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© Copyright 2012 KickStart Alliance All rights reserved 1 A Streamlined Integrated Marketing Plan Framework Template and Example Slides (Includes where.

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1 © Copyright 2012 KickStart Alliance All rights reserved 1 A Streamlined Integrated Marketing Plan Framework Template and Example Slides (Includes where to find more information on elements included in this template)

2 2 Table of Contents 1)Marketing strategy overview 2)Campaign objectives & key metrics (With focus on the next 6 months) 3)Target market prioritization (Prioritizing the pro-active marketing investment) 4)Personas (Creating an illustration of target buyers that we can empathize with) 5)Positioning statement (Articulating our value and why were better than competitors) 6)Core messaging via The Message Box (Crafting our story/elevator pitch) 7)Identifying key content (Listing & prioritizing resources and deliverables that prospects value) 8)Campaign Map & Marketing blueprint(s) (A flow chart of lead-gen activities and offers to engage prospects) 9)Campaign calendar (A roadmap to guide execution) 10)Budget estimate (For execution of blueprints)

3 Marketing Strategy Overview SMB * Market Prioritization: Company X is growing its hosted unified communications business within the SMB commercial market. While success in the enterprise market has leveled off, the SMB market offers significant growth potential in the US – specifically in the east and west coast geographies. Prioritization in Western European markets will be focused on the UK and Germany. This means that we will include some proactive marketing investment in these countries, while remaining reactive to market/deal opportunities that may arise in other countries. Brand elevation: Currently, our brand is overlooked by many analysts. We will add funds to promote our brand via thought leadership opportunities in order to become more visible with editors and key analysts. Example 3 * SMB = small & medium-sized businesses

4 Campaign Objectives To grow North American market-share by 15% within 18 months by stealing deals away from competitor X To introduce product Y and establish a presence in the European market with a 15% market-share within 2 years To lower cost/lead by $25 and improve marketing conversion rates by 20% by Q4 for Product Z 4 Example See Chapter 3

5 Target Market Prioritization A segmentation summary The Sweet Spot 1) Who: IT leaders (executives, influencers) who are responsible for architecting and managing their evolving network in order to ensure it supports business priorities today and tomorrow. (Yes Network Architect; not Network Engineers) 2) Where: Within the Installed Base: F500 enterprises (divisional leadership, not HQ leadership) and mid- sized businesses up to 2,000 employees. (Emphasis on Ed, Healthcare, Retail verticals) 3) Why: Early majority: IT leaders of new/expanding business locations, who are already considering adding wireless access (or going all-wireless) (Yes, predisposed to making an investment in wireless, but want to be smart about it) 5 Example See Chapter 12

6 Generic See Chapter 12

7 Persona Business Decision Maker: Call Center Director General Information Age 30-50 years old (50/50 male/female) Education College degree; Prior role: supervisor routing/analytics Experience At least 7+ years Call Center experience Attitude Knows he has a tough job: Skeptical, Frugal, Procrastinator – keeping status quo is a safer solution; however, is aware that new technologies are worth considering (and potentially beneficial to his future position). He sucks knowledge to add to his expertise. Big ego. Likes to be shmoozed. Reputation Risk averse, jaded, skeptical. Hes been around the business and seen technologies come and go. Hes also a job hopper with no allegiance to the company. Good at working vendors to get information. Work Information Job Focus Meeting SLA levels and minimizing operations costs. (He is a cost center – focused on saving money); Wants to get IT staff out of day to day operations – empower business users Role in Purchase Process Drive the team responsible for considering upgrades and new technologies to evolve the call center. (Any change here represents a huge risk to his compensation plan.) Values Team Leadership: Sees the big picture; knows a lot about customers, products, company culture Knowledge & expertise: Wants to make his footprint unique at his company. Listens to CC trends and collects knowledge, including technical savviness. Innovation: Personally interested in the latest trends but critical in looking for proof points on how others have successfully applied new technologies (This is key to getting past the procrastination stage.) High expectations: Expects team and vendors/products to live up to his expectations. Fear Making a bad purchase decision that detracts from his compensation and his career. Pet Peeves Self-serving vendors who dont understand his business; vendors who disappear after the sale; implementation woes. Information sources: Peers/colleagues, Search, internal CC associations, CAB members, Nojitteronline, ask vendors, ask analysts The Conflicted Procrastinator 7 Example

8 Positioning Statement Template To: is the one that unlike. (One Target/Persona Type) (Product/Company Name) (Category) (Key Customer Benefit) (Differentiator) 8 See Part 2

