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MIG 5 – Recreation Study Plan Review April 2, 2008.

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1 MIG 5 – Recreation Study Plan Review April 2, 2008

2 MIG 5 Agenda Introductions Summary of Comments Summary of Revisions to the MIG 5 Draft Study Plans Next steps in FERC Process

3 MIG 5 Studies Recreation Plan Study Plan Socioeconomic Impacts of Rule Curve Change

4 MIG 5 Study Plan Commenters ADCNR LM HOBO

5 Study Plan 1 Recreation Plan MIG 5 Recreation

6 Study Goals Develop and implement a Recreation Plan for the Martin Project Plan would: –describe the Project and existing facilities –discuss current and future use estimates –discuss existing recreational use data and facility inventories –discuss proposed plans for recreational facilities in the future.

7 Study Methodology Meet with MIG 5 to discuss desired conditions on Lake Martin. Determine existing and potential future use (based on data collected in 2007). Determine what enhancement measures are needed and when and who is responsible. Develop Draft Recreation Plan. Develop Final Recreation Plan.

8 Revisions to Study Methodology Develop a report of existing information to be included in the Preliminary Application Document (PAD).

9 Study Plan 2 Socioeconomic Impacts of Rule Curve Change MIG 5 Recreation

10 Study Goals Estimate the social and economic impact of any changes to the existing rule curve at the Martin Project.

11 Study Methodology Use existing data (2007 study) to estimate current year recreation use. Adjust trip expense information from FIMS study using the consumer price index (CPI). Adjust trip expenses by market segment from FIMS study using current population data for market segments identified in FIMS study. Update property value information from interviews with knowledgeable real estate personnel around Lake Martin. Update number of businesses associated with Lake Martin using phone books, advertising in magazines, websites, etc. Adjust business related income using CPI. Conduct phone interviews with those businesses dependent on a winter draw down (e.g., seawall construction). Use existing regression equations reported in FIMS study to estimate economic impact, recreational use, and property values of a three to five foot increase in winter pool as well as changes in number of months at full pool.

12 Revisions to Study Methodology The draft methodology for inclusion in a Request for Proposals (RFP) to be sent out to a select group of experts will include (refer to the list in the original Study Methodology)

13 Next Steps in the Process

14 Summary Draft Study Plans filed with PAD & NOI - June 2008 Comments due on PAD (including Study Plans) - September 2008 Final Study Plans filed with FERC- November 2008 Stakeholders have the opportunity to file their recommended changes to APCs Final study plans - December 08 – February 09

15 FERC Study Plan Process APC files NOI & PAD (June 2008) FERC Issues SD1 FERC holds Scoping Meetings Comments on PAD, SD1 & Study Requests APC Files Proposed Study Plan (November 2008) Comments on Study Plan FERC Study Plan Approval (April 2009) Study Dispute Resolution (if necessary) 60 30 45 90 6090 Days

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