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Presentation CARGO Worker 24 GmbH.

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1 Presentation CARGO Worker 24 GmbH

2 Agenda Facts & figures Our services East – West – Logistic Logistic from one hand Cargo Worker 24 Group Core Business in Frankfurt & Gernsheim Pharma & Health Care – Logistic Fleet X-Ray equipment Locations Contact

3 Facts & Figures 31.01.2005 foundation of Cargo Worker 24 GmbH
qm warehouse under management 150 employee Regulated representative „Reglementierter Beauftragter“ DGR & packing expert 75 fleet devices 2 X-Ray machine Forwarder / Airline Handling Ocean Container Handling Airport Distribution / National RFS Air / Sea / Road Cargo

4 We offer you following Services…
Air freight & Charter Solutions Sea freight & Pre-Loads Trucking & Warehousing ... all in one

5 east – West Logistic Pick up in EU Storage & handling
Norilsk St. Petersburg Moskau Kazan Krasnojarsk Vladivostok Frankfurt Pick up in EU Storage & handling Packaging / Labeling Export / Import Services Customs Clearance Road Feeder Service Import transactions in RUS Final customs clearance in RUS To door delivery in RUS

6 Logistic from one Hand RU EU Gernsheim Frankfurt

7 Cargo Worker 24 – Group Cargo Worker24 GmbH KAPO Avia Airlines
Cargo Worker24 RUS „ВСТ“ Forwarding & Warehouseing Company „ЯрКарго“ Forwarding Company West Arsenal Holding Customs Services & logistic Company

8 Core Business Frankfurt & Gernsheim
Cargo Handling – Warehousing LBA conform Airline and Forwarder handling Documentation handling Customs clearance import / export Storage, consolidation & handling X-Ray Service, Sniffing Container & pallets loading, build up and handling Storage and handling of special Cargo (DGR, COL, PER, VAL) Packaging Individuel packaging of all kind and sizes of cargo Industrial packaging Offsize packaging Sensitive goods packaging incl. Cool packaging DGR packaging DGR Handling – IMO SEA Service DGR Checks, Pre-Checks Dry-Ice-Handling Dokumetation Service ADR / DGR / IMO Issuance of Shipper’s DGD Disposal Waste and remain disposal Disposal of sensitive and dangerous substances Disposal management Road Feeder Service Distribution of Air, Sea & Road Cargo within Europe Distribution at Frankfurter Airport Domestic traffic Long distance traffic Staff Services AÜG Driver (Documents / Truck) Warehouse staff Forklift driver Build Up and loading staff

9 Pharma & Health Care Logistic
Thermo- Transportation Complete chain of cooling Thermo- Storage Thermo- Packaging Consultig & Expertise Temperature controlled transports from + 25 °C to– 25° C Dry Ice transports up to – 78° C Thermo-Container Logistic Temperature recodring & online monitoring GDP Standard

10 Fleet Caddy 7,5 / 12 To Rollerbed Mega Standard trailer Thermo devices
We dispose of a customized vehicle park of different vehicles EURO 5 Norm All vehicles are equiped with the most modern communication and monitoring technology GPS-Systems and special loading savety systems ensuring a flawless and careful transportations throughout Europe Caddy 10 vehicles Tonnage: 0,5t Volumen: 1,5cbm Lenght: 1,3m 7,5 / 12 To 12 vehicles Tonnage: 2 / 3,8t Volumen: 30 / 35cbm Lenght: 5 / 7 m Rollerbed Mega 15 vehicles Tonnage: 40t Volumen: 100cbm Lenght: 13,6m Standard trailer 20 vehicles Tonnage: 22,5t Volumen: 83cbm Lenght: 13,6m Thermo devices 4 vehicles Tonnage: 24t Volumen: 80cbm Lenght: 13,6m Temp.: +25 bis -25 Grad C

11 Maximum dimension per piece: 1600 x 1600mm (width x height)
X-ray machines Model overview HI-SCAN is (Dual View) Rapiscan 632-XR-150 Maximum dimension per piece: 1600 x 1600mm (width x height)

12 Locations Gernsheim: Frankfurt Airport:
Cargo Worker 24 GmbH Cargo-City-South, Bldg. 568a  Frankfurt Gernsheim: Cargo-Worker 24 GmbH Robert-Bunsen-Str. 30 64579 Gernsheim Frankfurt Gernsheim

13 Contacts Cargo Worker 24 GmbH Cargo-City-South, Bldg. 568a  Frankfurt Tel.: +49 (0) Fax: +49 (0) web: Managing Director Hendrik Bender mail : Cargo Worker 24 GmbH Robert-Bunsen-Str. 30 64579 Gernsheim Tel.: +49 (0) Fax: +49 (0) web: Director Sales & Marketing Elvira Klassen Tel.: +49 (0) Fax: +49 (0) mail :

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