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Workshop to Strengthen Local Self Governance and Accelerate Rural Development 22 nd -23 rd July, 2010 Ministry of Rural Development Government of India.

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1 Workshop to Strengthen Local Self Governance and Accelerate Rural Development 22 nd -23 rd July, 2010 Ministry of Rural Development Government of India


3 ELEVENTH PLAN VISION We also need to ensure that growth is widely spread so that its benefits, in terms of income and employment, are adequately shared by poor and weaker sections of our society especially the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and the minorities. … It must generate sufficient volumes of high quality employment to provide the means for uplift of large numbers of our population from the low income low quality occupations in which too many of them have been traditionally locked. Honble Prime Minister Foreword to the Eleventh Plan


5 Stakeholders Involvement : From Ministry to Beneficiaries

6 COMMUNICATION BOTTLENECK Planning Organizing Staffing Directing Controlling CommunicationGovt District Block G.P. Perform ance

7 Barriers Sender Message Filtered message Receiver Incorrect message Blocked Message BARRIERS TO COMMUNICATION

8 WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES Brief assessment of the current status of rural development programmes Analysis of strengths and weaknesses Understanding best practices Fostering innovations Information & Communication Technology solutions Involving rural youth in national development Formulating Training & Communication Action Plan to achieve the Objectives

9 PROGRAMME STRUCTURE 22 ND JULY, 2010 TimeProgramme Technical Session 10:30 AM Local Self Governance: Using Plan Plus in GPs (Ministry of Panchayati Raj) 11:00 AMTea Break 11:15 AM Harnessing Youth Power for Rural Development (Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports) 11:45 AMNRLM : Skill Development & Self Employment 12:15 PM Watershed Development : Managing natural resources for rural livelihoods 12:45 PM Mahatma Gandhi NREGA : Convergence, Monitoring & Social Audit 1:30 PMLunch

10 Strategic Planning Session 2:30 PM Arrival of Honourable Union Minister of Information & Broadcasting, Honourable Union Minister of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj and Honourable Union Ministers of State, Rural Development 2:35 PM Welcome Address by Secretary, Department of Rural Development, Government of India 2:45 PM Address by Honourable Union Minister of State (Rural Development) Ms. Agatha Sangma 2:55 PM Address by Honourable Union Minister of State (Rural Development), Sri Pradeep Jain Aditya 3:05 PMAddress by Honourable Minister of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj: Promoting Excellence through Dissemination of Best Practices

11 PROGRAMME STRUCTURE 22 ND JULY, 2010 (CONTD.) TimeProgramme 3:15 PM Address by Chief Guest & Honourable Union Minister of Information & Broadcasting: Reaching out to the People 3:25 PMTea Break 3:40 PM Strategy for Collaboration between Ministries of Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, Information & Broadcasting and Youth Affairs & Sports 4:30 PMGroup Photograph & Tea Break 4:45 PMGroup Formation with officers of States, NIRD/SIRD, MoRD, MoPR, MoYA&S, DD Kendras and Radio Stations, NIC

12 PROGRAMME STRUCTURE 23 RD JULY, 2010 TimeProgramme Technical Session 9:30 AMDrinking Water Mission 10:00 AMPlan for ICT Innovations for Rural Development 10:30 AMTea Break Strategy Development Session 10:45 AM Group Activity on RD/PR/I&B/Youth programmes : setting goals, planning activities, developing coordination mechanisms, choice of ICT applications implementation, monitoring, evaluation and learning 12:00 PMPresentation by Group 1 12:30 PMPresentation by Group 2 1:00 PMPresentation by Group 3

13 PROGRAMME STRUCTURE 23 RD JULY, 2010 TimeProgramme 1:30 PMPresentation by Group 4 2:00 PMLunch 2:30 PMPresentation by Group 5 3:00 PMSumming Up 3:30 PMAwards for Best Action Plan 4:00 PMValedictory Address by Secretary, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

14 FORMAT FOR ACTION PLAN PREPARATION BY GROUPS Coordination Mechanism – Committee-composition & terms of reference Choice of ICT application – biometric attendance, SMS, web based data entry Methodology for Training, Monitoring, Evaluation - instructor led on-site training, class room training, self paced training, blended training, adoption of one block in each district in a phased manner Monthly Plan MonthsAIRTVNewspapersFestivalsCommunity radio Grameen Bharat/ Printed materials Weekly hats Others

15 EXPECTED OUTCOMES Deeper engagement of the stakeholders – State Governments, NIRD/SIRDs/ETCs, Media Units of Prasar Bharati, Youth Volunteers, NIC, elected PRI representatives, NGOs, District Administration Development and synchronized implementation of the common action plan Improved knowledge & understanding of the best practices and innovations

16 New look at Training Instructor led class room training Instructor led on site training Self paced training Blended training Lab to land method

17 A VIRTUAL ACADEMY A virtual academy has to be designed to provide the four-way information connectivity lab-to-lablab-to-landland-to-labland-to-land

18 Internet based Training


20 Digital Library

21 Virtual Classroom

22 Countrywide Classroom With the intent of overcoming some of these obstacles to knowledge and learning, the University Grants Commission initiated a unique Educational Television Experiment. Operationalisation of the Indian National Satellite (INSAT) series and the National TV Network in 1982, provided students with a ringside seat to view the latest developments in any field. UGC began its transmission of Countrywide Classroom (CWCR) from 15 th August, 1984. Telecast twice a day for the past twelve years through Doordarshan's National Network, CWCR has created a niche audience of youth and adults in cities, small towns and remote areas devoid of adequate educational facilities.

23 Computer is ubiquitous and so is the network, be it internet or LAN. The idea of utilizing the network for assessment is not new, but the recent advances in technology has made this option easier than ever. Features like instant results, complete control, security, rules and detailed reports reduces the assessment cycle time. This also takes away some of the accompanied adminstrative and logistic pain. Online Tests

24 This product uses web server technology to access the URL of tens of thousands of audio streams available on the internet for your personal use. There is no additional software application required on your PC. There are no URLs to memorize, organize or paste into a note card. This product will search for currently playing audio streams based on the criteria you provide. Internet Radio

25 General Narsamma and her team of Dalit women are all set to launch Indias first full-fledged community radio station in Machnoor, Medak District, Andhra Pradesh. - a studio building made of locally available low cost 33material - two 16 and 4 channel mixers and stereo recorders - two 100-watt FM transmitters with a coverage area of 30 km radius - and a newly-cleared licence, the radio station is ready to reach out to the people in its 100 villages of coverage. Community Radio

26 Thanks

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