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Office 365 licensing & pricing

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1 Office 365 licensing & pricing
Rebekka Van Acker Licensing marketing Manager

2 Office 365 offerings

3 VL Programs for Online Services
SMSG Readiness VL Programs for Online Services 4/1/2017 Enterprise Agreement (EA) Microsoft Online Subscription Program (MOSP) at Office 365 /Windows Intune GA Size Product Offers Billing Mechanics Discounting Commitment Pricing Negotiable Target Audience >250 On Premises Software & Cloud Integrated Invoice Total purchase volume 3 Year Lowest for 3 Years Yes Enterprise Accounts 1+ Users Cloud Only Credit Card or Invoice* Individual service volume Month to Month or 1 Year M2M> 1 Year No SMB Let’s move onto the overview of Programs that offer Online Services : Online Services are available through three existing programs. Enterprise Agreement (which includes EA Subscription), Campus Agreements and School Agreements for qualified education institutions and a new program called Microsoft Online Subscription Program also known as MOSP. EA is the preferred option for enabling our existing enterprise customers to purchase Online Services. Under an EA Online Services are simply additional products and can be added to a new or existing EA or EAS just as you would add Visio or Project or a Server for on premise software. All services then end at the same date as the underlying existing agreement. Microsoft Online Subscription Program is our new licensing program for customers who have not entered into an EA, often referred to as transactional customers. Our Open and Select customers would also purchase BPOS through MOSP. Customers can sign up for services provided they have 5 or more users and subscribe for a minimum of one year. Customers and partners purchase through this program by accessing our Microsoft Online Customer Portal which is at Microsoft.COM/ONLINE. This is a self-service model. As I said the EA is the preferred and easy choice for the majority of our Enterprise customers. * Invoice available for monthly expenditures >$500 US; >$250 ROW

4 Introducing Microsoft Office 365
Office 365 brings together cloud versions of Microsoft’s most trusted communications and collaboration products with the latest version of our desktop suite for businesses of all sizes.  

5 There is a Service for everyone
Windows Live Individual and consumer Personal Use Fee/low cost Office 365 for small businesses Small businesses & professionals Organizational use IT consultant or no IT Low monthly subscription price Focus on simplicity Community help Office 365 for enterprises Any size organization Internal IT or IT partner required Fully featured, scripting, customization Range of offerings by use type 24x7 phone support Office 365 Plan P Office 365 Plan E & Plan K

6 Microsoft Office 365 for Small Business ˂ 25 users
Anywhere-access to your , important documents, contacts, and calendar on all your devices* Works on Windows Phone, iPhone and Blackberry (BIS only)more 25 GB Mailbox MB attachments Shared calendars Websites Easy to build public website 10 GB Site Storage MB/User Anywhere Access Share and collaborate on documents Join online meetings and present from anywhere Office Web Apps for light document editing Security & Reliability Microsoft’s powerful security features help protect your data 99.9% uptime guarantee Password protected team sites Antivirus, anti-spam *Anywhere access’ or ‘anytime,’ --the context here is that this an online service. Access from mobile devices depends on carrier network availability

7 Office 365 for Small Businesses and Professionals
Includes… 1-25 users (max of 50 allowed) No IT needed Easy to try out Simple and easy to use Works with Microsoft Office Financially-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee Self-Help and Community Support KEY CAPABILITIES Exchange , Calendar, Contacts & Personal Archive 25 GB Mailbox ActiveSync Mobile Support SharePoint Team Sites 1 Office Web Apps Simple Public Website 2 Online Access databases Lync Rich Client Online meetings 3 Desktop Sharing Multiparty IM & PC-to-PC Calling Self-Help and Community Support Office 365 (Plan P1) 5,25€/user/month 1 One site collection, authenticated external user access enabled for up to 50 unique users/month. 2 Includes ready-to-use templates, option to add custom domain. 3 Online meetings limited to 50 participants.

8 When Is Office 365 for Small Businesses Not Enough?
There are several scenarios where Office 365 for enterprises better meets the needs of small organizations Need Active Directory Sync Ability to sync/manage user groups 1 Need advanced archive capabilities archiving for legal compliance 2 Office 365 for Enterprises Need BES Blackberry Enterprise Server 3 Growing to >50 users More than 50 PC org today or tomorrow 4 24x7 Phone support Higher touch vs. community support 5

9 Office 365 for Enterprises User Segments: Right features for the right users
Kiosk Worker Information Worker Low cost offering to users that do not have messaging and collaboration capabilities today Rich feature offering that meets a users full messaging and collaboration needs User Segment Offers: Plan K Family 500 MB mailbox No SharePoint storage allocation Outlook Web Access (full version, not OWA light) POP support , calendar, contacts Forefront antivirus and anti-spam Site search capabilities Office Web Apps User Segment Offers: Plan E Family 25GB mailbox 500MB SharePoint storage Full Client Connectivity (MAPI/IMAP) Mobility Lync (real time communications) Advanced Exchange & SharePoint capabilities Office Professional Plus On-premises access rights Key Differentiators

