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The Web Interface for TWS

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1 The Web Interface for TWS
TWS/WebAdmin The Web Interface for TWS Product Presentation HORIZONT Software for Datacenters Garmischer Str. 8 D München Tel ++49(0)89 / 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

2 Table of Contents Introduction Database Management (MOZART)
Plan Management (SYMPHONY) Events Driven Workload Automation Netplans Barcharts Reports Miscellaneous

3 What is TWS/WebAdmin? TWS/WebAdmin is a web-based interface to maintain production under “TWS for Distributed”. Basic functions are: Database and Plan Management Netplans and Barcharts based on database or plans (historical, actual, or forecast plans) Reporting - Cross references, Lists, Charts Documentation - Job and Workstation notes Monitoring and Alerts

4 Technical Overview Logon with TWS User TWS Agent TWS Agent
For TWS 8.2 (and lower): TWS/WebAdmin has an imbedded RDBMS to be used for cross-references and reports TWS Agent DB2, ORACLE TWS Agent TWS Master(s) Apache Webserver TWS/WebAdmin Logon with TWS User

5 The Web Interface Menu TWS Objects Commands

6 Database Management TWS/WebAdmin allows you to easily add, copy, modify or delete all TWS database objects: Streams Jobs Workstations Resources Prompts Files Calendars Variables

7 Example: Modify Job Select “Jobs” in the menu
Select the Job you want to modify Click on “Modify”

8 Example: Modify Job You can save the stream as a “draft” for later usage Click on “Update” to save your changes

9 Example: Modify Job (Confirmation)
Click here to “update”

10 Backups The old stream definition is saved to a “backup file”. Use “Backup Administration” to Review previous versions Restore previous versions Compare versions

11 Backup – Compare Versions
Original version left, new version right red lines show differences

12 Plan Management Plan management with TWS/WebAdmin allows you to
Query TWS objects in the current plan: Workstations, Streams, Jobs… Take actions easily: Cancel, Release, Rerun, Priority, Limit, Fence, etc. Submit Streams, Jobs and Tasks (adhoc) View previous and future production days

13 Click Workstation to view Jobstreams…
Plan Workstation List Click Workstation to view Jobstreams… …or use Action Buttons

14 By the way: Click here to “hide” the menu and “expand” the list
Plan Jobstream List By the way: Click here to “hide” the menu and “expand” the list

15 Click here to see the jobs…
Plan Jobstream List Click here to see the jobs…

16 Click here to view Output
Plan Job List Click here to view Output Tail action displays job output in a constantly updating window - useful for “watching” a currently executing job

17 New - Scheduled Time Filtering
Scheduled time filtering is important for monitoring jobstreams. Since TWS 8.3 names of jobstream instances may not be unique.

18 New - Scheduled Time Filtering
Specify a time range using Low Time and High Time values. No high time means low time + 24 hours

19 Submitting Jobs and Jobstreams
TWS/WebAdmin’s plan management includes various submit actions: Submit Jobstream Submit Job Submit Task Dependencies and alias can be specified

20 Submitting Jobs and Jobstreams
Select workstation and job(stream) Specify submit options

21 Submitting Jobs and Jobstreams
Predecessors can easily be specified…

22 Viewing Past and Future Production
TWS/WebAdmin permits reviews of alternative production days: Set Alternate Plan allows the review of a previous production day Generate New Plan allows the creation of a forecast or trial plan for any period in the future

23 Set Alternate Plan (Run History)
Select previous production day

24 Specify desired period to be “forecasted”
Generate New Plan Specify desired period to be “forecasted”

25 Alternate Production Day Job List
Symphony Date Green title bar indicates alternate plan

26 Event Driven Workload Automation
TWS/WebAdmin 3.1 allows to manage and monitor event driven scheduling easily Add / modify event rules: Comfortable web forms and dialogues Text edit for advanced users Deploying event rules Active Event Rules Monitoring Activate/deactivate event rules MONMAN status monitoring Invoked Actions Monitoring With direct links to the plan

27 Event Rules Design Click on the event rule name to display details
Various action buttons – Display, Modify, Add, Copy, Display, Rename, Text Edit, Delete etc.

