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A Roadmap to Successful Implementation Management Plans.

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1 A Roadmap to Successful Implementation Management Plans

2 Agenda O Purpose O Management Plan Structure O Sample Management Plan O Mapping to Excel O Next Steps 2

3 i3 Framework Programmatic Goals Anticipated Impact O Enable grantees to expand and develop innovative practices that can serve as models of best practices. O Enable grantees to work in partnership with the private sector and the philanthropic community. O Support eligible entities in identifying and documenting best practices that can be shared and taken to scale based on demonstrated success. O Close achievement gaps O Decrease dropout rates O Increase high school graduation rates O Increase college enrollment and completion rates 3

4 Cooperative Agreement O All FY 2011 i3 grants will be structured as cooperative agreements O Grantees will annually submit an updated management plan that specifies key actions and milestones over the lifetime of the grant Cooperative Agreements Signed All Cooperative agreements must be reviewed and signed by ED by March 30, 2012 Management Plans Submitted Management Plans must be submitted 60 days after signing cooperative agreement Mapping Management Plans Ongoing process with Program Officer 4

5 Why Create Management Plans? A Management plan is: O A comprehensive plan for the program that clearly specifies intended objectives of the proposed project, including clearly defined responsibilities, timelines, and milestones for accomplishing project tasks. A Management plan helps: O Establish mutual understanding about what a project aims to achieve and how it will achieve it. O Identify possible risks and challenges as early as possible so that grantees can adjust strategies and the Department can offer assistance. 5

6 How Will Management Plans Be Used? Project Definition and Management Grantees will be able to use well-defined management plans to track their progress against critical goals and activities. Performance Management Multiple Program Offices at ED will have a common template that will support alignment of activities across programs. This will help target support for grantees, based on grantees identified activities and needs, to minimize compliance burden on the grantee and maximize productive support from ED. Technical Assistance ED and external TA providers will be able to effectively and efficiently address the common needs of grantees that might have gone unidentified without common data. Grantees will also have the opportunity to collaborate with each other and share knowledge. 6

7 Facilitating Change 7

8 Management Plan Structure 8

9 Components of the Management Plan There are three levels of information that the management plan should include: Objectives: What are you trying to achieve with your grant and what does success look like? Strategies: What are the major initiatives/components of the intervention required to complete each phase of your grant in support of ultimately achieving project objectives? Activities: What are the key components that have to be completed in order for each strategy to be successful? In addition, what are the key milestones along the way that let grantees know they are on track? 9

10 Project Objectives O Relevant How do they relate to the overall goals of the project? O Applicable Are they aligned to the activities? O Focused What will change? O Measurable Can they be measured? 10

11 Organization of Activities Dissemination Evaluation Implementation Design 11 Milestones

12 Performance Measures In addition to GPRA measures you will be asked to report on individual performance measures in the APR. O What is going to change? O How much change will occur? O Who will achieve the change? O When do you anticipate the change? 12

13 Sample Management Plan 13

14 Sample Management Plan- KIPP O KIPPs Management Plan (See Handout) O Good example of management plan for cooperative agreement 14

15 A Closer Look 15

16 Mapping to Excel 16

17 Management Plan Format LevelCodeCategory DescriptionStatusStart DateEnd DateDuplicate Activity Indicators Objective Strategy Activity- Planning Activity- Implementation Activity- Evaluation Activity- Dissemination Activity- Milestone 1.0 1.1 1.1.1 1.2 2.0 2.1 2.2 Performance measures Not begun In progress Operational Not planned Enter code of duplicate activity 17

18 Additional Clarification on Codes 18 O 1.0 - Objective 1 O 1.1 - Strategy 1 O 1.1.1 - Activity 1 O 1.1.2 - Activity 2 O 1.1.3 - Activity 3 O 1.2 - Strategy 2 O 1.2.1 - Activity 1 O 1.2.2 - Activity 2 O 2.0 - Objective 2 O 2.1 - Strategy 1 O 2.1.1 - Activity 1 O 2.1.2 - Activity 2 O 2.2 - Strategy 2 O 2.2.1 - Activity 1 O 2.2.2 - Activity 2

19 What to Include Grantees can provide as much detail as they wish to the extent that it is helpful to them, but Department staff DO NOT expect you to provide every minor detail. The level of detail should: Help grantees keep track of the core activities they need to execute on and minimize ongoing time spent on process Allow program officers to identify (both proactively and just-in- time) risks and provide support Enable technical assistance providers and other key stakeholders to understand what grantees are trying to do 19

20 Mapping Exercise-KIPP 20

21 Sample Project Plan- NMSI 21

22 Next Steps 22

23 Expectations Program Office Expectations: O Provide guidance around management plan structure O Facilitate the iterative process by discussing and providing feedback on the outcomes activity as well as the year one outline. O Continue to work with grantees to finalize their drafts. Grantee Expectations: O Work with program officer to complete the management plan for year one. O Participate in an outcome exercise- map out at least 2 objectives with strategies and associated activities for year one. O After receiving feedback from Program Officer, map out year one outcomes, solutions, and activities. 23

24 Q&A 24 Please use the chat feature to submit questions about the information presented today.

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