10 For Information Workers – Plan E Family
Components Suites Voice Office 365 E4 25,5 €/mo Includes: Exchange Plan 2 SharePoint Plan 2 Lync Plan 2 Office ProPlus Office Web Apps Lync Plus (Voice) Office Pro Plus Office 365 E3 22,75€/mo Includes: Exchange Plan 2 SharePoint Plan 2 Lync Plan 2 Office ProPlus Office Web Apps Voic & advanced archive capabilities Access/Excel/Form/ Visio Services Office Web Apps Office 365 E2 14,25€/mo Includes: Exchange Plan 1 SharePoint Plan 1 Lync Plan 2 Office Web Apps , calendar, AV/AS, Personal Archive Office 365 E1* 9€/mo Includes: Exchange Plan 1 SharePoint Plan 1 Lync Plan 2 Collaboration w/ Sites Conferencing IM & presence Add-Ons: SP Online Storage (1GB) – $2.50 Extranet (PAL) – $2.00 Blackberry Support (BES) – $0.00 Offer Details: Plan 2 include Plan 1 features Office Web Apps requires SharePoint Online Voice requires on-premises servers *Service Plan that maps to current BPOS

11 For Kiosk Workers – Plan K Family
Profile of a typical Kiosk Worker: Spends 5-10% or less of their time on a PC Shares a terminal with other kiosk workers Hasn’t had access to a corporate mailbox in the past Examples: manufacturing line worker, retail clerk, mail couriers Plan K Suites built to address different Kiosk worker needs: Office 365 K1: Addresses most kiosk worker scenarios, where customers want to provide light and access to a company portal Provides capability to view Office documents Office 365 K2: Addresses kiosk workers that require information access & simple data input Includes Office Web Apps editing capabilities for an additional cost Components Suites Office Web Apps Office 365 K2 9 €/mo Includes: Exchange Kiosk SharePoint Kiosk Office Web Apps SharePoint Online Kiosk Not offered standalone Office 365 K1 3,5 €/mo Includes: Exchange Kiosk SharePoint Kiosk Exchange Online Kiosk

12 How to buy as SMB

13 Some acronyms… MOSP Microsoft Online Subscription Program MOSA
Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement MOCP Microsoft Online Customer Portal MOAC Microsoft Online Administrator Center MOSPA Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement

14 MOSP: basic characteristics
Subscription Model The licenses and accompanying software are non-perpetual Try before you buy 30 day trial 25 users max. per company Buy online… Buy direct? Microsoft Online customer Portal: Option to include partner of preference Margin for partner of preference

15 MOSP: basic characteristics
Billing and payment Monthly or yearly Through creditcard or invoice (if monthly purchase > 200 €) Terms Evergreen agreement: auto renewal 12 month subscription period Versions The latest version is the only active version at any time The customer is entitled to updates and upgrades as they become available during the subscription term Activation Because Online Services reside remotely with a service provider, they must be "activated" before they can be used

16 Office in Office365 Office365 is USL (User Subscription License) based
Enable the functionality of an Online Service for a particular user. It is assigned to the user and allows that user to use multiple devices to access the Online Service Impact on Office licensing In classic licening programs: device based licensing In Office 365: user based subscription licensing What about Home Use Program? No home use but… Install Office up to 5 devices per user licensed

17 The portal

18 Pricing waterfall & discounts

19 For Information Workers – Standalone Plans
Plan 2 includes all features included in Plan 1; offers are inclusive and not additive Office Web App Plans include SharePoint Online Workload Standalone Plans Key Features Exchange Online (Plan 1) 4,5 € , Calendar, Contacts, Personal Archive, e-Discovery, AV/AS Exchange Online (Plan 2) 9 € Voic & advanced archive capabilities SharePoint Online (Plan 1) 4,75 € Collaboration with Sites, AV SharePoint Online (Plan 2) 9,25 € Forms, data visualization, Access/Excel/Visio services Lync Online (Plan 1) 1,79 € Instant Messaging & Presence, AV Lync Online (Plan 2) 5,75 € Virtual Meetings Office Professional Plus 12,75 € Client productivity applications & web apps (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Communicator, Access, InfoPath, Publisher, OneNote) Office Web Apps (with SPO Plan 1) 10 € Web App includes SharePoint Online Plan 1* Office Web Apps (with SPO Plan 2) 14,5 € Web App includes SharePoint Online Plan 2* * Office Web Apps include SharePoint Online

20 Office365 Suite Discounts
All Office365 Suites provide significant discounts The E3 Suite offers 38% discount; additional to Office suite discount Sum of Components = $38.75 $ 12.00 38% Discount +$ 4.50 $ 2.00 E3 $24/mo Includes: Exchange Plan 2 SharePoint Plan 2 Lync Plan 2 Office Pro Plus Office Web Apps +$ 5.00 $ 5.25 +$ 5.00 $ 5.00 Exchange Plan 1 Exchange Plan 2 SharePoint Plan 1 SharePoint Plan 2 Lync Plan 1 Lync Plan 2 Office Sub w/ Web Apps

21 Volume discounts in MOSP
Seats Online Enrollment 250 – 2,399 3% 2,400 – 5,999 6% 6,000 – 14,999 9% 15,000 + 12%

22 © 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved
© 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. The information contained in this document represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation on the issues discussed as of the date of publication and is subject to change at any time without notice to you. This document and its contents are provided AS IS without warranty of any kind, and should not be interpreted as an offer or commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information presented. The information in this document represents the current view of Microsoft on the content. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED, OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT.

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