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1 Decisions on the allocation of the digital dividend in France François Rancy Presentation to RSPG 19 November 2008.

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1 1 Decisions on the allocation of the digital dividend in France François Rancy Presentation to RSPG 19 November 2008

2 2 Law of 5 March 2007 : Three inter-related undertakings 1.Extension of digital terrestrial television broadcating –Géographic extension of the 5 existing multiplexes (from 85% to 95% population coverage) –New multiplexes (HDTV, Mobile television) –Currently carried out on transitory frequencies 2.Digital switchover –Analog switchoff and DTT switch to target frequency plan –National switchover scheme by areas to be adopted by the Prime Minister –Detailed plan (area by area, program by program, transmiter by transmiter) to be definied by the boradcasting authority (CSA) 9 month at the latest prior to actual implementation in the area –Completion date of analog switchoff : 30 November 2011 3.Digital dividend –Defined as the spectrum released by analog switchoff –Digital dividend allocation scheme to be adopted by the Prime Minister for use by 1st December 2011 –After consulation of the Parliamentary committee on digital dividend –Majority of digital dividend for broadcasting

3 3 Three inter-related undertakings DTT extension Analog switchoff Transitory frequency planTarget frequency Plan Digital dividend for broadcasting 30 Nov 2011 21 Dec 2007 85% population 95% population Analog refarming Digital dividend for mobile Switchover

4 4 Decembre 2008 : 281 DTT sites in service - 1 216 frequencies modified on 760 analog sites (4,5 millions people treated )

5 5 Report of the Parliamentary Committee (23 July 2008) a)The majority of digital dividend should be allocated to enrich digital audiovisual services offering 1.The requirements of the audiovisual sector may be met in channels 21-60, which may accommodate 11 DVB-T networks and 2 DVB-H networks. 2.Future authorisations for HDTV DTT will need to be coupled with a significant content obligation for native HDTV. 3.Band III should be dedicated to digital sound broadcasting. b)The band 790-862 MHz should be allocated entirely to electronic mobile communications 4.This allocation should be coupled with coverage obligations (99% of the territory), national roaming and net-neutrality obligations, and financing of the spectrum refarming operations necessary to make the band available (relocation of Defense and Broadcasting) c) The digital dividend should be used rapidly and effectively 5.The Prime Minister should take, by summer 2008, a joint decision on the digital dividend allocation scheme and the switchover scheme, in a consistent way. 6.The Prime Minister should give mandate to ANFR for negotiating with neighbouring countries the required changes to the GE-06 Plan. 7.France should promote a harmonised use of the band 790-862 MHz.

6 6 Decisions of the French government: France digital plan 2012 20 October 2008 http://francenumerique2012.fr Sucessfully carry out digital switchover by 2012: –Three initial experiments : Coulommiers, Kaysersberg and Cherbourg –Switchover in Alsace by end-2009, followed by Eastern regions (Lorraine, Champagne- Ardenne and Franche-Comté), –In parallel, switchover in Western regions (Basse-Normandie, Pays de la Loire and Bretagne) by first half of 2010. –Analog switchoff to be completed by 30 November 2011 –Allow all French population to receive digital programs and mobile television (encourage satellite service offerings) Free spectrum resources for new broadcasting services: –The majority of the digital dividend is kept by broadcasting To complete DTT deployment in UHF band by 30 November 2011, Deploy new services : HDTV and Mobile television –Objective : 11 multiplexes for fixed DTT (95 % population) and 2 multiplexes for mobile television (70 % population). –Band III allocation to Broadcasting entirely maintained, to be used for sound broadcasting.

7 7 Allocate the entire sub-band 790-862 MHz for the coverage of the French territory by new generation, very high speed, fixed and mobile networks Study the potential use of white spaces of DTT broadcasting by other applications Seek a coordinated approach of the digital dividend at European level Decisions of the French government: France digital plan 2012

8 8 Digital broadcasting - CSA Digital dividend allocation in France 40 MHz Déf 32 MHz 360 MHz320 MHz ARCEP

9 9 Digital dividend for broadcasting Broadcasting retains 89% of its allocations in the UHF band and seeks for quasi doubling the number of multiplexes on air Broadcasting retains 100% of its allocations in the VHF bands, for sound broadcasting only (T-DMB). Adjustments of the GE-06 plan is therefore necessary to define the target frequency plan on which DTT is going to be transferred as switchover progressed throughout the territory. This will require a reduction of the frequency reuse distance: –Optimised transmit antennas –Increased use of SFNs –Additional transmit sites to «wipe off » interference

10 10 Digital plan GE06 (7 mux) Analog (5 programs) The sub-band The steps of transition to DTT Transitory digital (6 multiplexes) Analog refarming Target plan Core Target plan Digital plan GE06 (7 mux) + additional multiplexes

11 11 International support activities Negociate with neighbouring administrations, on an equitable basis, the frequency resources necessary for : –Updated broadcasting requirements : 11 MUX TNT and 2 MUX TMP –Switchover the 6 existing multiplexes at the dates foreseen in the national scheme, in the 470-790 MHz band –Permit the use of the band 790-862MHz by mobile services Actively pursue a coordinated approach of the use of the sub-band 790-862 MHz throughout Europe.

12 12 Thank you for your attention

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