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Terrestrial Laser Scan Application in Urban Planning Khaled Nabbout.

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1 Terrestrial Laser Scan Application in Urban Planning Khaled Nabbout

2 Introduction Why Terrestrial Laser Scan Urban Plan Application Demonstration Summary & Outlook

3 What is Terrestrial Laser Scan

4 Why Terrestrial Laser Scan Increasing in the request for 3D digital city model Need for more precise and real 3D model The demand for more detailed and realistic models to improve participatory in Urban Planning

5 Productivity: Up to 50 km per day in urban areas Up to 100 km per day in extra-urban areas 1 day post-processing for every 5 days of data capture with geo referenced images and point clouds 0,5 to 2 hours work for data input per kilometer to carry out a full GIS database Results and deliverables: Routes Pavements Vertical signs Traffic markings (automatically detected by the reflectance) Sidewalks and building facades Slopes Retaining walls and shoulders Tunnels and bridges guard rails

6 AccessesService areasPosters and signs BridgesProtection barriersMilestones Urban Plan Application

7 Point cloud overlap on images Stereoscopic Photogrammetry Measurements can be taken by snapping on laser points Cross section of the infrastructure Export point clouds and cross- sections in CAD format Geo database of all road information TRANSVERSAL PROFILES AND MEASUREMENTS PERPENDICULAR TO THE ROAD !!!

8 Terrestrial & Road Scanning System combination

9 How Terrestrial Scan can be applied in Road Scanning Source: FARO 2008

10 Specialized Application solutions One Solution for Road Mapping – Assembly details FARO LS 880 mounted upside down to capture road surface Camera units which capture 6 color images every 3 travelled meter Odometer – Sensor to measure driving speed and distance travelled

11 Helical Scanning Advantage 2 : very homogenous Scanlines Advantage 1 : 6 – 20 x higher collection speed than Stationary Scanning

12 Railroad- deliverables


14 SCENE and WebShare Demo

15 Summary & Outlook Terrestrial Laser scan necessary tools role in Road Scanning The outcome result of different projects show the suitability of the Terrestrial LS in Road Scanning The demand for detailed 3D city models can be well done through Terrestrial LS Urban Planner should consider the new Terrestrial LS applications and profit from it

16 Dr. -Eng. Khaled El Nabbout Business Development Manager FARO Europe GmbH & Co. KG | Lingwiesenstraße 11/2 | D-70825 Korntal-Münchingen | Germany Office: +49-7150-9797-335 | Fax: +49- 7150-9797-9335 | Mobile: +49-173- 3433930 Nasdaq: FARO | | Thank you for your attention! Please ask questions! and…

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