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Johns Hopkins Medicine Strategic Plan

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1 Johns Hopkins Medicine Strategic Plan
TOOL KIT FOR MANAGERS Both Helping staff, faculty, physicians and trainees identify with the aims of the plan and how they contribute to its success Health Care Transformation & Strategic Planning

2 Who is JHM? 41,000 employees $6.7 billion enterprise Six hospitals
Medical school Home-care group Managed care organization International arm Health care surgery centers and community centers   The five-year strategic plan will be implemented across all of Johns Hopkins Medicine. We’re a $6.7 billion institution of 41,000 employees, six hospitals, a medical school, home care group, managed care organization, and international arm. We also have a network of health care, surgery centers and community locations.

3 Education Research Patient Care
At the core of the strategic plan is our tripartite mission: education, patient care and research. No matter your role, each faculty and staff member must be committed to the plan’s progress and success. Patient Care

4 The mission, vision and core values are the foundation of our strategic plan. Our new Strategic Plan, set in motion in July 2013, will help us navigate changes in healthcare and serve as model for industry. Here are some key areas of focus. People: Mentoring, diversity, wellness Biomedical Discovery: Core facilities, funding PFFC: Safety, patient involvement Education: innovative curricula and instruction Integration: nation’s best network, Hopkins standards Performance: efficiency, transparency, brand building

5 JHM Mission Mission Definition – an enduring statement of core purpose; “who we are and what we do;” broadly describes an organization’s “reason for being;” core purpose should last at least 100 years. The mission of Johns Hopkins Medicine is to improve the health of the community and the world by setting the standard of excellence in medical education, research and clinical care. Diverse and inclusive, Johns Hopkins Medicine educates medical students, scientists, health care professionals and the public; conducts biomedical research; and provides patient-centered medicine to prevent, diagnose and treat human illness.

6 JHM Vision Johns Hopkins Medicine pushes the boundaries of discovery, transforms health care, advances medical education and creates hope for humanity.  Together, we will deliver the promise of medicine Vision Definition – a long-term position or place to be achieved; serve as a focal point of effort and act as a catalyst for team spirit

7 JHM Core Values Excellence & Discovery Leadership & Integrity
Diversity & Inclusion Respect & Collegiality Core value definition – Fundamental beliefs or guiding principles of an organization.

8 JHM Strategic Plan what is it
Strategic Plan Definition – The “roadmap” leading an organization into the future . . . defines what businesses to be in focuses on the most critical competitive considerations establishes “big picture” vision, strategic direction, goals and objectives determines actions needed to accomplish long-term growth, build or obtain core capabilities, and address structural and cultural challenges; establishes investment and resource allocation priorities Upon his arrival as CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine and Dean of the School of Medicine, Paul Rothman led efforts with Ron Peterson to expand upon our Strategic Planning efforts by created a written 5 Year JHM Strategic Plan.

9 JHM Strategic Plan what is in it
Comprised of six strategic priorities or areas of focus for the success and sustainability of JHM People Attract, Engage, Retain and Develop the World’s Best People Biomedical Discovery Patient- and Family- Centered Care Education Integration Performance Lead the World in the Education and Training of Physicians and Biomedical Scientists Become the Model for an Academically Based, Integrated Health Care Delivery and Financing System  Create Sustainable Financial Success and Implement Continuous Performance Improvement  Become the Exemplary Model for Biomedical Research by Advancing and Integrating Discovery, Innovation, Translation and Dissemination  Be the National Leader in the Safety, Science, Teaching and Provision of Patient and Family Centered Care  The Strategic Plan was adopted July 1, 2013 (Fiscal Year 2014) and includes 6 Strategic Priorities. We encourage everyone to learn the priorities and commit them to memory. Each Strategic Priority has metrics and goals with strategies and tactics to help accomplish them (not included on this slide).

10 JHM Strategic Plan what’s its aim
INCREASE faculty and staff diversity, engagement and community involvement RECOGNIZE leadership in patient/family satisfaction, quality care and utilization efficiency STRENGTHEN plan’s value and reach as an integrated finance and delivery system with accountability EXPAND global research infrastructure, impact and funding sources ACCELERATE Johns Hopkins’ reputation for advancing medical science and knowledge   OPTIMIZE performance stemming from heightened rigor on cost controls, technology adoption and strategic expansion Collectively, the Strategic Priorities aim to do the following:

11 Making the Plan Real priority teams
Priority Teams   Accountable Leaders People Janice Clements, Ph.D., and Pamela Paulk Biomedical Dan Ford, M.D. , Landon King, M.D. , and Discovery Antony Rosen, M.D. Patient-&Family- William Baumgartner, M.D,. Gene Green, M.D., Centered Care Peter Pronovost, M.D., and Judy Reitz, Sc.D. Education David Hellman, M.D., and Roy Ziegelstein Integration Patty Brown, Brian Gragnolati, Steven Kravet, M.D., and Jonathan Lewin, M.D. Performance Rich Grossi and Ron Werthman Implementation of the Strategic Plan is no small task and requires input from across Johns Hopkins Medicine. Accountable Leaders were assigned to help lead the work in each Strategic Priority. Implementation/Priority Teams and workgroups have been created to execute strategies and tactics.

12 Making the Plan Real me & my department
Understand the key components outlined in this summary Read and discuss the strategic plan as a team Read and discuss the strategic plan as a team (again) Align goals to the strategic plan (individual and team) Keep the strategic plan on your regularly scheduled meeting agendas Provide input and ask questions (in person and via portal) Make “best practice” suggestions representative of your area(s) of expertise and/or department Become involved through implementation planning teams (work through your manager and Accountable Leaders)    The Strategic Plan is a Johns Hopkins Medicine Plan and therefore your plan. The bullets below are ways to make the plan real and apply it to your department and work.

13 Making the Plan Real me & my department
Discuss here why all goals should be based on priorities We want to thank each of you who have read the plan and adopted the six strategic priorities: people, biomedical discovery, patient- and family-centered care, education, integration and performance. Let this be the framework through which you devise and carry out your work. Understanding and implementing the priorities is now part of everyone’s job and success requires 100 percent participation. Please be sure to refer to the strategic plan and develop your own individual action plan centered on the six strategic priorities.  We want each of you to integrate the plan into your daily work and to discuss your ideas with your team leader and team members. To help you develop your goals attached is an easy-to-use guideline that can be used to create and share goals related to the strategic priorities. Leaders for the strategic priorities will begin holding forums at each of the locations to give all of you an opportunity to ask questions and talk about what you are doing to support the plan.  

14 Resources There have also been columns from us and articles in Dome along with stories about the plan and subsequent stories about specific strategic priorities in Employee Rounds, The Banner, Inside Hopkins, JHM News, Change and Kravet Korner. You should have received a mission, vision and core values card pocket card to help remind you of the foundation for our plan and you have probably seen the posters, murals and plasma screen messages reinforcing these messages.

15 Resources Strategic Plan Website Email to share your thoughts Videos, articles, presentations to share your thoughts

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