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2009 Strategic Planning playbook

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1 2009 Strategic Planning playbook
Prepared by M3 2009 Strategic Planning playbook April 2, 2009

2 Meeting Outcomes Introductions
Review the strategic planning process and timeline Obtain feedback, suggestions and input regarding process, desired outcomes, and expectations Obtain input regarding the internal and external assessments Clarify roles and responsibilities

3 Documents for Today’s Meeting
Copy of this presentation Project plan Strategic plan elements

4 Questions to Explore In the spirit of continuous improvement, what can we do differently in this planning cycle? How can the strategic plan be more actionable and useful for you and your department? What might be some of your hopes or concerns? What, if anything, has changed since June 2008?

5 Overall Expectations – Success Defined
A strategic plan that is thematic Focus on strategy rather than a checklist of milestones Methodology that it would be an ongoing process. What are the things we are going to do strategically City Council has new ideas and direction for the org. Develop a global dashboard measures Each employee needs to be able to see themselves in the plan. Need a broad strategic vision.

6 Guidelines for this process
The strategic plan needs to: Reflect the driving mandate of community sustainability Be implemented via the comprehensive plan Guide policy making for the City Council Guide decision making at all levels in the organization Standardize communication based on agreed upon goals and performance measures Start with the end in mind – how will we implement Be realistic, prioritized and resourced

7 Strategic Planning Process - Overview

8 Previous plan (June 2008) Phase 2: Strategy Work Sessions (May) Phase One: Internal & External Assessment (April) Phase 3: Budget & HR (June) Ongoing Phase 4: Implementation Methodology (June)


10 Develop Your Strategy Strategic Framework

11 Strategic Planning Framework
Vision – Where we are going? (Envisioned Future) Mission – Why we are going there? (Our Purpose) Values – How we will guide our actions? (Principles) Goals – What do we want to accomplish over the next 5 years? Objectives – How we will accomplish our goals? Actions we need to take to accomplish our objectives? Measures/Targets – How we will know we are accomplishing our strategies?

12 Strategic Planning Elements
Planning our community and neighborhoods Preserving our existing neighborhoods, farmlands, parks, open space, recreation areas, natural beauty, energy resources and the environment. Creating safe, walkable, multi-modal communities Encourage community and stakeholder collaboration in planning and development decisions Fostering economic development and quality of life

13 Learn & Adapt Your Strategy
Stakeholder, Citizen and Staff Engagement

14 Topics to Explore What do we mean by: Sustainability Smart growth
New urbanism Transit-oriented development Complete streets Form-based codes

15 Internal & External Assessments
Available Information Additional Information Strategic Plan: Acknowledging that we will continue/modify what works Vision 2040 Strategic Planning Elements: From June 18th, Leadership Workshop Internal Leadership survey All Staff survey External Citizen survey General public outreach Stakeholder forum

16 Leadership Survey Overview: Questions developed to help define where the city stands today (in the midst of updating the strategic plan), how to assess external activities currently underway and where the gaps exist in between the two. Purpose: These qualitative (open-ended) questions will be the basis for developing quantitative questions for both staff & community surveys. Audience: Councilors, City Senior Leadership, Union Reps (City Manager and direct reports) Timeframe: April 6-10

17 All Staff Survey Overview: Questions developed based on input from the leadership survey as well as benchmark questions from Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Purpose: Engage staff in the planning process at the beginning as well as inform the process with all available internal perspectives. Audience: All City staff Timeframe: April 15th-30th

18 Citizen Survey Overview: Due to the diverse nature of the Las Cruces community and the demands on everyone’s time, we recommend providing an online format to engage citizens. Purpose: Provide the opportunity for all citizens to engage in planning for the future of the City, resulting in quantitative data. NOTE: This is not intended to be a citizen satisfaction survey. Audience: All citizens Timeframe: April 15th-30th

19 General Public Outreach
Overview: Due to the diverse nature of the Las Cruces community, we recommend creating the opportunity for citizens to provide input through an already existing public event. Purpose: Engage citizens by providing a non-traditional format to provide input into the planning process in a qualitative manner. Audience: All citizens Timeframe: April 12th

20 Stakeholder Forum Overview: To facilitate strategic decision making, we believe in engaging stakeholders who can help add informed, but diverse perspectives to the strategic issues/topics the City will need to address in the up coming plan. Purpose: Gather perspectives from stakeholders who are actively working in tandem, collaborative areas with the City. Audience: Stakeholders invited by Councilors; other government entities, etc. Timeframe: May 2nd-8th

21 Translate Your Strategy

22 Strategy Sessions Purpose: Establish the strategic direction based on data- based decision making, vet and discuss strategic issues/topics Who: Council Members When: Mid May Purpose: Establish the department goals to support City- wide goals Who: Directors When: Late May

23 Aligning, Evaluating, Implementing

24 Remaining Steps in the Process
Aligning Your Resources: Identify human and financial resource needs to implement plan (Department directors) Establish performance measures Evaluating Your Operations & Communicate Plan: Establish implementation methodology (Council and directors) Approve & communicate the plan (internal and external) Implementing & Assessing Your Strategy: Quarterly strategy updates

25 Wrap Up and Next Steps

26 Roles & Next Steps – Councilors
Advocates – Keepers of the Vision Completing the Leadership Survey Identifying stakeholders for the Forum Leadership around the “What”

27 Roles & Next Steps – Union
Realists – Keepers of the Implementation Completing the Leadership Survey Championing the Staff Survey and Input Leadership around the “How”….

28 Conclusion

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