9 Sample Positioning Statement To: The Conflicted Procrastinator The Company X Platform is the one on demand contact center solution that gives you the technology to cost-effectively, flexibly manage the entire customer experience, integrating phone, email, chat, & customer support avenues within a single tool Unlike the collection of home-grown, disconnected, proprietary status quo solutions that actually limit the visibility & control you require for winning and keeping customers in todays competitive business world. (One Target/Persona Type) (Product/Company Name) (Category) (Key Customer Benefit) (Differentiator) 9 Example

10 The Message Box: A tool for telling your story 10 Target Persona See Chapter 21

11 Message Box 3 – We empower CC managers to meet these challenges with confidence. Our platform: Provides comprehensive drill-down visibility & control Simplifies and speeds identification, testing & implementation of changes. What used to take weeks, now takes minutes. Provides an always on, on-demand alternative that ensures complete scalability and reliability. Company X Contact Center Platform 2 – CC Managers need solutions that make their jobs easier, ensuring that SLAs * are always met. Solutions must provide: Visibility & control Simplicity to make changes quickly, easily, and accurately Confidence in leveraging the right CC technologies 4 – Managing the CC just got easier. Now you can meet your service levels with confidence. Leading enterprises in financial services, healthcare, and hi-tech rely on us for complete visibility & control of call centers across the globe. 1 – Running a Contact Center is brutal! The #1 challenge is figuring out how to increase customer retention levels with an ever-shrinking budget CC managers are flying blind; the lack of visibility and control puts MBOs and SLAs at risk. Persona: The Conflicted Procrastinator 11 Example * SLA = service level agreements

12 Mapping the Message Box to the Buying Cycle Awareness Interest Preference Decision Engagement Solution Reinforcement Value 12

13 Buyer Cycle: AwarenessInterestPreferencePurchase Theme: What bank executives need to know to grow the online channel while mitigating business risk (business perspectives) Why authentication solutions are not enough (specific, detailed discussions) Product X vs. alternative (product comparison & evaluations) Customers in action (proof points and case studies) Content Offers: New! Business Banking Trust Study Newsletters with fraud warnings Fraud Informer Webinar with analyst * Authentication white paper Assessment tool* Solution criteria checklist Executive meeting with our business experts Online fraud solution comparison * chart Holistic Security report * Webinar: customer case studies showcasing decision criteria and results Application notes PDF case study QuickStart guide to product implementation * Needs to be created Identifying Key Content by Buyer Cycle Example

14 Generic Campaign Map See Chapter 4

15 Example of a Campaign Map See Chapter 4

16 The Logic Behind Blueprints Reinforce messages Engage prospects and customers on their own terms Help prospects and customers buy when they are ready to buy (not when we are ready to sell) activities A Marketing Blueprint is a framework to visually map out a company's engagement dialog linking activities and offers together in a meaningful way to guide the prospect through your sales cycle. 16 See Chapter 5 & Appendix C

17 Simplified Blueprint Nurturing & Lead Generation Social Media Part 2: Lead Generation Activities (Attract new prospects) August - October SEO & Syndicated Content Whitepapers, speaking events SEO & Syndicated Content Whitepapers, speaking events September - October Blog Articles & Videos Blog Articles & Videos Webinar: Solutions in Action Oct 15 Content Offer 1: Whitepaper Content Offer 2: Analyst Report Content Offer 3: Self-assessment tool Content Offer 4: Library Access Landing Pages & Website Part 1: Nurture Program (Clean up the installed base) Email #1 Engage via a Business problem or opportunity Email #2 Suggest the optimal Solution criteria Aug 15Aug 27 Email #3 Introduce your product value and differentiation Email #4 Show value via metrics or testimonials Sept 15Oct 1 Other promos: Banner Ad Website Industry List Example 17

18 Campaign Calendar Relative order of events Month 1 Mo. 2Mo. 3Mo. 4Mo. 5 Primary Offer:Exec meeting with business & tech expert Secondary Offer:Biz Banking Trust Study exec summary Biz Banking Trust Study full report Online banking security assessment tool Holistic security white paper Webinar with analyst Media:Direct Mail letter or package; website promo; distributed via sales rep Email Direct Mail letter or package Email to prospect database; email to CXO list; website promotion Call to action:Biz Banking full report Assessment tool Holistic Security white paper WebinarExec Mtg TM Calls:1 wk after receipt eNewsletter:xx xx x Example

19 Budget Estimate Slide 19 Summarize the budget at the campaign level Note appropriate assumptions Include a sensitivity analysis to address the pros/cons for budget options, if any

20 For more information... Visit the Marketing High Ground store Personas, Positioning, Messaging, Blueprints 20 Mike Gospe O: (650) 947-8974 Books: Marketing Campaign Development The Marketing High Ground Mini-guidebooks Personas: A guidebook on how to build a persona Positioning Statements: A guidebook on how to build, critique, and defend a positioning statement The Message Box: A guidebook on how to tell your story with customer-ready messaging Workshops or questions, please contact:

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