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Development Plan Trafford Rowing Club 2006 - 2011.

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1 Development Plan Trafford Rowing Club 2006 - 2011

2 Introduction and background: outline TRCs purpose is to provide opportunities to row in the region Established in 1957 Located at Walton Park Leisure Centre Membership of about 80 and growing ARA affiliated Written constitution and rules as a voluntary organisation Safety management system, including Child Protection Policy Qualified coaches Fully insured

3 Introduction and background: specific features Uniquely offers non-University rowing in catchment area (Trafford mainly) Safe water: free from current and strong wind exposure; always close to a bank and in shallow water Diverse membership: 2:1 male/female ratio; ages from 12 to OAPs Compete in local and national events

4 Introduction and Background: Swot analysis Weaknesses high fixed cost base of rent charges little scope for raising fees which are already at a ceiling against nearest competitor clubs (who have nominal rent charges etc) membership fluctuation top oarsmen poached by larger clubs finances unable to support club growth entirely dependant on volunteers small club facilities Strengths unique to catchment area still canal water: free from current and strong winds safe water: always close to a bank and shallow water active and involved membership diverse membership: from aged 12 to 70+; opportunities for all levels and both genders safety culture ARA affiliated growing qualified coaches compete in local and national events friendly environment

5 Introduction and background: Swot analysis Opportunities strong recruitment from novices and juniors developing qualified coaching strength find a new site giving more space and lower rent raise money for additional equipment look at free equipment from recently combined University clubs develop new membership packages to customise attractive options improving competitive results attracting new members. Threats roof replacement costs to force relocation or new building new ownership of Walton Sports Centre, possibly looking for higher rental conflict over allocation of limited resources loss of competitiveness if fees rise significantly

6 Development Projection: membership trends

7 2002200320042005200620072008200920102011 Senior 192023 2426323334 Development 2102027252627303236 Junior 51214107 151720 Veteran 810141516 18192022 Recreational 9109 1112182630 Total 43628085818798116131142

8 Development Projection: membership assumptions New/enlarged boathouse in 2009 No loss of membership during transition Senior crews performance will continue to attract new members National initiatives to encourage more healthy life styles will boost Recreational numbers Greater opportunities for Juniors to participate will secure additional people Veteran growth trend will continue Females will continue to be attracted to the sport in growing numbers

9 Development Projection: membership 20062011 M FMF Senior11 91717 Development13101818 Junior11 316 4 Veteran14 014 8 Recreational 5 41515 TOTAL54268062 66%34%56%44%

10 Development Projection: financials 2006 Income matches running costs New equipment is dependent on external sources (grants etc.) Head Race adds c10% to income 2011 Membership income to rise to £12,000pa. Extra income to cover probable exposure to increases in rent, insurance and running costs Funds to be raised by grants, company sponsored events, raffles, advertising and so forth for new equipment. Lock in such funding where possible as regular income.

11 Development Projection: facilities 2006 Walton Park Leisure Centre Property owned by Trafford Council Building shared with other sport/leisure activities Shared changing rooms Low peppercorn rent Space fully optimised Adequate parking spaces Good access to canal 2011 Purpose built building, same canal Built-in land training facilities/gym Secure basis of tenure Modern changing facilities Easy access and parking Beside canal

12 Development Projection: equipment 2006 4 VIIIs 5 IVs 2 pairs/doubles 4 singles 6 playboats/virus Oars and sculling blades Trailer 2 ergos 2 bikes 2011 6 VIIIs 10 IVs 6 pairs/doubles 10 singles 10 playboats/virus New set every 2 years Trailer 8 ergos 2 bikes Appropriate safety equipment

13 Development Projection: alignment TRC will develop in line with ARAs national and regional strategy, specifically Recognising and rewarding volunteers Supporting coaching under the ARA standard Expanding Junior rowing Expanding Recreational rowing Use Sequential Training Model for athlete development TRC will also maintain suitable links with Trafford Metropolitan Council, the CSP and the North West Rowing Council

14 Development Projection: rowing activities SeniorsDevelop- mental Recreation- al VeteranJunior Head races Regattas Training Recreation al Learn to row Corporate events Land Training

15 Development Projection: main development routes Rowstart (Novices) New Members Junior male Development Men Development Women Recreational Crews Senior Men Senior Women Veteran Men Junior female Veteran Women

16 Development projection: training and coaching outline

17 Development plan: actions



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