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What is Family Planning?

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1 West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Family Planning Program

2 What is Family Planning?
Preventive and reproductive medical care provided by federal Title X funded clinics that: Helps individuals plan and space their pregnancies Helps women avoid mistimed, unwanted, and unintended pregnancies Reduces the number of abortions Lowers rates of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV

3 Congress Created Title X in 1970
Congress passed the Public Health Service Act creating the first and only national family planning program to make contraceptive services and supplies available to anyone in need. In WV the Title X program in is solely administered by the WV Family Planning Program within DHHR’s Bureau for Public Health. You see--low or no income doesn’t ever need to be the cause….. for 32 years we have been here as a safety net but….too few people know. Title X in 1970 to make contraceptive services and supplies available to anyone in need

4 Family Planning Clients
Clients served in CY 2008 Females (over age 19) ,200 Females (age 19 and younger) 14,166 Males (over age 19) ,159 Males (age 19 and younger) __801 Total ,326


6 Family Planning Funding
Budget – 2010 - Title X $2,359,564 - Title V $1,192,174 - State Appropriations $3,458,900 - Medicaid $100,000 $7,110,638

7 West Virginia Family Planning Program
Free or Low-Cost Birth Control

8 Population-Based Goal
Reducing the number of unintended pregnancies and births to unmarried women is a population-based goal which is targeted to--not limited to--people with incomes <250 FPL. Too few people realize that people NOT on our rolls are eligible for these services. People who are employed in service jobs, temporary jobs, seasonal jobs, part-time jobs, minimum or low-wage jobs People whose work place has closed who go to work everyday to support themselves and their families with no help from anyone people who have never received a “government handout” who have few, if any, job benefits including insurance whose earnings are high enough to disqualify them from welfare but are far below what they need to meet their basic needs. Targeted to all income levels Includes working people who do not earn enough to meet basic needs

9 West Virginia Family Planning Program Provider Agencies
Deliver clinical family planning services through formal agreements >145 provider agencies Service sites are located throughout the State Note: While funding is targeted to State residents, out-of-state residents can be served.

10 WV Family Planning Program Clinics
To deliver the clinical reproductive health services following Title X regulations, the WV FPP contracts with: Over 150 clinic sites every county County health departments Primary care centers Rural health centers College and university student health centers Hospitals And private medical practices your area FPP services are available at_______ People may go to any clinic for services no requirements as to where one lives. You will receive a current list of provider sites by county. Website. WIC website

11 Confidential Federal Title X regulations require
that confidential services be made available to everyone Minors are to be served without parental notification or consent when seeking confidential services Family Planning Program Guidelines (2001, p.3) Confidential services for everyone is required by federal regulations governing this Program and by the Privacy Act of 1974.

12 Who is eligible? Income 250% FPL or below Female or male
Who can receive Family Planning services? Anyone income is 250% FPL or less women or men, capable of having children—(there are no defined upper or lower age limits) whether married, single, divorced or widowed regardless of whether he/she works unemployed student who is covered by Medicaid who has health insurance that does not cover birth control or reproductive health care who recently lost TANF or other DHHR benefits Income 250% FPL or below Female or male Childbearing age – no defined age limits Students Underinsured Medicaid recipients (without a HMO) Minors (<18) seeking confidential services Individuals seeking pregnancy Family Planning Program Guidelines (2001, pp. 4-6)

13 Range of Contraceptive Methods
Title X requires that a range of birth control methods be made available. The contraceptives provided free by the WV Program are:

14 Birth Control Pills Family Planning Program Guidelines, (2001, pp )

15 Birth Control Shots Depo-Provera
Family Planning Program Guidelines, (2001, pp )

16 Condoms Spermicides Family Planning Program Guidelines, (2001, pp )

17 Diaphragms Family Planning Program Guidelines, (2001, pp )

18 Emergency Contraception
Not the abortion pill RU-486! This is erroneously called “morning after pill”!! It does not cause an abortion. It actually prevents pregnancy 75 to 89% of the time if taken within 72 hours of a contraceptive failure or rape. We provide a dedicated product—Plan B—which is simply 2 pills containing large doses of the hormones in regular birth control pills taken 12 hours apart. Title X regulations permit clinicians to dispense emergency contraception in advance at the annual exam. Plan B Family Planning Program Guidelines, (2001, pp )

19 Ortho Evra Contraceptive Patch
This is a brand new contraceptive method. Our program provides our clients with the most modern methods. Ortho Evra Family Planning Program Guidelines, (2001, pp )

20 Natural Family Planning
Those who choose not to use artificial methods Or who are seeking pregnancy are taught ways to determine and chart their own fertile days during the month. Information and counseling about practicing abstinence to prevent pregnancy is available.

21 Abstinence as a contraceptive method sex

22 Paragard Copper T Intrauterine Device (IUD) (inserted)
The Paragard Copper T IUD is available through our Program. The IUD is provided free. may be charged a small insertion or removal fee. We have agreements with a number of doctors and mid-level clinicians, willing to accept our fees, who do the actual insertions and removals. Minimum age 21 No Medicaid No insurance At or below 100% FPL (inserted) Family Planning Program Guidelines, (2001, pp )

23 Surgical Sterilization
Vasectomy and Tubal ligation Family Planning Program Guidelines, (2001, pp )

24 Health Education/Counseling
Health education and counseling is a required component for Family Planning visits and must be provided appropriate to the client's age, level of knowledge, language, socio-cultural background and in an unbiased manner.

25 Preventive Health Services
Title X requires that clients visiting Family Planning Program-funded clinics for contraceptive care be offered related preventive health services. Many people with limited incomes don’t receive any recommended health screenings and preventive care because they cannot afford it. Our clinics provide critical preventive health services beyond birth control Complete physicals Extensive history Pap tests Breast exams How to do self exam

26 Preventive Health Services
Basic lab tests Screening and treatment for some sexually transmitted diseases– every woman under 30 gonorrhea/chlamydia Pregnancy tests Follow up and referral for identified medical needs Basic lab tests STD screening Pregnancy tests Follow-up/referral Health education

27 Pregnancy Diagnosis and Counseling
Providers must provide pregnancy diagnosis and counseling to all clients in need of this service Pregnancy diagnosis consists of: Client medical history Pregnancy test Physical assessment Family Planning Program Guidelines, (2001, pp. 53)

28 Related Services The following related services are also available:
Treatment of minor gynecological problems (such as vaginitis or UTI) STDs and HIV/AIDS (detection and treatment of common STDs for clients; partners should be referred to local STD clinics Special counseling for future planned pregnancy (provider agencies are encouraged to provide multivitamins with folic acid to clients planning a pregnancy

29 Family Planning Program Posters

30 new Brochure design I have brought a supply of brochures for you to give to your clients and to make available in your waiting area. We request that your office manager assume responsibility for letting us know when your stock begins to run low so that we can keep you adequately supplied.

31 This is the inside of the new brochure.

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