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Classic Data Access Training Compliance Test Tool (OpcAnalyzer)

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1 Classic Data Access Training Compliance Test Tool (OpcAnalyzer)
Introduction to the OpcAnalyzer for OPC Classic DA Client Testing Press SPACE to advance through the slides.

2 OpcAnalyzer Training Contents
Introduction Familiarization of the User Interface Finding Help Test Tool Configuration Testing & Debugging Next Steps

3 OpcAnalyzer Training Introduction (1 of 3)
What is it? OpcAnalyzer is a middleware component for testing a Classic DA Client for compliance Where is it? Who can get it? OPC Foundation Corporate Members What is tested? Classic Data Access Clients Coverage? Data Access 2.05a and 3.0 Interfaces Extensible? Yes, you can add your own tests Easy to use? Yes, once you’ve learned the basics. Opc Analyzer Your Classic Server Your Classic Client You 01/04/2013 © 2013 OPC Foundation

4 OpcAnalyzer Training Introduction (2 of 3)
How it works: OpcAnalyzer is a DA Server/Client hybrid: - Your Client will connect to OpcAnalyzer. - OpcAnalyzer exposes a downstream Server. - Clients calls are routed to downstream Server. - Responses can be modified prior to Client delivery. Testing Method: Each OPC Interface is tested manually to see: a. if a service-call is made correctly b. if the client handles valid responses correctly c. if the client handles invalid responses correctly Test authors? Compliance Working Group 01/04/2013 © 2013 OPC Foundation

5 OpcAnalyzer Training Introduction (3 of 3)
How do I pass? Supported OPC Interfaces must be tested to verify behavior matches the expected results from the test case document: Am I Certified? No, passing the tests in the OpcAnalyzer does not mean you are certified by the OPC Foundation. It means that your product is ready for certification in the Test Lab. Tool used in Lab? The Certification Test Labs use the same version available on the website: Use When? The best time is during product development. All Classic DA products must pass OpcAnalyzer testing prior to release. Additional Help: A complete user guide is provided with the OpcAnalyzer. 01/04/2013 © 2013 OPC Foundation

6 Opc Analyzer Training - Client Launching Opc Analyzer (1 of 1)
Windows Vista/7: Start > All Programs > OPC Foundation > Test Suite 1.0> OPC Analyzer> OpcAnalyzer Windows 8: Start > OpcAnalyzer 01/04/2013 © 2013 OPC Foundation

7 OpcAnalyzer Training Familiarization (1 of 4)
There are (by default) 3 options to get started: Remote Machine Name: hostname or IP address of the machine where the OPC Server is installed Category Filter: DA20, DA30, or Both; filters the list of Servers in the Server options Server: OPC Servers available for testing that match the filter criteria 4/19/2012 © 2012 OPC Foundation

8 Opc Analyzer Training - Client Familiarization (2 of 4)
There is (by default) 1 “widget” to the left: MethodName: provides list of all the OPC methods, grouped by OPC Interface OPC Interfaces OPC Methods 4/19/2012 © 2012 OPC Foundation

9 OpcAnalyzer Training Familiarization (3 of 4)
Powerful tracing capability shows OPC calls made between the Client and Server Options to control the behavior of the trace log display See each OPC call in this list View the parameter values in the Request and Response 4/19/2012 © 2012 OPC Foundation

10 OpcAnalyzer Training Familiarization (4 of 4)
Powerful error-injection scripts are accessible via the Injection tab. Select a script from the drop-down box, and then check the Script Enabled checkbox: Check the script status for error messages that might occur if error injection fails; important for custom scripts 4/19/2012 © 2012 OPC Foundation

11 OpcAnalyzer Training Finding Help
Complete documentation is available from: Start > All Programs > OPC Foundation > Test Suite 1.0 > OPC Analyzer > OPC Analyzer Documentation 01/04/2013 © 2012 OPC Foundation

12 OpcAnalyzer Training Test Tool Configuration
A real-world setup using the OPC Foundation DA Sample Server and DA Sample Client: (a) Client to OpcAnalyzer (b) OpcAnalyzer to Server The DA Client application will connect to the OpcAnalyzer The OpcAnalyzer will connect to the OPC Sample DA Server (which does not provide a user-interface) 01/04/2013 © 2012 OPC Foundation

13 OpcAnalyzer Training Testing & Debugging (1 of 4)
Step 1: Test the Client’s normal behavior for a Read operation etc… Trace of OPC Calls made Parameter values of the method call showing the Request and Response. 4/19/2012 © 2012 OPC Foundation

14 OpcAnalyzer Training Testing & Debugging (2 of 4)
Step 2: Inject an error and observe the response in the OpcAnalyzer: Step 2. Select the test script Step 4a.Observe the trace in the OpcAnalyzer. A purple line indicates the OpcAnalyzer has modified the original response Step 3. Check “Script Enabled” option to inject the error Step 4b. Modified response Step 1. Select the OPC interface and method you would like to test 4/19/2012 © 2012 OPC Foundation

15 OpcAnalyzer Training Testing & Debugging (3 of 4)
Step 3: Observe the behavior of the client after the error injection. Did the Client crash? Did it use the data even though its in error? Any error messages? Client displays the result that was modified by the Analyzer. This is GOOD behavior. Modified response in the OpcAnalyzer 4/19/2012 © 2012 OPC Foundation

16 OpcAnalyzer Training Testing & Debugging (4 of 4)
Verify the client behavior by referring to the interface, test-case Id and the expected result from the test case documentation: 4/19/2012 © 2012 OPC Foundation

17 Opc Analyzer Training - Client Script Customization
You can add your own scripts to an interface! Here’s how… Create your own script and your code here. TIP: use the existing scripts for examples Your new script appears in the list of tests 01/04/2013 © 2013 OPC Foundation

18 OpcAnalyzer Training Next Steps…
Once your Classic DA Client passes all applicable tests: Conduct Interoperability Testing Conduct Behavior Testing Conduct Resource-efficiency Testing Request Certification in the Test Lab: Interoperability, Behavior, and Resource-efficiency test details available online: 01/04/2013 © 2013 OPC Foundation

19 OpcAnalyzer Training The End!
Download: Certification: Lab Testing: Bug Tracker: Contact:

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