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MyiLibrary E-Book Acquisition Models Mark Baulch Business Development Manager Europe.

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1 MyiLibrary E-Book Acquisition Models Mark Baulch Business Development Manager Europe

2 - Overview All e-books are purchased in perpetuity. Libraries may purchase title-by-title, in packages, via Patron Driven Acquisition and using MARCstream Multi-user licence available, allowing concurrent usage Selection available via SwetsWise Free MARC records

3 - Overview Easy authentication for end user – via ip address in most cases, external authentication also available Content can be printed, downloaded and copy/paste can be used (subject to publisher restrictions) Easy to use reader, no software download required End user can make notes, create saved searches etc.

4 - Selection There are now over 300,000 titles available for individual purchase There is no up-front hosting fee per title MyiLibrary books are just like print books, use them as many times as you like and own them forever Annual platform fee is a flat rate, not based on the size of your collection

5 - Packages Swets will notify you as different packages become available These can be subject or publisher based Discounts of up to 50% on title-by-title price All books purchased with perpetual access

6 Patron Selection Plans - Overview Selection by the patron – ALL e-books purchased are used. An e-book purchasing option that allows libraries to make five times the amount of content available for patron discovery Create profiles reviewed prior to activation ensuring an in-scope collection Free MARC records Easy administration

7 Patron Selection Plans – The Process Develop a subject or collection profile with our Collections Consultant. Use this profile to shortlist MyiLibrary e-books that meet your requirements. Remove titles that you already own or dont want to consider. Load these titles into your catalogue for your patrons to use.

8 Patron Selection Plans – Benefits Make five times the value of your plan available to your patrons, whilst controlling the content that they can select from, avoiding non-relevant material Involve your patrons in the decision making process and greatly increase the value of your catalogue without the cost of purchase Ensure that the e-books you buy are the ones that will be used. Research shows that titles purchased in this way are used SEVEN times as much as other titles

9 Patron Selection Plans What constitutes an actual e-book purchase? A purchase is triggered when a book is viewed more than once. A view is any time the book is accessed in the MyiLibrary reader. To avoid accidental views, the MyiLibrary interface allows patrons the opportunity to review the book description and table of contents prior to viewing the actual text. Viewing the book description and table of contents do not count toward the view allowance.

10 What constitutes an actual e-book purchase? Patron Selection Plans

11 How is the library billed for these purchases? The library usually sets aside a fixed amount of funds for MyiLibrary e-book purchases over a renewable program period of six months to one year. This can be done through a deposit account or through a dedicated purchase order. The library will receive monthly statements indicating which titles have been purchased and the amount drawn out of the deposit or billed against the purchase order.

12 Patron Selection Plans How concerned should I be about spending my funds too quickly? Our experience shows that patrons continue to access only relevant content and dont spend a great deal of time browsing the shelves resulting in irrelevant purchases. As a result, the budget allocated to e-books stays focused on appropriate and relevant content, regardless of the timeframe in which titles are purchased.

13 Patron Selection Plans But what if I still reach my funding threshold prior to the end of the program? The plan acts as a library budgeting tool. The program parameters do not allow a library to spend beyond the amount allocated by the institution. The library is allowed to refresh or suspend the account if they wish. If suspended, only the non-purchased titles will be deactivated until the library wishes to renew the program.

14 Patron Selection Plans - Flowchart

15 - MARCStream MyiLibrary will use your patron plan profile to notify you of new titles that are published A free MARC record will be provided for each title This allows you to update your Patron Selection Plan and keep content relevant The plan can be put on hold or ended at any time

16 MyiLibrary 2011 Developments Download model Full text download with DRM attached Inter-Library loan model OCLC; Other 3 rd party providers due in 2012 Archive solution OCLC, Portico and others Authentication upgrades Athens and Shibboleth V2 Enhanced federated search solutions Serial Solutions Summon; Ex Libris

17 MyiLibrary 2012 Developments Download model Shorter loan periods Patron Driven Acquisition New models Classroom Set New purchase model Authentication upgrades Shibboleth in European countries VitalSource Textbook download

18 MyiLibrary Downloads Users can now transfer MyiLibrary e-books to popular e-readers Lending a Downloadable e-Book Works Like a Print Book Automated Notification When Titles are Available. If a book is out on loan a hold can be placed and the user will be notified when the book becomes available for download. Adobe® Digital Editions. Patrons will have to download and install Adobe Digital Editions on their local computer in order to read and/or transfer their downloaded e-books. Popular e-Readers Supported. Some of the most popular e-reader devices, including the Sony line of e-readers as well as the Barnes & Noble NOOK will be supported.

19 MyiLibrary Downloads Reading e-Books on Apple® Devices. You can transfer our titles to most prevalent Apple devices, such as the iPads®, iPhones® and iPod touch® A La Carte Download Fee. Libraries will pay an annual fee to offer the Download option for all eligible MyiLibrary e-book titles. Multi-User License. In order to comply with publishers concurrency requirement, libraries must purchase multi-user licenses for any title they wish to offer the Download option. Only PDF Titles are eligible. Since we are using Adobe Digital Editions as our delivery vehicle, only the MyiLibrary PDF e-books will be eligible for Download.

20 The user adds the book to their bookshelf. MyiLibrary

21 Users bookshelf Click to download MyiLibrary Bookshelf

22 Adobe Digital Editions

23 MyiLibrary Inter-Library Loans NOW Partnering with OCLC Metadata from MyiLibrary put into WorldCat WorldCat users can loan content You dont need to own the content or get it from another library. Publishers that have agreed to the model put all their content in. Find the book in WorldCat, fill out the loan request Loan request comes to MyiLibrary via OCLC We return a link to you for access to the book on the MyiLibrary platform Loan period = 7-9 days Cost = 15% to 20% of single user price dependant on publisher. FUTURE More vendor partners More loan periods = 1 to 28 days

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