28 Event Rule Design – Common Options
Click “Next” to continue with the definition of the event conditions

29 Event Rule Design - Conditions
Create the set of conditions dynamically Click “Next” to continue to the definition of the event action

30 Event Rule Design - Actions
Dynamically create the set of actions to be taken Click “Save” to submit modifications

31 Event Rule Design – Text Edit
Text Edit function: For many modifications it is still faster and easier to do in the source code

32 Event Rules Monitor Event rule name
Event triggering condition, e.g. “Any Job that gos into ERROR” Event reaction. e.g. jobstream submission

33 Actions Monitor Action to be taken: Submit jobstream
Action of this event was executed Direct link to the plan jobstream list to see the status of the executed jobstream

34 Any Questions about the basic functions of TWS/WebAdmin?

35 Netplans and Barcharts

36 Netplans TWS/WebAdmin has integrated ‘easy-to-read’ netplans, including: Stream and job netplans Successor and predecessor netplans “From – To” netplans Various search functions including critical path Print and export functions

37 Netplans Select objects Click here to generate netplan

38 Netplans Specify Options

39 Netplans The netplan !

40 Netplans – Collapse Streams
Collapse or expand streams to get a better view

41 Netplans – Show Details
View all details by a simple mouse click...

42 Netplans – Search Specify search criteria Search function

43 Netplans – Search Result
The resulting nodes are marked in the net... ...and listed for further activities, e.g. „subnet marked nodes“

44 Netplans - Subnet is the subnet with the selected jobs

45 Netplans – Critical Path
TWS/WebAdmin allows searches for the critical path that may delay your production (end time), or that will use most of the resources (duration) ...and allows you to specify the time frame to be analyzed

46 Netplans – Critical Path Forecast
The result is displayed in the netplan ...collapsed cluster, click on + to expand again Graphically… …and in a list… ..showing the total duration of the Critical Path

47 Netplans – Critical Path Simulation
Simulation: Graphically modify jobs, dependencies, etc. to find out if the critical path would change if a job runs longer, or if another job is inserted etc. ...collapsed cluster, click on + to expand again

48 Netplans – Status Colors
Stream netplans show the status of streams by using status colors here to expand the stream to get more information

49 Netplans – Status Colors
The expanded stream shows the error job

50 Administration Program
A separate administration program lets you adapt the style of jobs, streams and dependencies to your needs

51 Barcharts Barcharts give you a graphical overview about stream and job runtimes, based on Historical data (archived plans) Actual data (actual plan) Future data (forecast plans)

52 Barcharts Select objects Click here to generate barchart

53 Barcharts the resulting barchart shows the runtimes of streams and jobs …and the total number of jobs

54 Barcharts Collapse / expand from stream to job level

55 Barcharts Change the scale

56 Reports

57 Reports Besides netplans and barcharts TWS/WebAdmin offers various other ‘easy-to-use’ reports and graphs, e.g. Job History Report Job Details Report TWS Activity Report Production Planning Report Critical Jobs Report Custom Reports

58 Example - Job History Report
Specify style and contents Select objects

59 Job History Report - Output
The resulting report

60 TWS Activity Report

61 TWS Activity Report

62 Miscellaneous Functions
In addition to its basic functions, TWS/WebAdmin has various additional “goodies”: Document jobs and workstations by using notes Monitor production by using the integrated event monitor, e.g. as an alternative to the TEC Define alerts View Audit Logs View TWS Logfiles Change size of TWS Mailbox Files

63 Any Questions about TWS/WebAdmin?

64 Summary TWS/WebAdmin is a complete web interface that has all functions you need to manage TWS. Benefits are: Easy to use Easy to install Very fast No nested menus, but “information at a glance” Simple architecture Low resource consumption

65 HORIZONT TWS/WebAdmin Software for Datacenters
The Web Interface for TWS Thank you very much for you attention HORIZONT Software for Datacenters Garmischer Str. 8 D München Tel ++49(0)89 / 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

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