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IS 460 Notes Strategic Planning By Thomas Hilton.

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1 IS 460 Notes Strategic Planning By Thomas Hilton

2 Topics Definition/Purpose Context Deliverables Method

3 Definition Strategic Planning is a procedure for determining the direction in which an organization needs to move to fulfill its mission basic objectives of an organization and allocating resources to their accomplishment

4 Definition A strategic plan is a document that results from strategic planning contains the mission, direction, goals, etc. of the organization acts as a road map for carrying out the strategy and achieving long-term goals

5 Context: Strategic Management Operations –immediate execution (this project) Tactics –near-term execution (this year) Strategy –long-term execution (five years?) Strategic Management Operations Management Tactical Management

6 Deliverables/Results Coordination of All Parts of the Organization Sense of Direction, Ethos Sense of Ownership, Membership, Motivation Strategic Planning Document

7 Method Identify, develop, document… Strategic Planning Team Stakeholders Scope of Plan Environmental Influences Core Values Mission Vision Goals Objectives Tasks

8 Strategic Planning Team Influential (or at least credible) Representative (or consultative) Few in number Broad viewpoint

9 Stakeholders Recipients of organization output Providers of organization input Members of the organization Many in number (sample them) Narrow viewpoint

10 Boundary/Scope of Plan Negotiable Revisit as needed throughout planning process Approximate the clients scope of practice Establish accountability

11 Trends in the Relevant Environment Markets Competitors Regulations Staffing Capital Technology

12 Core Values Moral justification for organizations existence Permanent Internalized organization-wide Ideological Example

13 Mission Main area(s) of organization accomplishment Nearly permanent Shared organization-wide Conceptual Example

14 Vision Chosen instantiation of the mission Rarely changes Accepted organization-wide Broadly Contextual Example

15 Goals Components of the vision Change slowly as accomplished (or abandoned) Accepted by appropriate divisions in the organization Specifically Contextual Example

16 Objectives Components of each goal Change per planning cycle (five years?) Accepted by appropriate departments within divisions of the organization Measurable (often via surrogates) Example

17 Tasks Components of each objective Change relatively often (annually?) Accepted by appropriate persons/work- groups with budget, deadline, and deliverables Performable, directly measurable Example

18 Timing Considerations Complete in Days or Weeks Revise Annually (Quarterly?) Most Revision in Tasks, Objectives, Goals

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