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Using the Degree Works Planner. Click on the Planner tab in the students Degree Works account.

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1 Using the Degree Works Planner

2 Click on the Planner tab in the students Degree Works account

3 Planner controls Compact version of audit Planner body What If Planner

4 Plan list Mode options Show completed courses Edit and View modes

5 All saved plans will appear in the dropdown box listed by description name To select a plan, click on its name and then click the red Load button When the Add new plan choice is selected and loaded, an empty plan will appear

6 Notes Terms are listed top to bottom with a place for notes for each term A general notes section appears at the bottom of the plan Calendar Each year of terms is in a row A single notes box appears at the bottom of the plan Planned vs taken – compares planned courses to those actually taken by the students

7 When checked, the classes the student has taken will replace those that were planned for current and historic terms Classes will appear organized by term along with their final grade Completed classes that dont fit in a term (such as transfer classes) will appear in a section at the bottom of the plan

8 Edit allows a user to modify the plan View gives a report that is good for printing

9 Compares what was planned with what was taken A green circle means the courses match; a red one means they dont

10 Degree audit appears in left frame Plan appears at the right Frames can be resized by dragging the gray separating bar

11 Historic terms are disabled and shown in gray Classes taken and their grades are shown for completed terms if Show completed courses is checked Active Plans Only one allowed This should be the one the advisor is keeping with the student This plan should also be Locked

12 Save Plan – saves contents of plan Reload Form – clears information from plan Save As… – saves the data as a new plan Delete Plan – deletes the current plan (a confirmation message appears) Process New – runs a new audit with planned courses applied (shown in blue) Check all terms – check the boxes for all future terms to be included in a new audit Uncheck all – unchecks all boxes for all future terms

13 Give it a title in the description field Select a term from the dropdown box

14 Enter courses into the plan Type in courses using the 3 letter prefix, space, and course number (ex., ENG 101) Or drag and drop from the audit Designate a category of course or one that is not a TCTC course by using a hyphen as the first character (ex., -HUMANITIES) Courses are validated to be sure they are entered correctly A red arrow appears next to each course found to be invalid The plan cannot be saved until all problems are resolved Save the plan

15 Create a plan Check the term(s) to be included in the audit Select the Process New button at the bottom of the planner Planned courses will populate the audit

16 To load a program template or curriculum guide, click Load in a pre-defined plan

17 A dialog box will pop up loaded automatically with the students information If this is the information you want, click Search If not, select the correct info

18 If a template exists, it will appear at the bottom of the screen Click on the plan you want to highlight it Then click Load into my plan to add the template to the planner

19 Save the template for use as a curriculum guide for the student The first semester recommendations can be used with new first-time students

20 What If frame appears on the bottom left Click Show What If Options

21 User may select desired degree and major information Click Use What If Scenario Then Process New

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