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ACME Marketing Plan Presented by Sydney Division [Slide 1]

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1 ACME Marketing Plan Presented by Sydney Division [Slide 1]

2 Introduction ACME definition ACME history ACME future [Slide 2]

3 ACME Market Summary The Market: past, present, & future Pre-ACME ACME pilot run Post-ACME pilot run Time Number of Students [Slide 3]

4 Competition The competitive landscape of ACME – Overview of competitors, their strengths and weaknesses – Position each competitor against ACME A B C D Performance Price [Slide 4]

5 Positioning Positioning of ACME – Statement that defines ACME in its market and against its competition over time Learner promise – Statement summarizing the benefit of ACME or service to the learner [Slide 5]

6 Communication Key Messages for audience Target learner demographics [Slide 6]

7 ACME reputation Branding – Discuss brand style and messages Community activities – Summarise involvement in local community [Slide 7]

8 ACME Launch Strategies Launch plan – If ACME is being announced Promotional budget Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 JanFebMarAprMayJunJulySepOctNovDecAug [Slide 8]

9 ACME Public Relations Strategy & execution – PR strategies – PR plan highlights – Have backup PR plan including editorial calendars, speaking engagements, conference schedules, etc. [Slide 9]

10 ACME Advertising Strategy & execution – Overview of strategy – Overview of media & timing – Overview of ad spending [Slide 10]

11 Other ACME Promotions Direct marketing – Overview of strategy, vehicles & timing Third-party marketing – Co-marketing arrangements with other institutions Marketing programs – Other promotional programs [Slide 11]

12 ACME Pricing Pricing – Summarise specific pricing or pricing strategies – Compare to similar products Policies – Summarise policy relevant to understanding key pricing issues [Slide 12]

13 ACME Market Segments Market opportunities – Discuss specific market segment opportunities – Address distribution strategies for those markets or segments – Address use of third-party partner role in distribution to vertical markets [Slide 13]

14 ACME Schedule 18-month schedule highlights Timing – Isolate timing dependencies critical to success Task 2 Task 3 Task 4 Task 1 Milestone JanFebMarAprMayJunJulySepOctNovDecAug [Slide 14]

15 Conclusion Reinforce Introduction Summarise main points Future recommendations Thank audience for attention [Slide 15]

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