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BUSINESS PLAN Carl Cinema DVD Rental

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1 BUSINESS PLAN Carl Cinema DVD Rental

2 BUSINESS PLAN Carl Cinema Business plan Carl Ind BAF Diploma

3 Background information Summary Company Description Product / Service
BUSINESS PLAN Content Background information Summary Company Description Product / Service The market Strategy and Implementation Management Team Financial Analysis Content Background information Summary Personal resources and goals The product or service The market Sale and marketing plan Management & organisation Development of the business Budgets Financial requirements Appendices

4 BUSINESS PLAN Personal Information Personal information Carl Ind
23 a road 14/09/95 Oxford school Help mum shopping Specialist gamer

5 BUSINESS PLAN Personal Information Missions and Aims
To be the biggest dvd rental company in the world Buy in lots of stock Rent out lots of dvds Publicity

6 BUSINESS PLAN Summary Who are we
We are carls cinema we are dvd/game rental company wh=ith a wide range of dvds and games. What do we produce/offer? We offer dvds and games for rental . Which and how many customers? Our audience is 16 + to sign up for a subscription. we expect to rent out to half of oxford atleast First year turnover £3,600,000 First year profit? £1,200,000

7 BUSINESS PLAN Company Description Ownership Carl Ind
How do you plan to start? Your first few steps... Start a website Advertise across well know websites. Buy stock Ownership Carl Ind Facilities and Location(s) My house

8 BUSINESS PLAN Product / Service Products / Lines / Services offered:
1 DVDs 2 Games 3 Movies online 4 Blueray 5 Music cds Differences in products / Lines / Services compared to competitors 1 Music cds 2 3 4 5

9 BUSINESS PLAN The Market Market Market Trends Blue ray dvds
Online movies Games piracy Market Growth the market for renting dvds is going down where there are more people for watching online Market Industry Analysis People are buying games at a all time high. Main Competitors Block busters Love film Pirate copys.

10 BUSINESS PLAN Management Team bar The Management Team Carl Ind
Zuhaib khan Jb I have chosen this team because they are an intelligent people that are good with numbers and other stuff bar

11 BUSINESS PLAN Financial Analysis Initial Capital
About £40000 to start. From bank loans and shares Total Funding Needs £40000 Investment Stock Cds Games etc Loan About £20000

12 BUSINESS PLAN DVD of the Month DVD of the Month

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