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Leadership for Improvement Plan Implementation Creating and Implementing Improvement Plans for Impact.

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1 Leadership for Improvement Plan Implementation Creating and Implementing Improvement Plans for Impact

2 Session Questions Why is leadership critical for the effective implementation of the improvement plan? What roles must leaders carry out to support implementation of the plan? 2

3 Quote to Consider As anyone knows who has worked in the field, implementation of new practice is the biggest challenge of all. 3 Hollin, C., & McMurran, M. (2001). Series editors preface. In G. A. Bernfeld, D.P. Farrington, & A.W. Leschied (Eds.), Offender rehabilitation in practice: Implementing And evaluating effective programs (p. xvii). London: Wiley.

4 Implementation Bridge Adapted from Hall, G. E., & Hord, S. M. (2006). Implementing change: Patterns, principles, and potholes. Boston: Pearson. Communicating clear expectations Building capacity Monitoring and reviewing 4

5 From Your Experience What are some leadership factors that promote implementation of improvement plans? What are some leadership factors that hinder implementation of improvement plans?

6 Leadership Roles Communicating Clear Expectations Building Capacity Monitoring and Reviewing At all levels of the system 6

7 What Does Research Say About Leadership for Implementation?

8 Articles* *Articles were selected from resources available from the Center on Innovation and Improvement as well as a review of multiple documents that represent consensus in the field and professional wisdom. 8 What We Know about Successful School Leadership Partners in Progress: A Framework for Raising Student Achievement in Under-Performing School Districts Systems for Improved Teaching and Learning Studies of the Charles A. Dana Center in Texas (pg. 11–21 in Supporting School Improvement) Restructuring Through Learning-Focused Leadership

9 Table Group Activity Each member of the table group will select a different research article to review. Locate specific examples of leadership actions; write them on sticky notes (one action per note). Place each sticky note in the center of the table as you finish it. 9

10 Articulate direction for the school and establish buy-in for the goals. Communicate purposes. 10

11 Reallocate resources to support specific goals. Apportion resources. 11

12 Engage teachers in assessing and monitoring student mastery. Monitor progress. 12

13 Table Group Activity (continued) Work together as a table group to sort your leadership actions into three categories: 1.Communicating Clear Expectations 2.Building Capacity 3.Monitoring and Reviewing Post them in the corresponding Research column of the chart. 13

14 14

15 Leadership Roles: Implications for Improvement Plans What did you observe about the placement of your leadership action in the three categories? Did any not fall in one of the three categories? If so, why? In what ways do these leadership actions relate to the implementation of improvement plans?

16 Delightfuls Path to Improvement This is on Delightfuls CIP handout 16

17 Objective 3 from Delightfuls CIP 17

18 Delightfuls Campus Improvement Plan 18

19 Examining Delightfuls Improvement Plan Reflect on evidence of the three leadership roles in the action steps on this portion of Delightfuls improvement plan Examine the sticky notes under each leadership role to offer recommendations for additional action steps that could be included in the plan You have 10 minutes. 19

20 Leadership for Improvement Plan Implementation Monitoring the improvement plan –Implementation –Impact Research on leadership for the improvement work –Communicating clear expectations –Building capacity –Monitoring and reviewing 20

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