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TBTEAM and Technical assistance plan in the framework of the national strategic planning for TB control Dr Christian Gunneberg WHO MO, TBTEAM Secretariat.

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1 TBTEAM and Technical assistance plan in the framework of the national strategic planning for TB control Dr Christian Gunneberg WHO MO, TBTEAM Secretariat REGIONAL WORKSHOP ON NATIONAL STRATEGIC PLANNING FOR TUBERCULOSIS CONTROL WHO/AFRO Nairobi, Kenya 15-18 Oct 2012

2 I will talk about – TBTEAM Structure function – How to make TA plans – Advantages of TA plans – Global fund and TA plans

3 History: – Concept presented at Stop TB partnership coordinating Board in 2005 to address the perceived need at country, regional and global level for more efficient and effective coordination of TB technical assistance – Launched in 2007 Structure: – TB Technical Assistance providers (72 partners) – Secretariat hosted at WHO in WHO Stop TB Department – Regional TB TEAM focal points – National NTP TA Coordinators TBTEAM (TB TEchnical Assistance Mechanism)

4 4 20 th Coordinating Board Meeting | Washington DC | 31 March – 1 April 2011 TBTEAM Functions Global Level On-line coordination platform –Transmits country requests for TA missions and technical experts –Supplying and Monitoring TA –Managing the roster of technical experts (270 experts online) –Managing the feedback mechanism on quality of TA –Funding for TA: especially to support Global Fund implementation Regional Level: through AFRO ISTs/TBTEAM with support of partners Regional TA coordination and responses Support to countries in TA plan development/ strategic plans and reviews Coordination of regional TA meetings for country stakeholders.

5 5 20 th Coordinating Board Meeting | Washington DC | 31 March – 1 April 2011 TBTEAM Functions TB TEAM is a mechanism for: Supplying, coordinating and monitoring global and regional TA, –Building capacity of country/partner TA planning, coordination and monitoring, –Support TA for country reviews and strategic planning Country Level Building capacity of country TA planning, coordination and monitoring –Short and longer-term in-country TA Includes Global Fund support: Raise it: Global Fund proposal preparation Spend it well: Global Fund grant negotiation. removal of CPs (PS, TA, M&E plans) improve performance of programme indicators Keep it: Global Fund Phase II renewal preparation

6 The how-to of TA planning Identify National TBTEAM Coordinator Identify TA needs from operational plans of strategic plan,incorporating partner workplans: GF workplan Draft the TA plan. Organize stakeholders meetings, and identify and fill any gaps accordingly NTP and Coordinator to finalize TA plan, based on stakeholders meeting Circulate plan to stakeholders for final comments Enter into TBTEAM website Address and fill TA gaps (HR, $$), use TBTEAM Provide feedback on TA consultancies Monitor progress with stakeholders quarterly Ensure TA builds on previous missions Preparatory Work Final Plan Development Implementing TA Monitoring Slide 6 of 11

7 5th component: the technical assistance plan Should be based on the operational plan (implementation of) focus on >1 year and include details: – Strategic Plan objective and activity No TA relates to : Note objective and activity in operational plan of strategic plan. – Task: Briefly describe activity, terms of references – Estimated cost: estimated cost of the mission – Available funding & source: NTP, GF grants, partner budgets, etc. for this activity? – Funding gap: Is there a funding gap needed to implement the activity – Expert: national or international? expert identified? HR gap? – Responsible officer/partner in country – Timeframe: crucial to secure funding and best consultants – Strategic Plan objective and activity TA relates to: – Global Fund grant activity reference and service delivery area: Global Fund TA plan can be a subset of the national comprehensive TA plan 7

8 8 Example of TA plan template (on TBTEAM)

9 National technical assistance plans KEY POINTS Should be based on National Strategic Plan/ Operational plans. Incorporate TA plans from Partners E.g. TBCARE Global Fund Grants Other partners Are living documents: i.e. Need regular updating and revised with partners ADVANTAGES Identify gaps in – Funding – Technical assistance Avoid duplication Optimize utilization of within country TA. Optimize utilization of National, Global fund, and Partner TA funding Rational TA requests & funding requests from TBTEAM partners outside of country.

10 For countries with Global Fund Grants Grant technical assistance plans The Global Fund requirement: from Round 10 onwards 3 to 5 % of Grant Funds: recommended inclusion of between 3 to 5% of the upper ceiling proposal funding request for Technical assistance. (If not justify) Need for a GF TA plan – The funding request should be supported by a TA plan using GF resources. – Should be developed with extensive consultation and endorsed by key partners. – Should be periodically reviewed by appropriate in-country partners and – revised, if necessary, to ensure it continues to hold relevance and address emerging issues and gaps. Ring-fencing of GF TA funds: If the applicant does not present a TA plan within one year of program start date, the budgeted resources for TA will be deducted from the upper ceiling proposal budget and will not be made available for reallocation to other program activities.

11 How to optimise the TBTechnical assistance Mechanism at national level Develop national technical assistance plans with all partners on an annual basis based on strategic plans. Regular stakeholders meetings. Uses the TBTEAM website and TBTEAM focal point at regional level to find TA experts, if not available at national level among partners. Record all external TB technical assistance planned and completed at country level on the TBTEAM website. Also place to share: previous mission recommendations: annual technical assistance plans Strategic plans of NTP. Appoint a national TBTEAM focal point to facilitate TA planning and website management. To access the website just Google seach "TBTEAM" and choose: TB TEAM - Stop TB Partnership TB TEAM - Stop TB Partnership

12 TBTEAM website: Technical assistance plans on TBTEAM website (3/46) Ethiopia, Mozambique Namibia Strategic plans on TBTEAM website: (3/46) Central African Republic Cote d'Ivoire Ethiopia (Strategic plans available to TBTEAM)

13 TBTEAM focal points 20/46 Namibia Niger Nigeria Rwanda Senegal Sierra Leone Swaziland Uganda Zimbabwe Angola Benin Central African Republic Cote d'Ivoire Eritrea Gambia Ghana Guinea Guinea-Bissau Kenya Liberia

14 How can TBTEAM best support countries including making use of Global Fund grants Support Strategic Plans with strong budgeting plans showing funding Gap developed with technical partners. Programme reviews advising on strategic direction and impact of the programme using data from the country. Strong National Technical Assistance plans to support the NTP programme including Global Fund grant implementation. Engagement with TBTEAM partners, countries, Global Fund, PR & LFAs CCMs, at the right time to influence Global Fund reprogramming and to support TB grants. All of the above inform Phase 2 renewals /periodic reviews and new funding opportunities:

15 Check your countrys TA data Contact the secretariat at

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