jews and they would die. The bodies were burned in huge ovens. If a person from your block tried to escape or fully escaped, everyone from your section was killed. Auschwitz today in Poland Buchenwald during WWII

15 Review Quiz On the Holocaust
Adolf Hitler was the leader of ______________________ in the 1940s. Joseph Goebbels was the leader of the Nazi _______________________. Auschwitz was a ___________________________ in Poland. The Final Solution is the _________________ to get rid of the Jews. Buchenwald was ______________________ in Germany. Other than Jews, what other two groups were targeted in The Holocaust: ________________ and ___________________. ________________ is trying to persuade somebody that the knowledge you are giving them is good information and is reliable.

16 How the Marshall Plan Was Developed
The Marshall Plan was the largest rebuilding plan ever; the United State spent over 14 billion dollars to help rebuild Europe after World War Two. On June 5, 1947 George C. Marshall gave a speech at Harvard University saying that he was ready to help Europe. “ Our policy…” he declared, ‘is directed against hunger, poverty, desperation, and chaos.” George C. Marshall didn’t what to do a piecemeal plan and that was what started that Marshall Plan…one of the greatest acts of all time to help rebuild Europe. George C. Marshall played a very large roll in the war because he thought of the Marshall Plan. The official name if the Marshall Plan was The European Recovery Plan, but the United States decided to call it the Marshall Plan because it was Marshall’s great idea. When Congress talked to Western Europe about the Marshall Plan, Europe said that they wanted 16 to 22 billion dollars by In the end, America gave 17 billion dollars to Europe.

17 Following Through While the Marshall Plan was in action, Europe was still in action. The U.S. was sending things like money, food, and rebuilding materials. But, they weren't just sending the supplies to the government; they where sending it to places like small businesses and industries in Western Europe. The Economic Corporation Administration (ECA) was a great help because it was the Marshall Plan help in Europe. Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, West Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States signed the agreement that instituted the Organization for European Economic Cooperation (later called the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) as the head coordinating agency.

18 The Very End After the Marshall Plan was finished in 1952, all of Europe was in much better shape! Because Europe had recovered and now was repaired, George C. Marshall was awarded the Noble prize for his amazing actions. To this day Europe is in good shape and is very beautiful. If America and George C. Marshall had not thought of that plan to rebuild Europe, it would not be as attractive, nor as economically and physically stable.

19 Unscramble Directions: Move the boxes in the correct order.

20 Glossary on World War Two
Pearl Harbor Nazi symbol. The Holocaust Anti-aircraft- ships that destroyed aircraft carriers Aircraft carriers- ships that carried planes Axis- the group that was against the allies in WWII Fleet- a big group of ships Pearl Harbor- a harbor in Hawaii 6. Resistance- to fight back Adolf Hitler- leader of Germany in 1940s Auschwitz- a main camp in Poland Concentration Camps- camps with lots of Jews Death Camps- camps where people were killed Joseph Goebbels- leader of Nazi Propaganda Nazis- men who worked under Hitler Propaganda- knowledge to persuade somebody The Final Solution- answer to get rid of the Jews Battle of Midway and Normandy The Marshall plan Conquer- the take over somebody Dogfight- a battle between two planes Lure- to draw someone in or trick them The Soviet Union- the Russians European Recovery Plan- the original name for the Marshall plan Economic Corp. Admin.- help pay for damages in Europe George C. Marshall- person who came up with Marshall Plan Harvard University- Division 1 school academically Nobel Prize- a prize for somebody that did something big

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22 Answers!! Answers to Answers to True Or False Quiz
“I fear all we’ve done is awaken a sleeping giant.” Japanese Admiral Yamamoto Isoruku Three hours 45 minutes They were on a training mission. President Roosevelt Because of the bombing at Pearl Harbor. 423 Bombers Answers to True Or False Quiz True, False, True, True, True Answers to Review Quiz on the Holocaust Germany, propaganda, concentration camps, answer, concentration camp, priests and Gypsies, Propaganda Answers to Unscramble The Marshal Plan was the biggest rebuilding plan ever.

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