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Litigation Management Solutions

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1 Litigation Management Solutions
Trusted Partners. Experienced Consultants. Scott Lombard, SVP Jennifer Huart, SVP Ben Sexton, Senior Project Manager

2 Agenda Company Overview Solutions Protecting Your Data
Technology Demonstration

3 Questions to Consider During Your Evaluation
Value – a marriage of high quality service and fair pricing Quality Suite of services Depth of experience Consultation Tailored solution Data security Price Transparency. Am I being charged for these types of fees over and above what I’ve been quoted? Project management time Administration Consulting User support Training Maintenance Set up Licenses Loading Same side of the table. Working with you to drive down cost.

4 $4M+ $500M 600K 70+ $3.5B 12,500 59 4,000 $1.5B Company Fast Facts
Employees in 6 countries 4,000 Legal claims administration projects $1.5B Healthcare under-payments recovered $3.5B Settlements distributions $500M 2011 Revenue (USD) $4M+ State tax fraud prevented 600K Healthcare claims processed daily 70+ U.S. locations with HIPAA-certified, citizen and classified options 59 Clients with over $1M in annual billings SourceHOV has the size and scale to establish ourselves in the market place, while maintaining the key value proposition of tailoring our solutions to meet client requirements. (first establish size) Our company has over 12,000 employees, a half-billion dollars in revenue 4

5 Rust/Alloy Overview Highly qualified professional staff of 550 with backgrounds and disciplines including e-Discovery, technical project management, law, and IT Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN Founded in 1976 Serving legal and public sectors

6 Our Foundation eDiscovery market required a better solution Service
Transparency Collaborative approach Improved results Price Simplicity Reduced costs

7 Litigation Management Solutions
Digital Forensics eDiscovery Managed Review Collection Investigation Analysis Testimony Analytics Processing Translation Hosting Intelligent Review Onsite & offsite teams Production

8 Robust Infrastructure
Built exclusively on: Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology

9 Solution: Digital Forensics
Collection From Network shares, servers Mobile devices, smart phones, desktop and notebook hard drives More than 4000 Internet and cloud Onsite / Offsite with global reach Logical / Physical Investigations Analysis Testimony Affidavits Depositions Trial Differentiators: Security, Per device charges, COTS

10 Differentiators: Solution: eDiscovery Analytics
Concept searching Clustering Intelligent review Keyword expansion Similar document detection Foreign language translation Machine ATA-certified Processing Hosting Relativity or platform of your choice Platform-certified experts 24/7/365 support Nearline and offline storage Differentiators: All-in-one pricing & export-based, unique/innovative workflows, COTS

11 Case Study (HMO) Documents: 212,168 Pages 640,178
Users: 6 (English/Chinese bi-lingual) MT: 250,000 pgs/day Designed and executed a tailored workflow to facilitate and manage a cost-effective and efficient review discovery in the matter exceeds a staggering 50 TB’s of raw data. After early case assessment and pre-process culling, the review is expected to consist of roughly 10 million potentially relevant documents. Alloy provides the client with powerful search and analysis tools within their review platform, to categorize the Chinese corpus based on potential relevance. Experts and Lead Attorneys are assigned to review the most responsive documents right away, while the less-senior reviewers comb through the likely non-responsive set. These tools improve the review’s efficiency and allow the client to define the most informed case strategy early on.

12 Case Study (HMO) Alloy provides state-of-the-art automated litigation services including OCR, Machine Translation, Load File creation, ingestion and database administration in Relativity. We’ve leveraged recent developments in translation technology to allow non-Chinese speaking reviewers to complete a first-pass review, thus narrowing the scope of documents requiring ATA certified human translation, drastically reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The case protocol is as follows. Records are delivered to Alloy on encrypted hard drives, decrypted, backed up, analyzed, OCR’d, Machine Translated, processed (if needed) and then loaded into the client-facing review platform. Alloy provides strategic consulting to plaintiffs and their co-counsel in responding to defendants, defining their ESI Protocol, and working with opposing counsel to define the best filtration criteria in the Identification and Early Case Assessment phases of the discovery. At the onset of the case, Alloy used a sample set of human-translated documents provided by the client to train the translation engine to make the same decisions as their bi-lingual review team, significantly improving the accuracy of its output. As the client receives productions from multiple firms and their respective vendors, there is a large variation in the quality and format of received documents. Depending on the state of the load files, natives, images and metadata, Alloy may provide the client with Tiff or PDF conversion, OCR and/or index building services.  Alloy provides access to multiple real-time reports for hot documents, trends, coder progress, and efficiency. 12

13 Differentiators: Solution: Managed Review Analytics
More efficient review Remove non-responsive documents Promote potentially responsive documents Able to evaluate ROI Discover more, sooner Quickly locate hot documents through concept searching and clustering Inform case strategy earlier Approach: paralegal level staff Differentiators: Approach, COTS

14 93,625 Case Study SAVINGS Large antitrust matter
Review set of 1.9 million documents Client used linear review workflow for first 14 months Estimated another 36 months to complete review Implemented analytics in Relativity to accelerate review Intelligent review identified an urgent review set of roughly 50,000 files, which, after human review, proved to have 10x more critical documents than unassisted samplings With 30% of the review complete, and depositions fast approaching, clustering and concept searching played a critical role in identifying key communications across the non-reviewed set, doubling the number of documents brought to the first two depos Analytics has Significantly and measurably accelerated the review Outperformed ROI from full human review Improved the productivity of human review Assisted attorneys in developing a more informed case strategy, through a better upfront understanding of their discovery universe For a total of 50 months 93,625 SAVINGS 14

15 Protecting Your Data Unified Compliance Posture
Rust/Alloy’s environment has received a system Certification & Accreditation from the FTC under the Federal Information Security Management Act (“FISMA”); Operational and physical controls are independently reviewed by a third party for the completion of SSAE 16 type 2 SOC 1 control audit; Compliance with Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (“GLBA”) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”);

16 Thank You!

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