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2 Highlights New Approaches – Lower ITA maximums from $3,000 per year to $2,000 – Fewer staff – higher case loads, increased productivity in delivering services – Sharper pencils – minimum supplies, just-in-time New and Expanded Partnerships – Career center customer focus – ECD quarterly meeting – PlanET, ETRAMA and other regional efforts

3 36 enrolled in ECD-funded OJTs with Donaldson 20 dislocated workers enrolled in NEG OJTs 47 dislocated workers enrolled under NEG grant in two counties with extensive tornado damage Four staff received WIA Pro awards Cheryl Harold recognized with statewide customer service award Citrix implemented at all sites – Extends life of computers from 3 years to 8+ years – Allows universal software upgrades Cheryl Harold shows her award to Dr. McCamey

4 Changes & Challenges Sevierville Career Center opening NEG grants Budget, budget, budget Youth program revamp Center for Workforce Education transition

5 Formula Fund Management Budget approved by the board which receives quarterly reports Expenditures and obligations tracked in TBR Banner financial system and Argos reports – Excel spreadsheets used to track ITA totals Funds authorized in WIA Online and eCMATS Reports submitted monthly to TDLWD – signed by president or dean Previous years analyzed to determine trends

6 Employment Sectors

7 Training by Sector Healthcare$ 350,091 Manufacturing$ 62,622 Business Services $ 33,094 inc. Computer Other$ 49,566 Auto/Aviation Technology Education Truck Driving

8 ITA Costs by Training Provider Training Provider ITA Amounts Percent of Total Cost Number of Participants Average ITA (PY12) Smokey Mountain Trucking $ 1400.0%1 $ 140 Tennessee Truck Driving Institute $ 3,4200.7%5 $ 684 Goodwill Industries $ 8690.2%1 $ 869 New Horizons $ 8720.2%1 $ 872 American Red Cross $ 1,1400.2%1 $ 1,140 Tusculum College $ 5,8701.2%5 $ 1,174 TN Technology Center Knoxville $ 14,7473.0%11 $ 1,341 Greene County Center for Technology $ 10,8002.2%8 $ 1,350 TN Technology Center Morristown $ 143,43029.5%101 $ 1,417 TN Technology Center Elizabethton $ 11,5122.4%8 $ 1,439 Walters State Community College $ 199,64941.1%133 $ 1,501 East Tennessee State University $ 25,6505.3%14 $ 1,832 Lincoln Memorial Universtiy $ 33,0306.8%17 $ 1,943 Carson-Newman College $ 4,0500.8%2 $ 2,025 King College $ 4,1200.8%2 $ 2,060 Northeast State Community College $ 10,8002.2%5 $ 2,160 National College of Business $ 2,7000.6%1 $ 2,700 Roane State Community College $ 2,7000.6%1 $ 2,700 Southeast State Community College (KY) $ 10,8002.2%4 $ 2,700

9 Average Cost & Duration of ITA in PY Type of ProviderProgram ExampleAverage CostAvg. Duration Non-profits (2)CNA $1,005 3 weeks Four-year (5)Nursing $1,80612 months Proprietary (4)Truck Driving $1,099 3 weeks TN Tech Centers (5)LPN $1,165*12 months Community Colleges (5)Health Tech $2,00912 months AVERAGE COST $1,510 * TTC students may be eligible for the Wilder-Naifeh grant from the Tennessee Lottery, which pays tuition costs. WIA only provides support services for these participants and for TAA participants.

10 Career Center Partnerships Worked with career center staff to identify and implement changes that would benefit career center customers Held a Smoky Mountains Area WIA Board meeting at the regional Career Center at Talbott Placed staff at new Sevierville Career Center Meeting quarterly with Career Center Management Committee

11 Youth Program Challenges Balance the budget – Prepare budget for current allocation - limited carryover Resource mapping – Identify services and costs Identify workable program model – Provide largest possible number of participants with most efficient and effective program Serve neediest of the needy Serve out-of-school youth in career centers

12 Goals for Additional 8.5% Funding Provide Career Readiness Certificates Provide additional OJTs Fund increased costs for TDLWD career centers Bolster slim carryover to bridge first quarter PY12

13 Partnerships Enhanced partnership with the TN Department of Economic & Community Development – ECD funded 36 OJTs for Donaldson Company in Greene County – WIA administered the funds, enrolled the participants, and implemented the program – Quarterly meetings with ECD staff Joint grant proposals

14 Positioning for the Future Reauthorization Budget Staff Career center services

15 If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Frederick Douglass


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